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The Festival
The Festival

The Festival, Virtus Saga #3

The Festival

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

SERIES: Virtus Saga, Book 3


GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, BDSM, Ménage à Trois, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Series, m/m, m/m/f, f/fISBN# 9781554876143


HEAT LEVEL: 5 flames

PAGES: 230

WORD COUNT: 71.449

RELEASE: 15 July 2010

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER: Angela Waters





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The prince, his lover, his woman…to be connected as one…whilst still three…to defeat the darkness of their own lust.

The prince, his lover, his woman…to be one…whilst still three…to defeat the darkness of their lust inside Virtus Saga

The prince, his lover, his woman…to be one…whilst still three…defeating the darkness of their own lust…that’s the magic of the Virtus Saga


To be one whilst still three…that’s the challenge of the Virtus Saga…to defeat the worst enemy the world has known and face the truth about themselves…this is the Festival.

“For one who can certainly create an interesting story, Laura Tolomei gives readers a first hand look at an unusual relationship that has the potential to either turn sour, or produce three contented individuals who make it work, and Christopher regardless of his feelings of hatred, and jealousy toward her, he has to please his lover, Duncan by letting him take her to their bed for them all to enjoy. I thought the dialogue significantly conflict based between the two males and the one woman. It made me needs to want the three of them to be happy in some small way and stop their constant bickering long enough to enjoy their love.

The Festival: Virtus Saga: Book 3 has all the edge you need to start reading, and keep on finding out more about the character’s lives, and what it is that turns them on.

The Festival: Virtus Saga: Book 3 is one to buy, but would recommend you read the first two volumes in the saga first as it will make sure youget the full benefit of the story and enjoy the experience to the full. Purchase this novel by Laura Tolomei at eXcite Publishing and immerse yourself in the world of the most sensual characters you will ever meet.” Romance at Heart

“THE FESTIVAL is another entrancing installment of the fantasy romance series the Virtus Saga, and it has a gripping plot, fascinating characters and an immense amount of eroticism. I have a wonderful time reading the series thus far, and I can’t wait for more of the series to be unveiled.” TRR rated it 4 Stars

“Christopher Templeton is joint leader along with Prince Duncan Caldwell, and Christopher is an extremely handsome male specimen who by his lover’s confession could have anyone he wants as he is tall, elegant, desirable, and has a lithe body that exudes sex from every pore. He loves Duncan with all his heart, yet is annoyed when he wants to bring another woman, Ylianor into their bed, and their already steamy relationship. Christopher has a very jaded view of women, and Ylianor in particular believing them to be unpredictable and fickle, and is under the impression he does not need one in his life. Once Christopher has been left with Ylianor for a while at Blue Oasis, he sees her in a different way, she is not the clinging vine he thought she was originally, and thinks he might have misjudged her. That does not mean his view of her as an interloper has changed, no, he had already made up his mind to loathe her being there, even though he only wants what is best for his lover. A lover of Arthur Fairchild, his former leader, it is interesting that Christopher decided to keep it in the family by being Duncan’s lover also. He has a secret resentful streak in his personality he has to try and keep in check, hoping that his lover will not notice. He does have a kind nature, but it is hidden beneath jibes and insults about the woman in Duncan’s life.

A handsome man with a huge ego in many ways, Christopher could never imagine anyone being in their bed but Duncan, and he hates to share his love with someone else, especially another woman. He normally likes to keep them at a distance rather than get involved with them and finds it awful that his lover might actually fall for Ylianor. This is set to break their relationship up as he cannot make compromises and is pretty much stubborn about the fact he sees Duncan as his, and his alone. Love is a serious thing where Christopher is concerned, and his obsessive ways have got worse since his lover let Ylianor enter their bedroom. Christopher is a highly sexed type who loves nothing more than to make-love to his male lover which means guilt plays a large part in their relationship at the moment. Christopher is capable of hurting men with his cruelty, and Ylianor has felt the sharp edge of his blade at her throat before, so there is no love lost between them both. His feelings for hurting others could be blamed on his Virt, his power, but could it be that, or just an excuse to use his power and jealousy to fuel his deep seated hatred? “ Romance at Heart

“The most gripping part of the story for me was the whole combining of powers that seems to happen when the prince, Chris, and Yilanor come together. Sexually, they are exploring each other in every way imaginable. There is m/m, m/f, m/m/f, and even f/f sex in this book. I guess that’s to be expected when you find your power through intercourse. But I found that the sexuality and eroticism flow along with the story. It was fascinating to see the trio navigate this whole new facet of their lives–this power they have–and explore the ways they can use the power sexually. Much more fascinating even was how they found that because of the sexual exploration, they were able to better relate to each other outside of sex as well.” TRR rated it 4 Stars

The book that extends it all—the reunion, the connection, but also the blood, the separation and the victory. The third chapter seals a destiny started with the first chapter, however its ending.




