Not In The Game
SERIES: Virtus Saga
GENRE: Erotica, BDSM, Multiple Partners, Dark Fantasy, Gay GLBT, Paranormal, Romance, Series, m/m, m/m/f
When Prince Duncan Caldwell has to enter Cecilia Hurst’s Game of Masters and Slaves, he already knows he’ll have to play Master if he intends to retrieve the pyramid Cecilia stole from the sacred Nephis Valley. And his choice for a slave can only be Ylianor Meyer, however fiercely Lord Christopher Templeton resents her and her overpowering erotic intrusion in a trip that should’ve been his and Duncan’s alone. No, make that in a love that should’ve been his and Duncan’s alone!
That’s just the beginning of Book 2 of the Virtus Saga, where nothing is as it seems, not since soul mates Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton share a love that is unrivaled until a fateful knock on Ylianor Meyer’s dilapidated shack changes everything forever. This book picks up right where Book 1, The Sex, leaves off and explodes it all—the lust and the leadership, but also the estrangement and the chaos. Mostly the unique connection laced with a jealousy and violence that are unknown to their world. Because this isn’t just another erotic dark fantasy series. This is the making of a trio. Of three remarkable characters that have to overcome their uncontrollable lust to face the truth about themselves and their planet, in order to defeat the darkness about to devour them. To be as one whilst three! That’s their real challenge. Because, if they can’t learn to share power and love in equal measures, how will they be able to ensure their world’s survival?
“Boy, if this is any indication of how the Game is going to be, I can’t wait to start on the serious fun.” Legs falling down, Chris freed him.
“And the serious sex.” Duncan dropped next to him.
“Do you know of any other kind of fun?” Chris pressed his body closer.
“And just whom were you planning to have this fun with?” Baiting him on purpose, Duncan dragged him nearer.
“Troy of course.” Rolling on a side, Chris was quick to clasp his not so limp equipment. “Then there’s John and Paul, just in case I want to expand my horizons.”
“Or have them expand yours.” With the warm palm circling his cock, his senses could not help stirring.
“And what’s wrong with that?” Defiant, Chris tossed back his shoulders.
“Nothing.” He kept it deceptively inconsequential, as though it would not matter to him one bit. “Except that you still need my permission before you can do anything.”
“Do I have to beg?” Intensifying the pressure on the long gland, the angel went from fondling to jerking. “How can I earn your permission?”
“Are you sure you want to know?” Duncan provoked on purpose.
“I’ll do anything you ask.” Lowering his head, Chris puffed hot breath on the tip of his erection.
Which got him as hard as marble in no time at all.
“For real?” Clamping his neck, Prince Caldwell blocked his lurch to gulp down the way too eager shaft.
“For real.” Twisting upward, the blue-gray gaze locked on his.
And the determined look in Chris’s arresting eyes left no doubt he meant it.
“All right, but first let me check on the princess.” No, he had not forgotten about her, not even if being with Chris tended to make everything and everyone slide away. Princess, how are you doing?
Fine. Hard to miss the rush of excitement that kept her cunt nicely drenched. No, great, ‘cause I’m taking a delicious bath.
In the underground slaves’ quarters, judging from the image floating to the top of his head, a vast place with imposing walls and pools of hot water at the center.
Liar. He chuckled. You can’t wait to start the Game.
That, too. And boy, did she go tense all together at the mere idea. But if I start thinking about it, I couldn’t keep still. The dull thud of her cunt was so loud he feared it would burst just from pounding.
And I might start attacking some of the cute male slaves that are down here. She sounded so hungry she would probably have no qualms in doing it.
Don’t you dare! His tone went all commanding, In case you forgot, we’ve entered the Game, so you’re my slave for real now!
He was certain this kind of talk would spin her senses crazy. It was exactly what he was counting on, and when he heard her submissive, Yes, Master, sorry, Master, he knew he had her right where he wanted her.
Now you be good while I fuck the angel’s brains out. This last was for that competitive side of hers. And he was sure it would push her right overboard.
“Are you done with that nosy slave of yours?” Annoyed as though he had taken forever to talk to Ylianor, Chris jumped on him.
“Can’t wait to start groveling?” Pulling on the blond hair, he dragged the angel to the edge of the mattress and forced the head to drop down. “Or maybe it’s the gagging you’re in sore need of.”
