Sanguinary Seduction Hunted

SERIES: Sanguinary Seductions

AUTHOR Laura Tolomei

FACEBOOK THREADS: My Novellas, Laura Tolomei Horror Side

GENRE: Erotica, LGBT Gay, Ménage à Trois, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Shapeshiter, Novella, m/m, m/m/f

ISBN# 9781771115742


HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames


WORD COUNT: 17.399

RELEASED: 1 July 2013

Originally part of eXtasy’s Anthology Sanguinary Seductions released 15 September 2008

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER ARTIST: Martine Jardin




Why is this vicious predator terrorizing the village? Who is Therry, and why does he live deep inside the forest, away from mankind? But mostly, why can’t Kendryck get him out of his mind? As the hunt progresses, so does his fascination with the most intriguing young man the hunter has ever met, until things don’t add up, and Therry’s dark secrets will have to be revealed…eventually.




“It must be a feline.” The image of a sleek and powerful panther popped in his mind. “A very large one.” Not to mention elegant and sensual, which was a matter of speculation that certainly didn’t help the dead body in front of him.
“What business does a feline have in living in the forest?” Evidently perplexed, Bryce’s eyebrows rose to a point. “Doesn’t it usually prefer open terrains?”
“It does.” Yeah, another odd thing that didn’t fit the meat-eaters’ usual pattern, at least not the one Kendryck had come to know so well. “But something must’ve driven it here.” At this particular time and place, which was another coincidence he found hard to fathom. “And for the life of me, I can’t understand why Derrynt would be here, in the depths of the forest, alone.”
Skivet shrugged, as though the question didn’t strike him as important. “Maybe he saw the predator.”
“Too bad he didn’t live to tell about it.” Bryce’s sarcasm emphasized how little he, like Kendryck, could stand Skivet.
“He still should’ve had better sense than to come so far out without any backup.” Kendryck’s gaze focused on the paw prints once again. “Maybe if we follow them, we might discover where it hides.”
“You go right ahead.” With an elaborate gesture, Skivet indicated toward a group of trees, where the feline seemed to have headed. “I’ll go tell the Chief we found Derrynt in not so good a shape as we left him.” The irony seemed unnecessary until Kendryck realized Skivet was scared to his bones, so used it to keep a semblance of sanity.
“I’ll come with you,” Bryce offered, already heading in the village’s direction.
“Hey, we can’t leave Derrynt here like this.” All right, he got it they were no hunters nor used to unsavory slayings. “At the mercy of any other animal deciding to make a feast out of him.” Still, it was no reason to abandon their ex team member, even if stiff and cold.
“We can’t carry him.” By the stubborn line of the jaw, Kendryck knew Skivet had no wish to touch the body, much less take the responsibilities of bringing it back to his family. “We need more people.” He looked to Bryce, asking silent confirmation.
“Yeah, it’s a long way back, and we should watch out in case the predator returns.” Nervously, Bryce glanced over his shoulder, like the beast was waiting for him, fangs ready to sink in his flesh, claws ready to rip him apart.