When Ylianor Meyer throws in Prince Duncan Caldwell’s face his generous offer to adopt her into the Caldwell family, she has only one thought in mind—to get as far away from the stunningly gorgeous dark-haired prince and his equally striking blond-haired lover, Lord Christopher Templeton before she falls in love with them harder than she already is. Before she becomes their slave for real and surrenders to both without any shame. For each is a master in his own standing: one for pleasure, the other for pain.

Such is the new setting of the Virtus Saga, where nothing is as it seems. Not the world, since its all-pervading sex drive hides a scary lack of violence. Not the people, since soul mates Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton share a love that is unrivaled until that fateful knock on Ylianor Meyer’s dilapidated shack.

This book picks up right where The Game, Book 2, leaves off and extends love and passion into torrid sex and bloody nightmares. It’s a unique connection, laced with jealousy and violence that are unknown to their world. This is not just another erotic dark fantasy series. This is the making of a trio. Of three remarkable characters that must overcome their uncontrollable lust to face the truth about themselves and their planet if they want to defeat the darkness about to devour them. To be as one whilst three! To share power and love in equal measures. This is their real challenge, the lesson they must learn. Otherwise, how will their world survive?


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PG M/M (980)

“Oh, no, lover, no you don’t!” Springing to his feet, Chris went forward. “This has nothing to do with me or the way I treat her, which hasn’t changed since you left me at Blue Oasis.” Moving closer, their faces almost touched. “No, I didn’t care about her then and I certainly don’t now! If it’s anybody’s fault, my guess is it’s yours.”

“What?” Confused, the prince took a step back.

“Yes, you’re the one who’s changed toward her and maybe it’s time you start asking yourself why…if you want to keep her, of course.”

“I didn’t—”

“Yes, you did, lover. Closing the channel between the two of you was a way of denying her, like telling her to stay out of your life.”

That each of them had a strong power, or Virt as the ancients called it, was something Prince Caldwell had learned only recently. But why did mine have to begin and end with her, our silent communication the greatest joy and the darkest curse of my life? And why do I miss her so fucking much, like I’d lost a piece of myself? Since I hushed her whisper in my head, I’ve become the loneliest man on this world and I can’t stand it one minute more! Raising his head, he retraced his step, coming up against Chris again. “All right, maybe I tried to silence her voice.” His lips curved in a wry smile. “But since Arthur died, things have been happening so fast and the sheer weight of them…” His voice trailed off, unsure how to tell his angel about the strangeness of it all.

Somehow though, Chris needed no words to understand. With a comforting embrace, he swept Duncan in his arms and held him tight. “I know it’s hard.” The hot breath whispered in the prince’s ear. “Arthur used to tell me about the load, the blazing lights, the noise—”

“It’s like when we were at the Nephis Valley, with the same bright flashes and the humming, only it never stops—not the lights, not the sound. And this damn shoulder, burning every time there’s a new flicker or a higher tone.” He shrugged. “I didn’t think I could handle her, too, not with all this mess that’s been running through my head.”

“Because she’s louder than all the other sounds combined?”

“Oh, Angel, you have no idea!” Pulling slightly away, Duncan gestured aimlessly in the air as if he wanted to draw a picture of what was tormenting him. “And it’s not only her. Both of you are stronger than whatever else is going on in my head. If your fire is the brightest star of all, which alone can dim the thousand lights flashing day and night, she’s the loudest sound that no amount of humming can ever silence.”

“From what you’re saying, she’s just as important as I am.”

Duncan looked straight in his eyes. “I didn’t think so at first, not until I cut off the connection. I believed I’d feel better without having her inside me, only to discover I’m unbearably alone if she’s not there. It’s like with Virtus. You don’t know where it ends and you begin.”

