Virtus Saga, Book 8

“So what do you say, Princess, if we tell our infuriating angel-demon what he means to both of us?”

Actually, he just wanted to bend Chris’s back and penetrate the tight ring of muscles all the way up to the throat, to celebrate Chris’s escape from death by rubbing their bodies together, then burying himself inside Chris and never pull out.

Ever again.

“You and I together? So that maybe we can finally teach him some manners?”
This new twist would raise the level like few other times before in their fucking.

“I can’t wait to start, Master.”

He needed no special Virt to interpret Ylianor’s immediate peak of excitement.

“How can I best serve your purpose?” Taking a step back, she bowed, having a hard time quieting the incessant throbbing of her slit and clit. “How can I best serve your lover and you yourself in the fulfillment of your pleasure?”

“I’d say we first get indoors.” Even if she had said nothing, he had caught her shiver of cold. Only natural, since the weather had taken giant leaps into the fall while playing Cecilia’s Game. An unusually icy autumn, if he was any judge of it.

With a simple adjustment of their energy, he brought them all inside one of the Nephis Valley’s shelters, changing nothing of their position. “Now strip.” Inside, the temperature was definitely warmer. “Slaves should always be naked in the presence of their masters.” His angel would appreciate this for sure.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself.” Chris smacked his lips, his blue-gray eyes following intently her every movement as she removed the whole of her clothes. “Too bad she’s too beautiful to be a credible slave.”

There was such a tender twist Duncan could not block it from going straight to his heart. “She’s all we got.” He had not thought his angel would have noticed how much Ylianor had bloomed since becoming pregnant, much less reacted to it. The fact he did, added to Duncan’s arousal. “So we’ll have to make do.” Fired it to the stars, to be precise. “But don’t think you can take any advantage of it.” Hooking his thumb on Chris’s breeches, he held the angel steady while getting them open. “Like I said before, you are to obey as much as she.” Once undone, he pushed them down to Chris’s ankles and gripped the bare stone-like cock fiercely. “Is that clear?”

Chris’s gasp was enough of an answer. Raising his gaze, the prince intercepted the green eyes staring at his hand sliding on the thick length. Was it his impression or was her mouth watering?

“Oh, she wants it.” Quick to read the same signs, Chris jumped to the only logical conclusion. “And badly, too.”

The bastardly twist told Prince Caldwell nothing would please his angel more than denying her this prize. “All the more reason she shouldn’t have it, right?” Yes, this was turning out so much better than he had envisioned it.

“Definitely, lover.” Leaning his head on Duncan’s chest, he thrust out his hips in a cruel tease that was extremely erotic.

As though she had not heard, Ylianor dropped on her knees.

Well, he could not ask for a more submissive attitude than that. “Maybe not a taste, but how about a smell?” From the shaft’s lurch, he guessed Chris would not mind, so he shoved him forward until the tip of the erection brushed Ylianor’s nose. “Just so she knows what she’ll miss out on.” Deliberately heartless, he slid the fat crown up and down her face, relishing the extreme restraint she had to impose on herself.

She was literally dying from craving what she could not have that it drove her beyond crazy. He knew it for a fact since he had linked their sensations, feeling also how much the pungent odor made her dizzy with the memories of the sheer pleasure it could bring her if only he allowed it.

“Lover, I never thought I’d say this.” Best thing of all, Chris was losing it, too, melting in his own wanting of her. “But as far as cruel bastards go, you take the cake.”

“Only because I learned from the best of them.” He chuckled, enjoying Ylianor rocking on the spot while trying to keep her head down so that her mouth would not be anywhere near the tempting bulge. “And you, slave, raise your head.” Another thing he would not allow her. “This cock is entitled to the whole of your face.”

Squirming violently, she tried to keep still as he widened the cock’s aim to include her cheeks and neck. But when he brought it back to her nose, her tongue darted out for one quick lick, so fast he was not sure she had actually dared.

“Goddamn it!” Chris, of course, liquefied against him. “Please, lover, let her have it, or it’ll be me dying right now.”

“Not a chance.” He suppressed a laugh. “I’ll give you something much better instead.” From behind, he jolted Chris to a side. “Come on.”

As they walked together, Duncan did not let go of the equipment he kept stroking.

“On the bed.”

Before making the angel lie across the mattress on his back, he removed his shirt.

