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Review by LallaGatta – Country Cottage Mysteries by Addison Moore

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Terrible, just terrible!

I'm sorry. I'm not charmed by Country Cottage Mysteries.

Not one bit.

If the concept behind this series isn't half-bad, its realization is awful. The way the authors make their animals think, tells me that they've never had a pet in their lives. Seriously, how can you even imagine that a cat can know what a car trunk is, much less describe it?

There are limits in portraying cats and dogs as though they were regular people, and the authors have crossed every single one of them!

And what's with the jealous, possessive twist? Since when are people properties to be treated no better than things? To be fenced off and fought over?

The underlining message of these books is worse than the portrayal of the animals, if at all possible. Maybe, someone should explain to the authors the meaning of dignity, of love and friendship, in the hope it can somehow improve their books.

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Not In The Game

The Game – Deleted Scenes #MFRWhooks


When Prince Duncan Caldwell has to enter Cecilia Hurst’s Game of Masters and Slaves, he already knows he’ll have to play Master if he intends to retrieve the pyramid Cecilia stole from the sacred Nephis Valley. And his choice for a slave can only be Ylianor Meyer, however fiercely Lord Christopher Templeton resents her and her overpowering erotic intrusion in a trip that should’ve been his and Duncan’s alone. No, make that in a love that should’ve been his and Duncan’s alone!

Such is the new setting of the Virtus Saga, where nothing is what it seems. Not since soul-mates Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton share a love that is unrivaled until that fateful knock on Ylianor Meyer’s dilapidated shack changes everything forever.

This book doesn’t simply pick up right where Book 1 The Sex leaves off. This book explodes it all—the lust and the leadership, but also the estrangement and the chaos. Mostly the unique connection laced with a load of jealousy and violence that is unknown to their world. Because this isn’t just another erotic dark fantasy series. This is the making of a trio. The story of three remarkable characters that have to overcome …

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The Lord #VirtusSaga #MFRWhooks

The Lord

The Lord, Virtus Saga #8







AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

SERIES: Virtus Saga Book 8


GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, BDSM, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Multiple Partners, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Series, m/m, m/m/f

ISBN# 9781487400781

ASIN# B00OA358A0

HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames

PAGES# 359

WORD# 102.541

RELEASED: 1 October 2014

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER: Angela Waters




When Lord Christopher Templeton has to enter Cecilia Hurst’s Game of Masters and Slaves, he already knows he has to prove himself to the man he has adored since the age of reason, Prince Duncan Caldwell. And he can do it only with her, Lady Ylianor Templeton, his bewitching mate and the only woman who can make his two separate halves reunite. Angel or Demon? No, not a question. He is Angel and Demon! Two faces. One incredibly gorgeous man! And only two people can switch him one way or the other. The past in his power. The present in his lust. The future in his temper. Because he is The Lord, and his Game will be unlike any his people have ever seen.


Such is the final setting of the Virtus …

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