Deleted Scenes from The Game
SERIES: Virtus Saga, Virtus Saga Plus
GENRES: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Multiple Partners, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Series, m/m, m/m/f,, m/m/m/m, m/f/f
ISBN# 9781487415716
HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames
RELEASE: 06 April 2018
PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books
COVER: Angela Waters

When Prince Duncan Caldwell has to enter Cecilia Hurst’s Game of Masters and Slaves, he already knows he’ll have to play Master if he intends to retrieve the pyramid Cecilia stole from the sacred Nephis Valley. And his choice for a slave can only be Ylianor Meyer, however fiercely Lord Christopher Templeton resents her and her overpowering erotic intrusion in a trip that should’ve been his and Duncan’s alone. No, make that in a love that should’ve been his and Duncan’s alone!
Such is the new setting of the Virtus Saga, where nothing is what it seems. Not since soul-mates Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton share a love that is unrivaled, until that fateful knock on Ylianor Meyer’s dilapidated shack changes everything forever.
This book doesn’t simply pick up right where Book 1 The Sex leaves off. This book explodes it all—the lust and the leadership, but also the estrangement and the chaos. Mostly the unique connection laced with a load of jealousy and violence that is unknown to their world. Because this isn’t just another erotic dark fantasy series. This is the making of a trio. The story of three remarkable characters that have to overcome their uncontrollable lust to face the truth about themselves and their planet, in order to defeat the darkness about to devour them. To be as one whilst three! That’s their real challenge. Because, if they can’t learn to share power and love in equal measures, how will they be able to ensure their world’s survival?
That mouthwatering piece of ass with the barest cunt ever that you have as a slave
“Boy!” A low whistle caught Duncan’s ear. “She’s really something.”
The grave male voice had the prince spinning to his side. The master in the right alcove had reached him and was now standing next to him, his gaze trained on Ylianor’s tantalizing show.
“You mean the blonde guest?” Duncan misunderstood on purpose.
“No.” Shaking his head, the man grabbed his huge shaft and began jerking it. “That mouthwatering piece of ass with the barest cunt ever that you have as a slave.” Averting his gaze, he turned it on Duncan. “Which is all people can watch or talk about tonight.”
“Can they now?” Prince Caldwell’s lips curved in a grin.
“Oh, they not only can but still do.” Turning his focus on the princess, the man followed her tongue rimming the edges of the tiny ring with slow, deliberate circles. “At least the ones up here.” He licked his lips as though in anticipation. “While those in the pool area were too busy watching your gorgeous guest pumped in the ass by two monsters at once to notice much of anything.” He sniggered, “Besides those two massive cocks stuffing him everywhere it’s possible to stuff a man. And he was such a slut that he loved every second of it!”
“Did he now?” He could not suppress a chuckle at the cock-wrenching picture his angel must have been.
“He certainly did.” The man’s piece stiffening confirmed he saw the same picture. “And they tell me he made quite a show.” His brow creased as if taken by a sudden thought. “Though probably not as hot as that kiss of yours.” He regarded Duncan with something close to admiration. “Even if no one expected you’d do it with such passion and so openly.”
So, people had noticed.
The man took a deep breath. “I mean, masters shouldn’t—”
“It’s not against the rules,” Duncan was quick to rectify. “Right, Master…” He paused waiting for a name.
“It’s Narcor.” His head bent forward. “And no, it isn’t, but you should’ve seen the look in the Game Master’s face.”
That Cecilia would have been jealous was no news.
“She and her phase mate, Lady Sentry, couldn’t stop gawking at you.” Narcor’s attention fixed on Ylianor again. “Nor could anyone else. And they couldn’t stop talking about it as if it was the hottest scene ever played.”
On the other side, Murdon was lifting Lawry. Next thing Duncan saw, the enormous erection split the woman’s behind.
“Get the slave over here!” Murdon barked. “I want to see her lick your pussy.”
“She’s for Dekky,” Lawry protested.
“No, she’ll be for you.” Stopping his slides to her guts, he seemed ready to ditch her if she did not comply. “Or our deal is off.”
“But you can’t touch her.” Defeated, she glanced at Ylianor.
