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One of the hardest things to do when you’re beginning to promote a new book is choose the excerpts. Many authors just choose to post the first chapter of their new book, and hope that by the end of it, readers want to buy. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing an excerpt, and these things will either make or break you when it comes to getting readers to buy your book.
Here are the top four tips for choosing the best excerpt that will make readers want to buy your book:

Tip #1: Write the best book you can write from the very beginning. Choosing a great excerpt means you have to have written a great book. If your book is not your best effort, then your excerpts are going to be so so, and no amount of trying to choose a great excerpt is going to help.

Tip #2: Choose an excerpt that ends with a cliff hanger. When you choose an excerpt that ends with a cliff hanger, readers want to read more to find out what happened! When your excerpt ends with readers being  already able to figure out who the villain is, they are most likely not going to buy your book. Leaving them with the curiosity to know more will sell more books, even if they’ve figured out the butler did it LOL 🙂

Tip #3: Length doesn’t always determine the best excerpt, so be careful about how much you offer readers. Some authors think that if you provide the first two or three chapters that this will hook readers into wanting to buy their book, however this isn’t necessarily true. There is such a thing as giving readers too much. Remember you want to give them just enough to tease them, to make them want to read more, not half the book so they decide after those few chapters that maybe they don’t want to buy after all.

Tip #4: Choose an excerpt that is going to “hook” your reader. Think of excerpts like you did your blurb. Remember how when you wrote your blurb the idea was to give readers just enough about the story to make them want to buy? Well choosing the best excerpt is the same idea. Choose excerpts that hook your reader from the very first word.  Find a part in your book where something key to the story is about to happen and then start your excerpt there. Just make sure you don’t give away too much, this is where you want to end on a cliff hanger as mentioned before.

Forgetting these tips, could mean less sales and possible not getting contracts in the future. However, if you keep these things in mind when choosing your excerpts, you will be much more likely to sell your book to the masses, and get those new contracts too!

Now here are a couple of examples:
Great excerpt from great books, actually great series–-virtus Saga Book 4 The Leader – EROTIC

“Do I have to ask it formally?”
“Humor me, Demon. I like to hear you grovel.”
Instinct suggested an appropriate punishment, but he restrained himself. “Will you pledge to me?”
“That’s the wrong question.”
“Then enlighten me on the right one.”
“Do you, Christopher Templeton, want to pledge to Ylianor Caldwell?”
“And what’s the correct answer?” Sarcastic, he took a step forward.
“Hey, I’m not the one asking the damn question.” She inched forward. “I’m not the one whose father expects to see his son pledge at all costs.” Her eyes blazed. “I’m not the one who’ll use the pledge to get to another. I’m not—”
“All right, enough!” He threw her on the bed, crashing on top of her, his weight so hard she gulped for air. “Now you listen to me.” Excited and frustrated, her body swayed against his, the start of another dangerous arousal. “I don’t give a damn about my father’s wishes.” With a commanding gesture, he spread her legs wide apart. “Or about pledging to you if you weren’t so fucking like him I don’t have to shut my eyes to imagine I’m with him every time I’ll be alone with you,” he whispered huskily, his cock turning to stone by her heated rub. “Nor would I ever ask you if you weren’t the only one, man or woman, who dared defy my power, and you were merely seven years old at the time. Or if you didn’t have the guts, like no one else I know, to jump in my fire without any protection.” Sticking two fingers in her mouth, he waited until she wet them. “Or wanting to be my slave in pain.” With deliberate harshness, he shoved her ass hole, her quiver telling him it was not a pleasure. “And being so damn good at playing my bloody game.” He ground the fingers in the narrow entrance until it gave in, her body arching to signal the switch from one sensation to another. “If you really want me to admit it, the connection is what’s driving me crazy about you.” Now she was ready for him. Raising her legs, he barely noticed the drenched cunt before thrusting hard, gaining an inch at a time. And there she did it again—the switch from woman to man he had already noticed in Harbor Town. More than a physical thing, it was a matter of reactions that increased his perception of her as a different gender, despite her hand reaching down between her legs. “No, you don’t.” Grabbing both arms, he raised them above her head. “There’ll be no pleasure for you until I say so.”

Cliffhanger ending fromTasting Leon’s Mark, ReScue Series Book 2 – PG MM

Neither spoke for a moment, their gaze saying it all. Then as if in slow motion, Leon moved forward, his imposing frame cornering Sean against the Volkswagen. “Finally got fucked, sweetie?” Sarcasm dripped heavily from his husky voice as his nose somehow detected Anthony’s smell.
“Just following your example…lover.” He sneered angrily, breathing an unfamiliar smell on Leon’s close, too close body.
“I do the fucking, remember?”
“So can I, remember?”
Leon grinned. “Had I known, I’d have invited you more often these past few nights. You could’ve even had your pick between a blonde, a redhead—”
“You fucking son of a bitch!” Sean shoved him away, but Leon, anticipating his move, grabbed his shoulders and crushed him to the car. The prey struggled to be free, but the hunter tightened his hold. “I already have a choice.” Sean spat angrily. “Like the one I fucked tonight who begged me to stay at his place—”

Short and very hot to top everything off from Sacrificial Sex

Rowen’s fingers continued their exciting tease almost as if he felt him still taut. His anxiety had started the moment Rowen had challenged Mylos with his revelation of their promiscuous meetings. In his heart, the disciple knew that no matter how mad the Blood Divine might get, he would never take it out on Rowen. His servant would more than likely be the only recipient of his wrath so Patris’s future had hung on the balance for an excruciatingly long moment.
Relax now, little one, the order seemed to come from nowhere. He’s accepted what we do and won’t hurt  you  for it.
Patris wanted to reply, but a rush of love washed away all concerns. Not knowing where it came from, he accepted the wonderful gift, melting inside the wave, calming his beating heart and relaxing his muscles as ordered. As if to help him along, Rowen resumed playing with his cock, which had suffered a bit of a fall due to the tense situation. His skillful touch though, soon restored the earlier erection, jerking it confidently.
Mylos pushed back Patris’s head, letting it hang down from the table’s edge, and quickly shoved his rigid thickness deep inside the warm mouth, pushing repeatedly to get all the way inside. Patris coughe