Getting to his feet, he slammed his erection into Chris’s wide-open mouth, the impact fiercer because he cradled the shiny head between his palms and pushed it up same time he shoved for the ass.
No way could Chris avoid choking. No way could he oppose any resistance. Not while Duncan clamped his head to force him to swallow and hold the whole of him until near suffocation.
Until Chris had to burst out gasping every time he eased the pressure to reload for his next blow.
No mercy.
No pity.
He silenced the gurgling and sputtering, interested only to have his cock coming out of Chris’s ass in one piece. He just loved the effect, and nothing would convince him to slow down the fast beat now devastating Chris’s mouth.
No, he was not at all concerned.
Chris could take it.
He absolutely could.
Prince Caldwell knew it for a fact. When Arthur had explained how things in the energy business worked, he had suddenly understood why he and his boys had subjected Chris to all kinds of abuses. It had been the only way to control something only he himself had the Virt to do. For sex was the key to Christopher Templeton, a key no one could use as effectively as he could.
That bit of extra awareness drove him to accelerate the pounding and the explosion flooding Chris’s mouth all the way to his balls.
“That wasn’t half bad.” Pushing the angel up, he tossed him on the bed.
Chris had to swallow a couple of times simply to have enough air to breathe normally again. “Does that mean I have your permission now?”
“Not a chance.” He was getting such a kick out of this stringing Chris along that he saw no reason to end it. “That was just the appetizer.” Kneeling in front of him, Duncan raised Chris’s legs and bent them backward until his feet touched the mattress. “The real fun begins now.” With the angel’s ass flung out as it was, and the not-so-narrow hole gleaming from its own lust, Chris’s rear was a very easy take.
One slam and he was up to his balls inside the confined channel squeezing his monstrous size on every side.
“‘Cause I’m going to come so many times I’ll literally drown your ass.” Ruthlessly drilling to the root, the prince stretched everything beyond its original proportions. “While you’re not allowed to come, not even once.”
“Fuck, no!” Working hard to maintain a measure of balance, Chris tried catching his gaze. “Not fair. You know I can’t resist—”
“You better.” Increasing the rhythm, he rammed the yielding ass to bits. “If you want to do any of that expanding you talked about.”
Truth was that part of him wanted to hammer the angel so bad he would not have any energy for fucking around later. Not that he would ever succeed.
It was becoming clearer that Chris’s inexhaustible fire was the real driving force behind his sex. So how could he possibly think to consume a towering pyre in just a few hours?
Still, and as improbable as this sounded, this new twist was way more exciting than anything he had devised so far when it came to the angel. Which was the reason he lost it without even waiting for Chris to accept his conditions.
“So what do you say?” As stiff like as he had been before his climax, he flipped Chris around. “Do you agree to my terms?” Then scrunched his face to the mattress, flayed his arms out and lifted his butt over widespread legs.
“If I do, will you give me your permission?” Holding on for dear life, the position was not too comfortable for Chris.
Which was Duncan’s precise intention.
“Let’s say it would be a giant leap in the right direction.” No way am I letting you off the hook until the very last moment. “And if you prove to be good, I might even go as far as letting you come.” He knew this would perk up Chris’s competitive side. “Sooner or later.” With the ass staring him in the face, it was time to focus on his pleasure again and play the part he cared nothing about the angel.
So he crashed once more in that delicious behind his phase mate gave around so eagerly, already losing himself in the tight squeeze.
“I bet it’ll be later rather than sooner,” Chris snapped annoyed.
Quite understandably, given how swollen his cock had become, twitching visibly as it slapped against the thighs from the force of his impacts.
Which did not move him to pity. Instead, it spiraled his arousal out of any decency, particularly now that the sperm pressed on the tip of his erection demanding immediate release. Something he decided to grant by pulling out of the snug hole and spraying Chris’s back.
“Well, well.” Jerking his stick to get it ready for the next round, Duncan grinned in satisfaction. “Don’t you just look especially inviting now!”
“Fuck you, lover.” Anger brimming under the surface, Chris was extremely irritated by now. “And your goddamn game.”
“Getting testy, are we?” Laughing out loud, he pushed one leg to the far side, so that Chris lost all balance and fell on the mattress. “And just because you have to hold your load a little while longer.”
“I’d like to see you in my place,” Chris spat.
“I’ll never be in your place.” Stretching on top of him, he dug his stiff beast in Chris’s back hole again. “‘Cause I’m the master,” he whispered hotly in his lover’s ear. “Remember?”
