The truth is I believe in the concept of reincarnation or that the soul returns again and again in new lives and new bodies. However, for years there have been those who suggest that reincarnation is nothing more than the memories of our ancestors passed on to us through our genetics. While I agree it’s an interesting concept, is there any truth to the idea of genetic memory. Strangely enough there may be.

Two scientists working with rodents discovered that they could pass on a dislike of the smell of roses from one rodent to its descendants. They were actually able to show the neural and genetic changes. When they examined the sperm from the rodents in question, there were significant changes to these rodents’ sperm genotype that the inherited behavior showed of their descendants who also had an aversion to roses. This occurred with the descendants ever having smelled roses before.

Now there are those that will use scientific examples such as this to say, “See reincarnation isn’t true. It’s just our ancestor’s memories being passed down to us.” However, the memory of a smell that passes on in rodents is a far cry from those who without even being hypnotically regressed can relate experiences, dates and information about times that they’ve never been exposed to. It gets even more interesting when there is proof of the person they remember being actually existing. When that past life is only one hundred or two hundred years before and the person in question is not part of the person’s family tree, well, I say the case for reincarnation is far more proven than the case for genetic memory.

What do you think?
Life Memory?

Now here’s what I think, and I’m so passionate about it, I wrote not one but two books on the subject: Divinitas and Re-Scue, ReScue Series Book 1. So I’ll let them speak for me, especially in the bold parts.

Re-Scue PG Reincarnation Excerpt – The gazelle vs the panther
Yet the faster she rushed, the more she became aware it had started—their game taking over like it had never ended. And judging from the advantage the black panther gave her, he also felt the need to play once again with the sole intent of making it last as long possible.

Thus she agreed to his conditions like she always had. Death did not scare her anyway, not now that she discovered he existed on her same plane. And though neither could change their nature, their meeting meant the bond was still there, strong enough to pull them together and defeat the odds, with the hint of more possible futures to come. So what if now she was the prey to his deadly game, destined to succumb before sunset? Life and death were two faces of the same leaf. One day, one time, down the line of their still invisible lives, ends would meet to even their score once and for all, and she would finally get him on her own terms. Better yet, she would turn the tables on him and force him to accept her as his equal, inside the same game they both wanted more than life itself. Until then it would not matter it was all wrong now, their fate hopelessly doomed. She would do her damn best to play her part, letting him chase her to the inevitable conclusion, and surrender only at the very last when her time would run out in the snap of his sharp teeth on her fragile neck.

But the game would continue nevertheless.

Divinitas PG About life and death Excerpt
True, he was no great believer in gods or deities, yet he felt there

was a spiritual dimension that man should strive to reach. He had often asked himself the purpose of life and if beyond the physical

realm, something better awaited his soul. He could not accept the thought that everything would suddenly end or that his precious knowledge would go to waste only because he stopped breathing. Instead, he believed in a divine spirit inhabiting his soul. It guided his steps as it increased his learning and self-awareness. The path was unclear, of course, not even the priests could determine precisely to what end man had to travel through life, having to face an all too speedy death.

Yet, if nothing existed beyond material life, then what’s the point? Us-Yri wondered for the millionth time, stretching his legs to feel the fire’s warmth. Maybe, the true challenge was to resist temptations in order to focus on spiritual matters. If so, Us-Yri had often thought, a shiver running down his back, I’m certainly failing my mission.

Perhaps, destiny was not as cruel as the ruler imagined it to be. Watching the destructive winter storms, followed by spring’s luscious rebirth, he had developed the conviction that nothing really died in nature. Death was part of the process, of course, but it did not mark a definite end. Spring’s renewal gave birth to stronger plants, richer in fruits. In Us-Yri’s mind, the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth was true in nature, So why shouldn’t it apply to our lives as well?