If you’re an author and you’re serious about writing, then chances are you are spending a lot of time in front of a computer, and on your smart phone, or tablet. All these lovely technology gadgets may seem to have made our lives easier, well okay, they have but there is a downside to being constantly “plugged in” to gadgets.
These are five reasons you need to unplug regularly:
1. Studies have shown that in order to stay healthy the brain needs to have periods of down time. Because computers, smart phones and tablets are so easy to use, we often don’t realize that what we think of as “down time” such as when we’re playing slot games on Facebook for example, really aren’t. When you deprive your brain of downtown, it makes it difficult to learn new things, brainstorm new ideas and remember what you’ve already learned.
2. It’s better for your skin. Because people often put laptops in their laps for too long, there is a new medical condition called TSS or Toasted Skin Syndrome where people get permanent burn marks on their skin.
3. Being plugged in too much can give you a constant feeling of having missed out if you’re not always plugged in. This feeling goes away when you unplug regularly.
4. You’ll be able to manage how you feel more effectively. Studies have shown that the need to be constantly connected online by tweeting, posting to blogs, and facebook posts and such can actually cause you to have feelings of uneasiness and stress. So, while it may look like author so and so is selling more books than you are, and she’s posting more often and always seems to be online. She’s probably also cranky, irritable and stressed (unless she’s hired someone to do all this posting for her). None of which you want to be, so unplugging is a good thing.

5. You’ll sleep better. When you leave computers, smart phones and TV screens on while you’re sleeping your body produces less melatonin, a chemical your body produces that allows you to sleep restfully. Without it, you wake up more often and your sleep is much less restful.

These are only five of the many reasons authors should periodically unplug from technology, there are many many more!