Naked, yes, it was how he wanted them, both of them, totally naked and at his complete disposal.

He turned to Ylianor. “You, here.” He gestured at the opposite side where Chris’s legs hung out.

“Are you going to make her crawl, lover?” Chris sniggered.

“You want to see her crawl?” Leave it to the angel to go for the humiliation, too, as if it was never enough for him.

“Absolutely.” The meaty piece in the palm of Duncan’s hand wiggled impatiently.

“All right, then she’ll crawl.” It was the angel’s treat, after all.Wasn’t it?

At the words, she placed her hands on the floor and moved toward the bed. But the final effect had nothing of the humiliation Chris was aiming for, not with the leader’s gaze glued to her rear swaying erotically from side to side. “Fuck!” In such way, he wanted to ditch Chris and impale her ass instead.

“Hot damn!”

Since Chris was about to do the same to him, Prince Caldwell wrenched him harder.

“Why didn’t we ever make her crawl before?”

“I have no idea.” This was getting to be a whole lot more. So much more, Duncan was afraid he would not make it another second without spilling everything right there and then. “But I’ll be sure to remember for all our future games.” And spotting Ylianor’s triumphant smile, however low she kept her head, thrilled his senses further. “Oh, and let me remind you that the first rule for both of you is—no coming unless I say so.” He glanced at Ylianor, then at Chris. “Is that clear?”

“I know you’re going to make it extra hard for me.” Chris heaved, already holding on barely.

“That’s the idea.” Duncan chuckled and watched Ylianor.

She nodded in acceptance, then resumed her crawl. Reaching her assigned position, she knelt again, raising a defiant gaze. “How can I serve my masters?” In spite of her ironic tone, she made an enchanting picture, with her full breasts and pronounced belly.

“Spread his legs.” As she worked to widen them, Duncan climbed on the bed. “You down, Angel.” He pinned the blond head on the mattress. “And open your mouth wide.” Knees next to Chris’s face, he unbuttoned his fly and let his huge piece drop straight into the gaping cavity.

Damn if it was not a shock! To be there, again, enveloped by the fiery tongue curling tightly around every side and gliding all the way to the throat no matter the gasps for air, then stuffing it to the rim without allowing the slightest whiff of air in or out. Duncan shuddered, the pleasure already traveling from his balls upward. It would be so easy to let it go, to burst and drown his angel’s mouth in hot seed. But he could not get distracted. He had a game to command.

Bending over Chris’s chest, he splayed the angel’s legs farther apart. “Now I want a thorough rimming of this delicious hole.” Stretched as it was, he could see it as well as Ylianor could. “Take your time, but make it really wet.” The prince avoided touching the ring of muscles on purpose.

He had very definite ideas on how he wanted Chris to come, and it implied a long and tortuous road for his lover’s scorching excitement.

“‘Cause I’ll be sure to use it to its full extent.”
As Chris’s straight cock twitched and rubbed his cheek, Duncan grabbed Ylianor by the nape of her neck and shoved her toward the widespread ass. Her tongue tip circled the constricted edges, slow rounds that were like a hypnotic come on for the leader’s greedy gaze, deep circles that irradiated from the center out. Then she flattened the whole of her tongue and covered the entire perineum. Luscious laps soon followed, alternated with the tongue tip’s tighter rounds, before plunging inside.

Duncan wondered whether he would manage to resist. Between Chris swallowing him to the hilt and Ylianor pampering the ring to the fullest, he was in deep trouble. It was getting increasingly more difficult to keep the measure of detachment a master needed to command his slaves properly. And he would really hate to spoil the game now.

Chris’s shaft flicked again.

Prince Caldwell ignored it again.

Lover, please, I don’t know how long I can—

Shut up and suck.This other torture was working just as efficiently as the lavish ass rimming.I get to decide if and when you come, remember?

Too late he noticed Ylianor’s tongue sliding upward and fondling the ball sac. “You’re forbidden to touch or even come near the angel’s cock.” Palm on her head, he pushed her back down. “Without my express permission.”

The moistness around Chris’s anus was making his shaft itch to claim what had always belonged to him. “Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master.” Her licking muffled Ylianor’s words. “It won’t happen again.” She raised a challenging gaze.

“I know it won’t, ‘cause now I want you to test his hole.” Spreading Chris’s legs further, he peered at the gleaming ring. “I want to see exactly how much he can take.”