“And it’s not just your head that misses her.” Chris clasped his cock. “Your body craves her, too, even if you work hard at denial.” Another squeeze, then the intriguing blue-gray eyes fixed on him. “At least, unlike you, I’ve seen it coming from the start, dreading it actually until I had time to think it over.” Taking a deep breath, he looked as if he were about to seal his destiny forever. “It was hard enough to accept sleeping beauty in my life, not to mention in your bed, as a permanent fixture and I wished you had some other choice—the gods can testify to that. You, more than anyone else, know how much I love you and just being with you every day, every thirty-six-hours of it, is reason enough for me to live, even if I’m no nearer to understanding the magic you work on me than I was ten years ago. Yet somehow, you made her a part of it, too, and so damn well, I can’t think of the two of us without her.” Sighing, he held on to Duncan. “It’s all so fucking confusing and maybe Virtus just adds its own load to bring more chaos to the world, but the one sure thing I know now is she’s not necessarily a threat. I used to hate the way you cared for her, so I wished her gone a thousand times. But, after you left Blue Oasis, she’s looked after me without being the obsessive presence I feared, rather someone available only if I needed her. Sometimes, I wouldn’t see her for days on purpose to test her reactions and never once did she complain or make a scene because I neglected her.” With a loving gesture, Chris brushed a loose strand of hair off Duncan’s face. “And that’s when I understood she won’t change the way we feel about each other nor interfere with our time either. You can have both, if that’s what you want, and in a way, it’s making you more complete, even when it comes to me.” Standing so close they could have easily kissed, the angel grabbed his arms. “So I’ll be damned before I allow you to throw away what you need most, besides me, of course.” He grinned mischievously. “Now get your ass to her before she leaves or does something even more stupid.”

Their lips met in a fierce kiss as their energy linked, the fiery blaze surrounded by the cooler one, until the prince let go and went out the door, followed by his angel’s last words. “And be sure to tell her I want her to stay, too.”

PG M/M (300)

“Do you regret it, lover?”

Duncan was silent as his dark energy built up to meet the roaring fire’s challenge. “No, I don’t regret a single moment, but you’re making it all too simple. Women can give so much more than just plans and programs. And the fact they are different from us, only adds to their appeal, both mental and physical, and no matter what you say, we as men need their energy, not to mention insight, to complete ours. No, better yet, we need each other to make the world work at its best.”

“That’s the leader speaking,” Chris protested hotly, “not—”

“No, I’m talking like a person, a single part of this world I helped make with my own marginal contribution.” He caressed the angel’s shiny head. “What I’d like you to understand is that our difference is our strength, not our weakness, for it helps us deal with whatever unknowns are out there, not to mention it makes for a damn more intriguing life. Just think, what would sex be without women?” Duncan’s hand slipped to Ylianor’s hips. “Without their soft, silky skin, sensitive breasts, easily aroused nipples, narrow waistline that curve in the hips’ warm embrace, then lead to their hidden treasures.” And at those words, his fingers, which had highlighted every piece of his tour, dipped to Ylianor’s wet cunt, immediately finding the throbbing knot that not surprisingly was already swollen with desire. He grinned, watching her predictable reaction. “Seeing them arch their back to ask for something to fill them. That’s the beauty.” He made Ylianor turn on her stomach, then squeezed her butt possessively. “Not to mention their great ass.”

“I still don’t find anything appealing in women or their treacherous curves.” Chris insisted stubbornly. “You know what turns me on, lover?”


“I admit it wasn’t half-bad,” Chris mumbled reluctantly, moving Ylianor’s sleeping form aside to snuggle closer to Duncan, “even if I don’t see why you go to all this trouble to make me change my mind about women.”

“I don’t want to change your mind. I want to broaden it because being a council member means you can never, ever allow your sexual orientations to prejudice your dealings with an entire gender. Like it or not, you’re going to have to work with women, too, so the sooner you start considering them as individuals, the more effective your job will be.” Grabbing Chris’s face, he held it tight. “What I’m trying to say, my beautiful love, is that it’s fine you should like only men in your bed. I have no problems with that. It’s your choice. You’re free to fuck whomever you like, so women will just have to live without your incredible sexual energy. What I object to is that you use it as an excuse to discriminate them in life. That’s wrong and unbecoming a council member for they are our equal partners in every way and in every place…” He paused for his lips curved in an ironic grin. “Your bed excluded, of course. Do you read me?”

“Loud and clear.” He returned the kiss, lingering on to make the sensation last longer. “To be honest, I’ve never thought of it in quite those terms, but I suppose you’re right and I shouldn’t have taken it for granted I kept away from women simply because I didn’t like them.”

“In bed, Angel, only in bed, though that’s changing, too, with Ylianor—”

“Why do you always have to bring her into the picture, lover?” He scoffed. “She’s different, I agree, but that only proves why I don’t like women…in bed,” he added with a mischievous grin, wanting to show Duncan he had understood.

“Tonight you weren’t much into liking her either…in bed.” A rueful smile curved the prince’s lips.

