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Terrible, in a very bad way!

I can't begin listing what I didn't like about Memoirs of the Senator's Wife by S. M. Ford.

First and foremost, the characters. Xavier and Estella are so two-dimensional that they hardly feel real. Nothing makes sense about their lives except perhaps their motivations. But even those cannot explain their odd behaviors and reactions.

Secondly, the style is flat and unemotional, which isn't the worst thing about it. What I can't stand are the patronizing tones, the underlying homophobia and chauvinism portrayed by this book. It's ironic that the same causes Estella is fighting for are the reasons this book should've never been written. As an example, I'll quote the misuse of Plato's theory of soul-mates. Originally meant to explain man's attraction to man, the author turns it into a heterosexual justification.

The many typos and grammar errors are a further discouragement in reading this book that, needless to say, I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

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