The first two articles in this series dealt mainly with learning how to change your thinking, and alter the scripts in your mind so you can receive that which you so much want to receive, bestselling author status. I am now going to propose four experiments author Pam Grout style that you can use to prove to yourself that there really is a universe, God, divine Poo Ba or whoever that wants to give you exactly what you want. Honestly, just like Pam I don’t really care what you call it, The Force aka Star Wars, God, Athena, Zeus, or the field of infinite potentiality (that’s Pam’s name for it). However, in order for these experiments to work, you do have to believe in something out there that is greater than yourself, whatever name you choose.

Pam’s books E-squared, and E-cubed and Thank and Grow Rich have experiments and party games that are pretty awesome. These are just games you can play to prove to yourself that there is something out there greater than yourself and that indeed wants you to be happy, or in your case be a bestselling author!
Have fun, and please do let me know your results!
Experiment 1: State very clearly “Okay, universe, force, God, higher self (insert the name of your choice) if what Pam and by extension, Laura are saying is true then you want me to be a bestselling author. Okay, so prove it. I want to sell fifty (or whatever number you’d like) books in the next 72 hours. You have 72 hours to prove to me this is all true.” I also suggest keeping a journal of your experiments or party games as Pam likes to call them. Date them, write out your statement and then start watching for miracles because they will happen! Make sure you document what happens and when. Oh, and if you’re not self-published and can’t check sales by date, don’t worry, you can check your royalties statement from your publisher when you receive it and you will be able to tell that you received what you asked for!
Experiment 2: Exercise your gratitude muscle! Tell the universe every day often for a specified amount of time, it can be 48 hours, a week, a month or however long you like, “Thank you for my selling (insert your favorite number) books!” At the end of the specified period, check your sales and you will find that they reflect what you’re grateful for.
Experiment 3: State the following, “Okay universe, I will go to Amazon and see that my book (list the title) has become a #1 Amazon Bestseller. You have (name an amount of time) to make it happen!” At the end of your experiment go and check your book listing on Amazon. As long as you stay happy and believe it’s already happened, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Remember you choose your reality, and the universe only wants to give you whatever you want!
Experiment 4: Here’s the big experiment and once you complete the other ones this one should be easy! State the following: “This is the big one universe, I will receive a notice that my book (list the title) has been listed on either The New York Times Bestseller or USA Today Bestseller List! You have (name your time frame) to make it happen. Thank you!” It never hurts to exercise your gratitude muscle at every opportunity.
Negativity and old mental scripts block you from the blessings that the universe wants you to receive, and keeping this in mind helps you to stay positive and keeps those blessings flowing. As the results of your experiments unfold, remember that there are no problems or obstacles, but only blessings. Stuff doesn’t happen to us, and there are no problems left to solve or obstacles to overcome, our thinking draws to us what the universe thinks we want. So, stay positive, and grateful, and let me know your results!
For more information read E-squared, E-cubed and or Thank and Grow Rich by Pam Grout.