“I just want to see her licking your pussy.” Having reached his goal, Murdon resumed his penetration to her guts. “And once I’m done with you, she’ll service your phase mate.”
He had her recline. So far back, she dangled from the couch in a most precarious position until Dekky pushed the low table beneath her back as a measure of support. After sliding her robe way up, the blonde-haired guest bent on her breasts and began sucking the taut nipples.
But Duncan’s gaze had already strayed to Murdon and to his making room for Ylianor. Taking advantage of the new position, the man had adjusted his fit and created space where none had been before. Then clasping Ylianor by the neck, he forced her down, in between him and the ass he was cracking in half.
Opposing no resistance, she nuzzled the cunt glistening from moisture. One hand on Lawry’s belly, she pulled up the skin to expose the knot hidden under the hairy mass. Now swelled to the maximum, she teased it with fingers and licks all aimed at having it burst sooner rather than later.
And she was so good that Duncan had no doubt she would succeed.
“She’s at the end of her ropes,” Narcor confirmed as though he had read his mind. “But he’s going crazy just having your slave so close.”
True, Murdon sole interest now was Ylianor, to the point he clutched one of her buttocks and wrenched it to him. And since it was kind of clear what he would have liked to do to it, he stuck a couple of fingers in her asshole.
By now, Lawry was too far gone to object. Or perhaps, the fact she was coming distracted her from all other concerns.
On her part, Dekky did not breathe a word, either, which left Murdon in full charge of Ylianor’s ass.
“All right, girl, off you go.” Without bothering to remove his fingers from the butt he was enlarging with so much ease, he slapped Lawry’s behind. “And you get here,” he ordered Dekky.
Obedient, both women shifted around until Lawry was standing next to Dekky’s sprawled body on the low table.
Murdon did not look at the petite blonde twice. He just rolled up her skirt, shoved into her narrow hole and squashed Ylianor’s face on her cunt, all the while fondling her backside. His beat rushed, he slammed inside Dekky’s ass, like he wanted her to come as fast as possible.
Kind of obvious he did not give a damn about either of the two women. All he wanted was the princess, and Duncan was sure he would not come until he had her at his complete mercy.
“I doubt he’ll come now.” Narcor’s lips twisted in a snarl. “He’s too hot for your slave to be satisfied with anything less.”
How to blame him? So why the fuck had he consented to screw those blasted women?
“And it won’t be any easier for you,” Narcor added sympathetically.
“Oh, I know exactly what I want them to do.” Only thing he suppressed the image lest his princess caught it. “And it’s not what they expect.”
“I don’t know how you do it.” A flash of envy crossed Narcor’s face. “With a slave like yours, most masters wouldn’t have resisted as long as you have.”
“I’m not most masters.” And after a whole night’s worth of playing, no one could deny his claim.
“That’s for sure,” Narcor’s admired tone confirmed his words. “And everyone wishes they were in your place.”
Not hard to figure out that it was also Narcor’s wish.
Just then, Dekky convulsed frantically.
Yanking Ylianor’s hair, Murdon snapped up her head. “I’ve kept my part of the deal.” He removed his very rigid pole from Dekky’s ass. “Now get gone.” Brusquely, he pushed Dekky away.
“Just remember she isn’t to come.” Tart and malicious, Dekky seemed to take real pleasure in this.
“Sure.” Too busy grabbing Ylianor by the waist, the man did not even look their way. “No problem.”
As soon as both women scuttled off, he dragged Ylianor to him. “And now for my reward.” Settling her on the floor, he closed his legs around her.
Quick to catch on, the princess opened her mouth wide and let him stuff her to her ears.
Well, he did have quite a remarkable piece. And the way she struggled to fit it whole tightened Duncan’s stick to a spasm.
I’m sure those nice ladies won’t have any trouble satisfying your needs, Master, her ironic comment filled his head.
And I’m sure he won’t have any trouble strangling you, he retorted.
“Master Duncan.” Approaching, Lawry halted in front of him, her phase mate a few steps behind. “We’ve come for our prize.”
His gaze mesmerized by Murdon choking Ylianor with his numerous lurches to her stomach. It took quite an effort for Duncan just to look at the woman.
“Then get naked,” he commanded.