From the intense shiver crossing Chris’s back, it was kind of obvious he had not forgotten.
“Then please let me come.” Changing his tone, he raised his butt to facilitate Duncan’s penetration. “I can’t take it anymore—”
“Your problem.” No question about it. He was getting high on his own play. “Not mine.” And the ass clenching him on every side was not helping any.
Nor was his acceleration once he had occupied the whole of it, slamming faster as though there was any more space to stuff. Yeah, sure, like he could actually reach Chris’s throat from the back way.
Then again, simply imagining it made him spill it all a third time.
By his fourth orgasm, though, he began missing the energy play. Having the angel so restrained was something so unusual and so out of context that everything suddenly became less fun.
So he grabbed Chris and pinned him against the wall. A more comfortable position for sure, even if it would probably not be the one he would allow him to come.
“I’m impressed, Angel.” Stuffing his rear hole again, he made Chris bend his back until it was a horizontal line. “You must really want to fuck around that badly.” Then screwed his erection to the angel’s guts. “‘Cause I never thought you’d manage to resist this long.”
“Don’t remind me.” Speaking through clenched teeth, Chris was making quite an effort of holding everything together. “Or I’ll flood this damn floor right now.” His hand ran to his humongous rod.
“Oh, no, you don’t.” Beating him to it, Duncan took full possession of it. “This is mine, and I’m the only one allowed to touch it.”
At Chris’s loud groan, he feared his game would have to end whether he allowed it or not. But at the last second, the angel managed to control the sperm itching to spill.
“Just let me have one more come in this delicious ass of yours.” Still stroking the huge piece, Prince Caldwell pressed on Chris’s back until he dropped his hands to the floor. “Then I’ll let you come.”
“You’re a real bastard!” If the strain was getting to Chris, he could only imagine how potent his release would be. “You know that?”
“I’m well aware of it.” Stepping up the pumping, he got Chris to bend, palms planted on the floor.
Now he could impale the angel’s butt with a mere flexing of his knees, which shook Chris’s body every time he shoved downward. The position was so overpowering that Chris had to flatten his palms on the floor if he did not want Duncan to topple him at every ramming.
This gave the prince full control over the lithe body surrendering to his every whim, not to mention the speed and force for his fifth come. But that was as far as he would go.
Dragging Chris to the bed again, he sprawled him back down on the mattress. Then he plunged to the root in what had become scorching flesh and reached the angel’s ear.
“Don’t come just yet,” he whispered seductively while sliding in and out of the large back channel. “I want to kiss you first.”
Then he claimed the thin lips, bruising them with a hard intake and forceful tongue sweeps.
Which spelled the end of everything.
Not because Chris arched so far back, he swallowed the balls along with the rest of him.
Because his energy finally coiled around Chris’s and nothing could hold back the tide bursting from his angel.
For the truth of it was that, during sex, they shared energy and Virt as much as sperm. Without the former, the latter now seemed meaningless, maybe because knowing just how much went on in their sex overshadowed any material pleasure. No, make that the energy kicking in laced the sex with a pleasure all its own, alas one he could replicate with no one else except his angel and his princess. And if that was not enough to blow his mind, Chris shattering under his tongue and cock sure was.
The angel was bursting all over like an avalanche had hit him full in the stomach. His shaft convulsed so frantically that he had the weird sensation it hammered worse that his heart. And it had swamped his chest with so much fluid that wet was all he felt. Still, he deepened his kiss and held his own load in check.
If he knew anything about Chris, this first come would not satisfy him. The prince had driven him so far beyond any reasonable resistance that he was willing to bet his angel would explode again in no time at all.
Sure enough, the moment he intensified the rear beat, Chris gasped and spilled his very guts on the prince’s chest.
It could only be his guts. There could be no other sensible explanation considering how much had shot out the first time.
Whatever it was, he could not help a surge of power and love at the thought of how complete his control over his blond angel was. Body, mind and spirit—it was all his, all together, all at once. And that was really the end for him.
Clamping the fiery energy tight shut within his cooler one, his mind touched Chris’s just when his cock got to the end of his race. Not before the angel’s new climax, an unexpected one this time that had his senses spinning out of any reality.
With the ass clenching like it would sever his stick from his body, he let everything go in the rear channel that was already too full for its own good. Then exhausted at last, he collapsed on his angel.
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