Do you really need to test it?Her ironic tone boomed in his head.

What I really need is an obedient slave first of all,the prince snapped.

Lover, maybe she’s right.Chris sounded at the end of his wits.If she touches me, I won’t guarantee—

You better guarantee it. One look at the princess and Duncan knew she, too, was having a hard time holding on. “Come on. Start with one finger.”

A long, slim finger ended up in her mouth. After making a show of sucking it, she tapped the anus’s outer border, then began a slow penetration. Duncan watched fascinated until her finger disappeared. “Now a second.”

The second one slid much like the first. At her third, Chris’s cock began pulsating, but things turned serious when Duncan ordered her to widen the hole and keep it stretched.

Chris was about to lose it. No amount of telling or ordering could stop the tide mounting faster each second.

So Duncan took pity on him.All right, since you’re unequipped to resist.His lips closing on the tip of the erection, he slid to the base.Come for me, Angel.Just in time to receive the full load of the angel’s juices.

Down his throat it trickled, sprayed by a beast that refused to go limp.

Duncan licked off every last drop, the intoxicating taste and smell piercing his senses. Then pulling out of Chris’s wet cavity, he went to where Ylianor knelt. “Go to the other side,” he ordered in no uncertain terms. “And wait for further instructions.” He picked up the angel’s legs, keeping them as far apart as he had before.

In the middle, the hole seemed to beg him to make it his own.

“What a bad angel.” His shove was neither gentle nor loving. “You can’t abide to the simplest order.”


He wanted it rough. Breaking through the tiny entrance fiercely, he slammed to fill the entire space in the matter of a few quick pumps.

“If you keep this up…” Chris’s groan of pleasure mixed with the words. “I won’t be able to resist this, either.”

“I’m about to give you another simple order now,” Duncan smirked.

What he was about to tell him was neither simple nor easy.

“Don’t mess it up this time.”

“As long as it doesn’t involve me holding it back.”

Oh, no, way harder. You’ll see. Not sharing the thought, Duncan caught the green gaze, staring at him from the other side of the bed. “Climb up and take my place above his head.” When she was with her knees around the angel’s head, the prince cleared his throat. “Now listen up the both of you.”

All the while, his erection sank in the fieriest ocean he had ever known.

“You are to avoid any and all contact.” The mere prospect sent shivers of pleasure down Duncan’s back that nearly ended things for him.

“What?” Ylianor’s cunt was on Chris’s face, one tongue flick away.

“We can’t do anything?” For her it was equally difficult, given the angel’s rigid monster waving in front of her nose. “How…” Are we going to manage it?

No, she did not actually say it. She was too smart for that.

“This is damn unfair.” Whether to defy him or on a whim, Chris’s hips went up, bringing his shaft closer to Ylianor’s mouth. “Not to mention unbearable.”

“Those are my orders.” It worked on him, too, this strain between Chris and Ylianor thickening his cock to a spasm and making it ram faster. “There’s no arguing.” Drilling the rear hole to the guts sucked Prince Caldwell to the balls. “Just compliance.”

Explosive to say the least—that was how he would describe his two lovers forced apart by his twisted game—but also indomitable. Despite all the orders, their bodies were seeking one another, with a fierceness that went straight to Duncan’s shaft and stiffened his every nerve. For if they usually oozed sex from every pore, his interfering was spinning it out of control faster than he had expected.

“Please, Master,” a whimper, a low-throated whisper escaped Ylianor’s lips, “Let me have him.” Her hips swayed dangerously over Chris’s face, pressing her cunt right smack on the angel’s mouth. “I beg you.” Bending, she stretched out on Chris’s chest and flat stomach.

Too close to the angel’s shaft for sure.

“If you’re really dying for a taste of her, Angel…” He deliberately ignored the princess. “You can rim her ass.” A ferocious thrust underlined his words. “But no more.”

“Does that mean my cock will get a taste of it, too?” Eager, Chris raised his head slightly to level their gazes.

“Only if you are a good boy.” Duncan chuckled, the anticipation of what he planned to do engorging the tip of his erection out of any proportion. Or rather—that was before he saw his lovers’ sensual movements. Chris’s tongue skirting the edge of Ylianor’s ass was worth a loud orgasm, though maybe not as much as the princess dancing over him, pressing and rubbing to get her fill.

Incredible what the two of them could do on a bed.

