As I spoke of in Part 1 of this series, the only thing really that is stopping you from being a bestselling author is your thinking. Mental scripts that we learn from our parents, from society, and even from other authors and publishers often prevent us from having what we truly want from life. In the case of this series that is to be a bestselling author.
As an author, I hear three scripts over and over from both authors and publishers that I believe prevent many from becoming bestselling authors.

1. “There are too many free books available, no one is going to want to buy my books.”
2. “There are too many .99 books available, in order to compete I too must price my books at a very low price.”
3. “I know so many authors who have had their books pirated, it’s just a matter of time before my books are pirated too.”
4. “It’s impossible to become a bestselling author when there are so many self-published authors now.”
These mental scripts are just that, scripts. They are only true if you believe them. If you convince yourself that these so-called “facts” are reality then they will become your reality. However, if you instead change these mental scripts and repeat new ones until they become “facts” and “reality” to you, then they will indeed become true and will assist you in becoming a bestselling author sooner rather than later.
But how do you change these scripts. It’s simpler than you might think, thinking instead of the four first scripts think these:
1. “The more books I give away, the more books I will sell. I am grateful for all the sales I have made, because of all the books I have given away.”
2. “My books will sell regardless of their price, because I am a fantastic writer that tells fantastic stories.”
3. “It doesn’t matter if my books get pirated. My books will still sell by the kajillions because I am an awesome writer and there are plenty of readers who want to buy my books.”
4. “It doesn’t matter how many authors or books there are, there are plenty of readers to go around. My books will always sell because my stories are well written, fun, and edge of the seat reading for readers.”
All you really need to remember as an author is that what you think matters. If you think the first 4 mental scripts are true and factual, then you will create that reality. But if you rewrite your mental scripts, then you in essence tell the universe you want more of what is in the 4 changed mental scripts and your books will rise to the top of bestseller lists with what feels like very little effort on your part.