Chris lowered his head. Tasting Ylianor had been a shock at first, his instincts rebelling against something he deemed disgraceful in a way. But Duncan had made it tolerable somehow, no better, exciting, as if he had managed to convey her arousal while it mounted. And it had washed away the bitter flavor of the awareness that had hit him so hard in the stomach after he had cut her up…well, almost. “I’m sorry I was such an asshole.” Glancing up, he read Duncan’s flash of agreement. “All right, let me tell you about my night with her—”

“Which you don’t have to.” Duncan was quick to stop him.

“I know, but I want to because it all comes from there.


“We weren’t ready, so we thought the way to make it work was a forced sharing of everything.” She had sighed. “But there are things not meant for all three, just for very specific twosomes.” From her pause, the prince had known she was thinking of the bloody knife game and of how little he approved of it. “What I’m trying to say is that it’s not fair, practically useless, to have to share everything with everyone. Instead, there are things that are exclusive to one, others that belong to two and only some are for the three of us. What we most need now is to define our boundaries, sharpen rather than blur them even more. Somehow, I’ve got the feeling it’s the confused space between us that Virtus uses to get me, so the sooner we work it out, the sooner he’ll lose power over me. And even if he weren’t a problem, life is going to make us aware of our limits soon enough, whether we like it or not.” She turned to Duncan. “You are the leader, the focal point of our world.” Absentmindedly, she traced his flaming red scar before looking at Chris. “And however much you love him, there are going to be times when the public figure will have to draw the line with his private self.” The look Duncan exchanged with his angel confirmed they had already reached that point. “So since our leader seems bent on continuing this…” She frowned in search of a word. “Togetherness…” She breathed at last and even if not completely satisfied with the word, Prince Caldwell understood she had chosen it because it avoided any permanent connotations the angel might find offensive. “I think we should use our time apart to define ourselves in relation to the other two.”

Chris grinned. “Then since talk is useless until we get back together, I suggest we skip it entirely from now on and take advantage of these last days to do what we do best together.”

“Sex?” Ylianor suggested.

“Sex!” Duncan confirmed.

“Sex, of course, what else?” A sly twinkle in his eyes, Chris looked to Duncan, suppressing an ironic smile. “If our leader will give us the time during the harrowing journey.”

“Oh, I’ll make the time, Angel. I promise we won’t go without it, if I have to build the shelters myself.” And his hand already trailing on the bodies at his side in an obvious effort to enflame their desire indicated he meant to keep his word.

EROTIC F/F (290)

Unlatching the sexy dress and bringing it along, baring only selected pieces of flesh at a time, Carmel started a sensual journey to reach the prized possession Ylianor kept hidden between her legs, stopping to cup her breasts, teasing and licking the tender tips lavishly inside her mouth where she sucked them avidly, circling them with rapid, luscious flickers, until they stood to proud attention.

Ylianor shivered at the hot and cold contrast on the soft mounds, but arched her back to get more. With an understanding grin, Carmel satisfied her request, deepening the touch and greedy lapping, until she decided to resume her travel, rolling the dress away while holding it to avoid it fell down to Ylianor’s ankles. After reaching the flat stomach, she headed for the mound whose dip would plunge her straight into Ylianor’s essence.

On her knees now, Carmel took her time to accompany the dress all the way down, letting it fall only when it was around the trembling thighs. Completely naked, Ylianor followed the other woman’s gaze as it took her all in, both eyes and hands glued on her flesh, apparently not wanting to let go, until the flickering tongue began its sensual teasing once again. And this time, it went straight to the center.

Hot, hard tip, it hovered briefly over the closure on top of the legs, then pushed inside and Ylianor had no choice but to spread her legs apart.

Having conquered her position, Carmel brushed the tender skin with slow, repeated strokes, running from the clit to the ass without lingering on any particular spot. Ylianor squirmed, feeling the wetness drench first the cunt, then drip to her legs, too, unable to stop it from smearing her thighs.

EROTIC M/M (316)

“Hello, lover, are you finally done? You look as if a horse ran over you.”

“That’s exactly how I feel.” Wearily, Prince Caldwell dropped down on the floor, sitting next to him in front of the cozy fireplace warming Chris’s room against the dismal day with dark clouds covering Stella’s attempts to shed some light.

Chris hugged him. He knew exactly what his lover needed and it definitely did not include hollow words, so his touch deepened as he caressed the long, black hair he found irresistible, down his back to curve around his tight ass until, taking advantage of a shift in position, he reached the crotch where the great cock was stirring to attention. Fingering it through the clothes, Chris slid it between his palms to make it grow harder, wanting to touch its naked firmness, but prolonging the moment to wet his prince’s appetite.

