It’s that time of year again!
The holiday season is here!
If you’re an author, this is your biggest sales season of the year. Did you know that the months between October and January are when authors sell the most books during the year? Well, it’s true, so authors need to do everything they can to convince readers to buy their books during this frame especially. One way, and one of the best ways to make book sales is update your Author Facebook page millions of visitors every day, so to ignore this social media site when it comes to book marketing, is a death sentence to book sales.  Here are a few things you can do to your Facebook page to help make more book sales during the holiday season.
1.  Add a shop to your Facebook page.
You can do this by switching from the generic Facebook template for your page to the Shop template. Now before you say, “Whoa! I can’t do that my books are with a publisher!” take a deep breath. Authors have the option of setting their shop up in such a way that they are simply adding a link to where to buy their books, but it’s done in such a way it looks like a real online shop. So, set up your shop first and make sure you include all of your books!
2.  Add a newsletter sign up tab.
Many authors skip this step and lose out on getting new subscribers and book sales. When readers sign up for your newsletter, they are agreeing to receiving e-mails from when you have a new release, an upcoming event or anything author or book related.
3. Add the Author App to your Facebook page.
Free to authors, this lovely application lists all your books and where to buy them, as well as a button for signing up for your newsletter! While it’s true that to some degree this is a duplication of your shop and your newsletter tab, keep in mind that readers need to see something at least seven times before they are motivated to act.
3. Make sure your About tab is current and up to date.
This may seem like a little thing but if your About tab is not up to date but you’ve updated your bio information everywhere else, readers notice and they may assume that you haven’t been updating your Facebook page at all. This is not good because as you know you want to utilize Facebook as much as possible to sell your books so that means you have to make sure you upload all of your tabs when you have new information.
5. Use giveaways.
Use Rafflecopter when having a giveaway and add the Giveaway tab to your Facebook page. While you don’t have to have giveaways, they are a nice way to draw in readers.
6. Make your shop.
Once you have all your tabs sorted out for your Facebook page, I would encourage you to make your shop, newsletter and Author App tabs the first three tabs in your menu bar. Remember you want to encourage sales during the holiday season. Having your shop, newsletter and author app tabs first will mean these are the first ones readers will mostly likely click and this will encourage sales.
These are just a few tips to update your Facebook Author page and make more book sales. They are in my opinion the most important ones to do to spruce up your Facebook Author page that will help you to make more book sales!