Out of it, too, according to the memory of their first night at the Game floating through his mind.

Returning to the shelter, he had to brace himself to avoid a climax he wanted to delay as much as possible. Not easy, considering how deep his cock had embedded inside the angel and how lost his two lovers were in each other. And hammering the constricted space squeezing him to perfection worsened matters considerably.

“I said her asshole, Angel.” Duncan was quick to intervene, having spotted how far down that tongue was heading. “Nothing else.”

“If it’s her ass you need, then it’s more than ready.” To prove it, Chris stuck first one finger, then two, three and finally four into Ylianor’s yielding and uncomplaining back ring. “See?” He twisted them forcefully, making her jump. “It can take whatever you see fit to give it.”

“How about your cock?”

At the words, Chris’s piece jerked. Not once. Not twice. More like three times.

So Duncan was quick to grab Ylianor before his angel lost it for good. “Yeah, I know I’m being too good.” Raising his gaze, he met her brilliant green eyes. “To both of you.” His own shaft still firmly buried in Chris’s delicious behind, he made Ylianor stand up over the upraised equipment. Facing him, their eyes never lost contact. “Now stuff your ass with his cock.”

By the gods! This was going to be too exciting!

“Do it slowly, so he doesn’t miss a single screw.”

“Yes, Master.” She was dripping right atop the erection. Her shimmering cunt was testimony enough.

Balancing herself, she spread her buttocks and held them apart.

“Holy shit!” Chris gasped it out, eyes glued to what must have been a fantastic view.

But Duncan did not have to wonder long. Taking a hold of himself, Chris straightened slightly and began sharing the images as they happened, the splendid wide-open butt definitely something to curse about.

The fact she kept it spread was also enough for an orgasm. No, make that several. So Duncan had to slow down lest he spilled everything right then and there.

Seductive as she had never been, Ylianor bent on her knees, edging every inch closer to her target. Just so she would not miss it, Chris had his palm curled at the base to orient it better. She came down on it without hesitations. When the tip broke through, she paused only a second to adjust to the new sensation then resumed her downward glide. Soon, her capable ass swallowed the whole of the angel’s taut monster.

“By the gods!” Seemingly out of breath, Chris laid down his head again. “I’ve never seen anything so exciting.” Lifting his hips, the shaft dug deeper into her.

“Couldn’t agree more.” Raising his gaze, he leveled it with Ylianor, holding herself on precarious balance from the juggle Chris caused her. “But the show is far from over.”

Ylianor was too beautiful for words. The sensation caught in his throat and almost strangled him. Her green depths flashed as if in agreement, and Duncan was lost. Reaching forward, he pulled her into his arms.

Not to steady her.

No, he wanted her mouth.

Wanted to claim her whole.

Pressing her wet cavity, his tongue forced her lips apart. Inside, he plunged, getting to her throat with a few sweeps. Deepening the kiss, he set the rhythm for all of them, his tongue and cock following the same tempo.

Chris soon adjusted to it until the ramming was at an equal pace.

Prince Caldwell did not know what he liked best. Whether stretching his angel’s ring or filling his princess’s mouth, either was bound to precipitate him into a vortex of unabated pleasure. He just waited that extra second for her to come.

She was so close to it. He felt it from the quiver of her flesh, the tightening of her muscles, the waves that she dumped on him. One, two, three…Ylianor shattered.

He held her to avoid a brusque collapse on Chris’s belly.

Not that the angel would have noticed. He was busy climaxing himself, which left Duncan free to burst his own semen and flood his angel’s ass.

Before he realized it, their energy had curled into a fiery mass. Fueled by their lust and out-of-bound Virts, it soared ready to take flight, had Prince Caldwell not deliberately stopped it.

He had no desire to go into their unique dimension and be just a spirit. It was more important now that their bodies became one. Far more important he touched the man he had almost lost and the woman who had wrestled him from death’s grasp.

Yes, Duncan needed their physical side to bring down any residual barrier that might hamper the bright future he saw shining for them up ahead, just a stone throw away. So he reversed Chris’s enflamed energy and forced it downward, until they were all back in the shelter.

As usual, Chris was the first to react to the change. Scrambling up, he held on to her hips. “By the gods, I want more of her ass.” Without allowing her to pull away from his cock, he carried her to the nearest wall and pinned her to it. “Like nothing else in my life.”