Not that he needed to. Moving to make his work easier, Duncan captured his mouth and stuck an avid tongue inside to fill his senses with the taste of his lust. And Chris could not but respond immediately, especially when the prince began an exciting new game with their energy, twisting around his flaming soul to stroke the fire into greater intensity.

Startled, Chris stopped a moment, the suddenness of having the prince already within his deepest essence too pleasurable to allow for anything else. True, they had experienced such degree of intimacy many times before, but they usually reached it after they had come together. To start with it right off seemed odd and—

Just love me, Angel, and make me forget about the world.

Chris pulled back. No words had escaped Duncan’s mouth, he was sure of it since they had been kissing, yet it was as if they had, so strong his perception had been of hearing them, down to the husky tone his lover would have used.

EROTIC M/M (330 angry)

Pulling Chris down on the floor, Duncan grabbed his hair and threw back his head. “Now shut up and suck me clean. I don’t want your ass all over my cock today.”

“Afraid of the truth?” The blond angel sneered.

“I said, suck, not talk!” And with a shove, he gained Chris’s mouth, entering like an avalanche in the warm cavity that immediately trapped him as the tongue worked fast to lick it clean. And it felt so damn good to have only Chris’s supreme expertise working his magic on him, shutting out the lights, the humming, the pyramids, but mostly the truth from his tired mind, his wet laps filling his senses to the rim until nothing remained except the sucks, the plunges, the drowning. Yet, however much he wanted it to end right there and then, his cock craved the tight space it had been forced to abandon, so he had no choice but to grab Chris and pull him up against a wall, legs open, buttocks spread, ass hole exposed to receive him. The minute he crashed inside, everything stopped again to focus only on the movement, the tightness, the rhythm and Chris himself, his wonderful body pressing against his every time he pushed forward. His piercing smell filling his nostrils and mouth as he repeatedly bit the angel’s neck, Duncan wrapped his hand around the straining erection, wanting to jerk him off at the same tempo he was keeping in his ass, just to speed up the loss of the same control that had already slipped away from him. And since he was good with his hands, the angel could not resist long, flooding his palm at the same instant his own knot of emotions burst like a balloon inside the accommodating ass, wracking everything in its wake.

Exhausted, he wanted to collapse on Chris’s back, but his lover turned around and embraced him tightly.

“Because the unfortunate answer to both our questions is no and there’s not a damn thing either of us can do about it,” Chris whispered wryly in his ear before reclining his head on the prince’s shoulder.

EROTIC M/M/F (365)

Opening wide, she sucked the demon in one sweep, probably because he pushed down at the same time, making it hover on the edge of her throat, twitching to take the plunge. She loved to have her mouth full of the thick presence, her lips squeezing it forcefully, while her tongue’s repeated swipes gave her the measure of its hardness, the soft skin and the uneven bumps on the long length, his taste filling her senses with the first drops smearing the tip. And if before it had been difficult to separate the feelings, now it was practically impossible, drawn as she was into three different perceptions, all equally exciting and unbearable if things did not change soon.

Just a few months apart and you’ve lost all your resistance? The prince sneered.

Don’t mock me. I’m not used to having both of you so close and I can’t resist either. If something doesn’t—

“Another change, lover?”

Somehow catching on to the unexpressed thought, the demon shifted, pulling his shaft out of the wet cavity holding it.

“Why not? I can’t wait to share her with you—”

“But first, you ought to be sure she’s ready for me.” After his ironic comment, Chris slid his arms beneath her hips, raising her ass to offer it to his lover. “And since there’s only one place I’m interested in, I’ll let you test its fit in advance.”

“What an honor.” Mockingly, Duncan cocked his brow. “I’d better take advantage of your offer before you change your mind.”

The demon spread her buttocks apart to make the hole more available. “Then hurry up because I’m already regretting it,” he teased.

The tip of the cock pushed at the tight entrance, then retreated.

“Maybe it’s a bit dry to be really pleasurable.” The black eyes flashed. “Why don’t you make it more welcoming, Angel?”


“Of course, you. Who else? Can’t ask her to do it, can I?”


“Shut up and start rimming.” With a firm hold, Duncan pushed the blond head down between her widespread legs.

EROTIC M/M/F (360 double penetration)

“Listen, lover, I have a great way to share her.”

“Really?” Clutching her long hair, Duncan prompted her mouth to complete its earlier task. “How?”

“Why don’t we take her together in the ass?”

Duncan stopped his hand midair. “What?”

“What?” Ylianor’s half worried voice rose above his.

