The act of dowsing means to search for something that our eyes don’t see. What this means is that you can dowse for anything invisible that you’re trying to find. This can be underground water, minerals, lost jewelry, or coins, archeological areas, artifacts, underground services, and some people even use dowsing to find ghosts. Dowsing like tarot cards is a type of divination, which is most likely the reason that some also use it to find ghosts.
So how does one “dowse?” People dowse in different ways. Some use L shaped rods and others use pendulums, and still others use V shaped rods, or even wands. However, you choose to dowse the practice is very old, and has been practiced for centuries.
One question often asked is “Can anyone dowse?” The answer to that appears to be yes. While some seem to have a natural flair for dowsing, children being big in this group, even if you don’t seem to have that natural flair, most people with careful training can be taught how to dowse.
There are different types of dowsing. One type is called Kinesiology, and this is a type of dowsing where only one’s muscles are used. Muscle tensing is used in place of dowsing rods or a pendulum and for those with the ability seems to be very effective. The other type of dowsing is known as radiesthesia, which means to perceive that which is unseen. This covers using rods and how they act, to using a pendulum and how it acts or which direction it swings in for example, to those who are themselves a type of tool because they have paranormal abilities and these abilities make it possible for them to dowse without traditional dowsing tools.
There are several ways to practice dowsing, and it is individual to each person as to which one works best. For some it is their paranormal abilities, for others it is L shaped rods, and for still others it is a pendulum. Whatever the method for dowsing it works and the practice is still used in Russia today to find oil. They don’t go out and dig a slew of holes hoping one of them will produce oil. Instead, they bring in a dowser with a pendulum to figure out where they should drill for oil. Dowsing has been around for thousands of years and is still used today.