Legs widespread, back bent, he possessed her rear. Left free to express their deep-rooted attraction, the two of them made an intoxicating picture, because it was so beyond any physical play, like Duncan had told Chris during the Game. Despite having seen it tons of times, his cock reacted accordingly, getting to full mast in the matter of seconds, demanding its share of the action.

Since the only available hole at the moment belonged to the angel’s tempting ass, Duncan reached him from behind.

“Knew you wouldn’t resist it much longer.” Chris groaned. “Not after your first ride.”

“What can I say?” It made his shaft jerk in anticipation. “You’re irresistible.” Making Chris bend forward, he adjusted his position, until the tip of his cock nudged the back entrance. “Or at least your ass is.” Clamping his hips, Prince Caldwell dragged them back, then shoved with the full swing of his weight, his cock slamming to the hilt at the fierce impact.

“Damn you, lover.” Pushing out a heavy breath, Chris opened his legs as far as possible. “You don’t want this to last, do you?”

“On the contrary.”

That Ylianor was making it extremely difficult for Chris to hold on was evident. She was lost in her own pleasure again, and none more than him knew how deep she was in it.

He was still linked to her sensations after all, daring to take the chance and live both sides of this arousing game. A dangerous gamble, because it made for shorter playtime, though a most satisfying one in the end. “I do want this to last.” At least he hoped it would.

By now, Ylianor was thrashing, flinging her ass back without any sort of control.

“But if you don’t steady her, Angel, none of us is going to achieve it.” Tightening his grip on Chris’s hips, he made him slow down his hammering to fit his equipment better.

“I’m right on it.” Wrapping an arm around her waist, Chris forced her to follow his rhythm. She resisted at first, then surrendered. Her body moving in perfect sync with the angel’s, she was about to slip a hand between her legs when Chris intercepted it.

“No touching,” he snarled softly, “Not without permission.” Throwing back his head to the leader, he scoffed, “I can’t believe she’s forgotten she’s a slave.”

“Oh, we’ll remind her.” Now fully embedded in Chris’s cramped butt, he thrust to reach greater depth. “Don’t worry.”

“Please, Masters.” Her voice high-strung, Ylianor did her best to sound pleading, “I beg you permission to touch myself.”

“Permission denied,” the angel spat, enjoying himself immensely. “No touching for now.” For good measure, he twisted her arm behind her back.

“I beg you…”

As she whimpered, Duncan felt the wave of disappointment washing over her.

“Not a chance.” Inflexible, Chris tightened his grasp. “It’s not like you haven’t come enough already.”

She was burning, scorched by her own greediness, which prevented her from climaxing again.

At least for now.

Seemingly uncaring, Chris stepped up the pounding in her ass. And the way he flung back his own butt to Duncan’s blows was distracting enough to make him concentrate on his own pleasure alone.

On her part, Ylianor took another unauthorized initiative—she attempted to close her legs. So Chris blocked that, too, with an abrupt order, “Open them.”

The angel was right in his denial tactic. The more Ylianor’s frustration grew, the more Duncan’s orgasm built, until she picked it up and relaxed all together. Her butt rotated against Chris’s groin, screwing the erection so far up Duncan was sure she would suck up the rest of his angel, too.

She was also playing with Chris’s fire in that seductive way of hers that hypnotized the angel into doing her bidding and falling off from his master act to satisfy her slightest whim. It was uncanny and worked like a charm, with Ylianor seducing Chris into total submission or in this case, coaxing Chris into touching her.

Like every other time, resistance for Chris was futile. Before he even realized it, his hand lowered to brush between her legs. Casual strokes at first, they evolved rapidly into steady drilling of Ylianor’s throbbing knot and repeated spearing of her swollen pussy. It was the end of his princess. And since there was no defense against her convulsive clenching, Chris’s shaft unloaded everything, immediately followed by Duncan’s explosive jets.

Which sparked the beginning of a new game.

How long did they play?

As always, when in the Nephis Valley, time flowed in a way it did nowhere else. Like entering another dimension and floating without a body in their unique space, only here, the body was more real than anywhere else.

Duncan went from having sex to eating. From sleeping to sex, back to eating and sex, then sex, sex and more sex in a progression that blurred the very passage of days, hours, minutes and seconds. Nothing seemed important, except sinking into the two lovely bodies he could rightly call his own.

Thus, he did not bother with anything else, until one day a knock at the door changed everything forever.