“Relax, sleeping beauty, if I survived it, so can you.” Taking her head away from under the prince’s grip, the angel pulled her to his side. “Provided you get him ready for it.” And he pushed her face on the limp shaft.

Obediently, she enfolded it completely, not hard to do when it was so limited in dimensions, Duncan mused, watching it grow steadily, though her long hair made it difficult to follow every lusty lick, lap and suck. “How do we do that, Angel?”

“It’s just like when we fuck her together, only we both aim for the same hole.”

Prince Caldwell grinned, leaning on him and placing a hard kiss on the thin lips. “And my slut lover loved it?”

“He couldn’t get enough of it, if I have to be honest.”

“But not everyone’s like—”

“Shut up and suck.” With a firm hand, Chris pushed her head back on the cock, which now was neither limp nor little. “Isn’t that your objective, lover?” He turned dazzling blue-gray eyes on him. “To turn her into a slut, too? Wasn’t that why you wanted to play the Game with her? To make her your slave forever?”

“Our slave, Angel.” Tousling affectionately the blond hair, Duncan placed another kiss on his lips before turning to look skeptically at Ylianor. “And though I doubt she’ll ever reach your level, I must admit she’s been a fast learner, so let’s see what we can take out of her this time.” Getting on his knees, he pulled Ylianor up from her shoulders. “You’re more than ready anyway,” he continued, gazing at the long, thick erection standing proudly on its own.

“Then let me have her, lover, before you take her, too.”

Making her straddle his angel, Duncan guided the fiery shaft inside her ass, still large from Chris’s previous penetration.

EROTIC M/M/F (308)

“It was great sharing her ass, Angel, you were right, but now there’s only one way I’m coming out of this hole and that’s with a limp cock. What about you?”

Grinning widely, Chris shifted position. “I guess it’s as good a time as ever to find out if her other hole is as worthy as her ass.”

“For your tastes, it isn’t, but I’m sure it’ll do.”

“It’ll have to since you don’t leave me much of a choice.” With a hard shove, Duncan felt him penetrate the slippery trap in one thrust.

Ylianor arched her back and threw back her head, moving to fit both better and start the dance again, but the prince knew he would not get very far.

Already, the tight ass squeeze was making him lose control, the heated pumping pressing on the long stem and at the tip of the bulging head, particularly now that he felt his angel’s hard shaft just inches away, moving frantically as Chris attacked Ylianor’s mouth.

They had a way of kissing all their own. Duncan had noticed it more than once, having turned it into another competition, the erotic game they liked to play to arouse their desire, but mostly his. And how to resist them? From their mock quarrels all the way to their frenzied fucks, he felt the energy crackle between them since neither wanted to surrender at first, much like it happened with their kisses, which always ended up more passionate than either expected, the initial struggle slowly turning into a hungry intake of tongues and lips for they refused to let go the second they realized how much they had craved it. And just looking at them made him come, rapid, hot jerks filling her ass until as he had promised, he was too limp to stay inside.

EROTIC M/M/F (303)

“I’m glad you’re finished, lover.” Moving Ylianor’s head aside, Chris flashed blue-gray eyes at him. “So I’ll finally have a decent hole, too.”

“She might be too full,” Duncan joked.

“Not until I come in it again.” Slipping out of her trap, the angel held his cock upright. “Will you do me the honor?”

“Hey, shouldn’t someone ask me?” Ylianor seemed to have found her voice. “In case you haven’t noticed, it’s my ass on the line here.”

“Actually, we haven’t noticed anything else!” Duncan’s assured ironically. “But if you’re good, you might get a reward.”

“Do slaves deserve rewards?”

“I’m thinking about it.” Clasping Ylianor by her shoulders, he pressed her back to him, rubbing her against his chest as he brought her down on the stone-like erection waiting for her, then screwed her to it, helped also by his angel’s firm upward thrusts. When she was securely in place, he did not let her go, rather held her against his chest, leaving her free to juggle with Chris’s frenzied tempo while at the same time running his hand over her body, cupping her breasts, teasing her nipples, slipping down between her legs to stroke the swollen clit throbbing furiously.

Ylianor moaned, trying to move, but he held her too tight as his fingers deepened the touch and Chris accelerated, the sheer force of his pumping juggling Ylianor so hard, her ass brushed against his cock, making it swell to new vigor. Then it all happened together, her scream of pleasure, his angel’s heavy breathing as he was about to come, his pushing Ylianor down on Chris’s chest and shoving his now stone-like cock in the same ass his lover was ramming, then coming together with him, their seeds mixing and trickling down their long stems for lack of space to go.

EROTIC M/M/F (950 on line eXtasy)

The demon grabbed her, too, to trap her between them. “I think we can spare some time with a friend of yours, lover.”

