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What a waste of my time!

I admit it. I picked up this book by mistake, so I guess it's my fault in a way. Still, the result has been disastrous!

I can't begin to list the bad things, but I'll start with the writing style, which is convoluted, pompous, undecipherable at times. Sentences are way too long to be understandable, so that often you have to go back to the beginning to try to unravel some sense from them.

This of course would have muddled the plot, any plot actually. Good thing that the storyline here is non existent as far as I can tell. Hard as I try, I can't make heads or tails of it. And believe me, I tried hard, sfjcking to this book until the last page just to see where it lead. And it leads to a variety of characters that pop in and out without seeming to grow, to a fastidiously exaggerated religious feeling, to an unstable but extremely vague political scene, to a confusing exposition of events going back and forth on time, from past to present to sometimes future, which confounds readers. What is the author trying to tell us? What is the point she wants to make?

All I get is deep paranoia, mistrust, anger, but against who or what I don't know.

The overall impression, however, I do know, and it's of a boring, never-ending read that I'd never recommend to anyone.

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