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What a disappointment!

I'm a big fan of Lindsay Davis, and I've read all her Falco series, loving every single book.

But Flavia Albia is another story.

This book lacks all of Falco's wit and irony. It lacks the,warmth and the thoroughly enjoyable relationships between lovable characters.

This book is dark, heavy and repetitive at times. Where Falco doesn't take anythin seriously, Flavia Albia takes herself way too seriously. She plays it like she's the best informer, but in fact she makes so many blunders that she ought to consider a carreer change.

The plot was so predictable that I knew from Chapter One who had done it, something I never managed with any of the Falco's investigations.

And I particularly didn't like discovering that the author is biased toward women investigators. The difference between how she treats Marcus Didius Falco and Flavia Albia leaves me wondering whether she's a misogynist at heart.

For sure, I won't be reading any more of this series.

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