“She didn’t look much like a friend of mine just five minutes ago.” The prince grinned.

“Hey, not my fault her ass is so damn accommodating!” Catching her head, he pushed her backside against Duncan’s crotch, after having removed the annoying underwear. “But I can remedy easily.” He spread her buttocks. “Why else would I have worked so hard to enlarge it?”

“You must be right.” Grinning widely, the prince shifted his weight on an elbow, curling around Ylianor, his aroused cock brushing her ass. “What are friends for?”

Sticking a finger inside, the demon opened the narrow hole wider until a moan escaped her lips at the amazements of how much she craved something more in spite of what she had already possessed. “To help you, of course.” Then grabbing the erection, he positioned it at the narrow hole’s entrance and Ylianor felt the nudge before the hard shove made it penetrate.

“And what about you, Angel?” Another shove and the shaft slid deeper.

“Oh, not to worry. A friend of mine—”

“The same one?”

Chris beamed. “Yeah, I guess it is, lover.” Taking Ylianor by the neck, he shifted her position. “Anyway, he told me the great thing about women are their multiple holes. But you know how I am—”


“Exactly. So I didn’t believe him for a long time.”

Following the prince’s thrusts, Ylianor went along with his erotic sway, her ass sucking the huge erection to the hilt.

“But now I know he’s right, so I damn well want to make up for the lost time and take my fill of every hole.” Pushing her neck forward against his crotch, he made her slide until she had his cock in her mouth.

Quick to comply, Ylianor drew it in, still half limp from its earlier exertion, yet already growing with every lick, lap, suck, kiss her tongue lavished on it.

“And not just for pleasure, right, Angel?”

“Why limit the lady’s enjoyment?” Grinning cruelly, Chris pulled Ylianor’s head up by yanking the long hair. “Isn’t that right, sleeping beauty?”

His amazing blue-gray eyes, filled with something she could not quite define, took her breath away. Flushing violently, she swallowed hard before repeating what she had already told him. “I’d want you whatever way you came.”

“I’m impressed,” And Duncan’s smirk hovered between serious and facetious.

“I’ll be more if she keeps sucking the way she does.” But before pushing her head back on his shaft, the demon kissed her, a brief, wild, hard kiss that pushed his tongue all the way to her throat, then swept the entire cavity, sending her back to her duty a second later.

Twitching, Duncan’s cock seemed to grow even thicker at the scene, making the wetness between her legs unbearable as it drenched her thighs, too, dripping despite her position did not allow for much movement, trapped on a side, her back and front both held in place by two demanding organs wanting to fill her more than she thought possible.

Chris’s in particular, had grown huge, preventing her from swallowing it whole, rather straining in the confined space as she tried to coordinate a semblance of tempo between her head and ass, failing miserably.

“The lady’s not too comfortable,” the demon mused, holding her head in place.

“Then let’s make her so.”

A gleam flashed in the blue-gray eyes for he obviously understood what the prince meant. “Absolutely, lover.” Stopping her head, he rolled her on Prince Caldwell at the same time the latter turned on his back, pulling her along with him by holding her hips.

Together, they made her back lie on Duncan’s chest without letting the cock fall out of its comfortable hole, spreading her legs around his waist to expose the whole cunt.

“Just don’t wait too long, Angel.” Duncan brushed his fingertips on her clit and Ylianor thought she would die of pleasure. “I don’t know how much longer I can take her magnificent ass without coming.”

“Not too long, I’m sure, lover.”

Ylianor opened her mouth to assure she would beat them both, but Chris closed it by, taking possession of her lips, cunt, her very soul, as he crashed into her, hard tongue and shaft sweeping the cramped space Duncan had managed to spare.

His final aim though, was the prince himself, so after he had silenced her, the demon’s lips slid to his lover’s in a passionate kiss that Ylianor saw and felt as if it were her own until it actually became so, their mouths too close not to mix the moment she turned her head on their side, their tongues darting out without knowing where they would end up, who would suck them first, her mouth filling with the demon and the prince’s taste until it was one flavor alone like when their energy coalesced into a single unity.

Prisoner of their whims, it was impossible to resist them further. With a shock of pleasure, she realized they were her masters—not just one, but both—to which she surrendered herself, body first, juggled upward and sideways, until she had no choice but to ride their tide, swept along with their passion, swelling uncontrollably as they drove her into bliss, her convulsions sucking their stone-like erections to the balls and squeezing them dry, increasing the intensity of their floods despite her forced silence.

But it did not seem important, not after they soared high above to their dimension away from the world, from which they never wanted to return.


