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Terrible, just terrible!

I'm sorry. I'm not charmed by Country Cottage Mysteries.

Not one bit.

If the concept behind this series isn't half-bad, its realization is awful. The way the authors make their animals think, tells me that they've never had a pet in their lives. Seriously, how can you even imagine that a cat can know what a car trunk is, much less describe it?

There are limits in portraying cats and dogs as though they were regular people, and the authors have crossed every single one of them!

And what's with the jealous, possessive twist? Since when are people properties to be treated no better than things? To be fenced off and fought over?

The underlining message of these books is worse than the portrayal of the animals, if at all possible. Maybe, someone should explain to the authors the meaning of dignity, of love and friendship, in the hope it can somehow improve their books.

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