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Fast paced, sexually charged read!

Title: The Pirate’s Surrender
Series: Soulmate, Book 2
Author: Laura Tolomei
Publisher: eXtasy Books
ISBN: 9781771110365
Released: December 2011
Format: Ebook
Price: $6.53
Length: 205 Pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Gay LGBTQA+, Ménage à Trois
Rating: 4 Blue Ribbons
Reviewer Name: Chrissy Dionne
Reviewer: Romance Junkies Reviews


Drake, the pirate, doesn’t believe in soul-mates and happily-ever-after so what possessed him to agree to spend Christmas in Scotland with Martin’s family.  Sure the sex is great, but Drake isn’t buying into Martin’s declaration that they’re meant to be together forever and always.  Heck, Martin is Drake’s first homosexual experience – and they only met a month ago.  Is it any wonder that he needs more time to mentally process the intense feelings he’s experiencing?

Martin, the devil, has grown up knowing that he’d eventually find his one true, happily-ever-after soul-mate and he’s ecstatic that it’s finally happened.  Unfortunately, Drake is completely overwhelmed by the whole concept of soul-mates and insists that he needs more time.  Martin is perfectly willing to indulge his need for time to put things in perspective.  In fact, after they return from Christmas in Ireland, Martin makes himself extremely scarce – and patiently waits for Drake to come to the same conclusion he has – that they’re destined to be together for the rest of their lives.
Drake does his best to get on with life and forget all about Martin but it seems the devil has ruined him for anybody else.  No woman’s ministrations have been able to create the all-encompassing passion that just a look from Martin incites. That doesn’t mean he isn’t going to try to satisfy his needs with a willing woman but always in the back of his mind is the insatiable need to be with Martin.  Eventually Drake caves in to his desire to see Martin but the other man doesn’t make it easy for him.  Nothing will satisfy Martin more than Drake’s acceptance that they are soul-mates and nothing else matters – that includes the other men and women who have shared their beds.
THE PIRATE’S SURRENDER is a fast paced, sexually charged read that pulls readers into the fledgling relationship between Drake and Martin.  Ms. Tolomei doesn’t skimp on the emotional aspect of their feelings for each other and there’s no doubt that the other people they bring into their lives are mere substitutions for each other.  There’s a tangled web of sexual relationships that shock the senses but there’s also honesty in those encounters that gave me a sort of respect for these men as well.   I was a bit confused by the pirate and devil references in the beginning until I figured out that that’s merely a referral to how they see each other – and it does fit their personalities. 
THE PIRATE’S SURRENDER is the sequel to TO SEDUCE A SOULMATE.  If you’d like to know more about how Drake and Martin met and everything that happened before their trip to Scotland for Christmas then I’d suggest picking up a copy of that book as well.
By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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