They did not have to go very far. His room was right at the top of the stairs and he pushed her inside, locking the door and leaning on it to watch her walk to the center of the room. Intrigued, he followed her seductive ass sway for a moment, feeling the urge to possess it until the knife he was already holding, reminded he had more serious pleasures in mind than a mere fuck. “All right, sleeping beauty, stop where you are and take your dress off.” He sneered. “Wouldn’t want to ruin his gift, now would we?”

She started to turn around, but…“Just take the damn thing off where you are.”

Frozen in her tracks, Ylianor had a second’s hesitation before she began removing the sexy dress. Then as if to defy him, she moved the long, silky hair over her shoulder, so he had the full view of her bare back and ass.

As if reading his mind, she trembled under his close scrutiny, though she did not dare utter a word.

“Afraid?” He sneered coldly.

“Of you?” Ylianor threw back her shoulders. “Not anymore.”

With an abrupt move, he grabbed the long hair and pulled her head back, exposing her tempting neck. “Well, you should.” The blade trailed on her neck before going down her back to bite the flesh, lightly at first, then deeper the further down it went. “I don’t take kindly to anyone stealing my lover from under my nose.”

Unflinching, she challenged him openly. “Jealous ‘cause he wanted to play with me for a change?”

“Don’t flatter yourself.” The blade dug deep in her flesh just as he bent to brush his lips on her ear. “He was ready to kick your sorry ass out just yesterday if I recall.”

She stiffened in his embrace. “But he changed his mind.”

“Only because he has better uses for you now, but how long will it last?”

“As long as I can seduce him into playing our sex games.”

“Honey, he fucked with Jeff now, not with you.” The mere name made him angrier than he cared to admit, so he increased the pressure on the blade, drawing the first drop of blood. “How long since he’s touched you, fucked you without me being around? And the pity fuck in the stables doesn’t count!”

He felt her crumble for a moment, ready to burst into tears as if she wanted to let go of the despair he was trying to provoke, both physically and mentally, but at the last second, she straightened up, offering more flesh to cut and finding the strength to continue defying him, in spite of her weak position. “Tonight he’ll be mine alone and he would’ve been earlier if you hadn’t monopolized him until now.” Her brilliant green eyes flashed in amusement. “But I’d be careful if I were you because your time’s running out, too.” She spat. “In case you haven’t noticed, he’s the leader, so everyone will be after him, whether you like it or not.”

“Unlike you, dearie, I’m not afraid of competition.” The thin red lines on her back widened like a fine web and he watched them fascinated, tracing their borders with the knife, then moving it to the left, he started a fresh slice. “Because I have none. And thanks to Arthur, I learned to work my way around all those annoying sons of bitches that are going to bother him.”

“Whatever you do, you’ll never get rid of me.”

“Maybe I’ve got to hand it to you.” Impressed and amused at the same time, he cocked his head in mock admiration just as the blade penetrated deeper. “You’ve been more persistent and bothersome than any of Arthur’s pesky boys, always hanging round him for a word of approval or a quick fuck, whatever came first.” Licking his lips, he ran the pointy blade on her skin. “Even using my knife didn’t get you gone.” Suddenly furious at the thought, but more with what he felt he had to say simply because he could not ignore the truth anymore, he slashed her arm, wanting to hurt her for the first time since he had started the dangerous game. “Damn you! Ever since I first cut you up, I haven’t been able to take my mind off it or to how much you turned me on, to the point I wanted you so badly, I would’ve fucked you if he hadn’t been there.”

The green eyes blazed in triumph, but her mouth remained sealed, in spite of the pain she must have felt.

“But maybe it’s because you like it even more than I do.”

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The prince, his lover, his woman…to be connected as one…whilst still three…to defeat the darkness of their own lust…because they were her masters—not just one, but both—to which she surrendered herself, body first, juggled upward and sideways, until she had no choice but to ride their tide, swept by their passion.


Situations change fast and Prince Duncan Caldwell, as the new leader of Sendar, is now in charge of the pyramid’s destiny. And like Arthur Fairchild before him, he knows his duty is to put it back from where Cecilia Huts stole it. But first his world has to celebrate the end of the most destructive period it can remember, so Prince Duncan Caldwell calls for a Festival, three days completely devoted to food, drinks and sex. And many things happen, connections are established, especially between his two unruly loves, Christopher Templeton and Ylianor Meyer. But it’s all part of their story just like their journey to the Nephis Valleyin order to set things right again with the three-sided pyramid Cecilia Hurst stole and the reason their world was plunged into mayhem.


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