Authors can very easily find themselves scattered in twenty different directions. They’ve taught us to multi-task and that this can mean that you get more done. However, the truth is stranger than fiction in this case; multitasking can actually mean you get less done. For example, have you ever started working on your latest novel, novella or short story, decided you wanted to watch the news so you turned that on, oh, and you just popped dinner in the oven and are watching that with a portion of your attention? We all multi-task these days, and you probably think you are a great multi-tasker and in truth you most likely are with tasks that don’t require a lot of brain power that is. However, for tasks like focusing on your story and listening to the news, it is not so much. The reason is that both of these in order for you to remember anything about them require you to focus and our brains just cannot handle both streams of information that require your full focus. Hence, you miss a lot with multi-tasking.
So what’s the solution? If multi-tasking, doesn’t work then what can you as an author still do to get your work done? The answer is batching. Batching is where you take one task at a time and focus on just that task. Here are five ways you can batch your work as an author:
1. Work on one task at a time until you complete it when possible. When you focus on one thing, you’ll actually get more done.
2. If you have projects that will take more than one day, set aside one or more days each week and focus on that project. You can schedule it in weekly if necessary until it’s done.
3. Schedule your repetitive tasks such as marketing your book for a day or an hour and just focus on that. Set your phone to voice mail, turn off the television and don’t check your e-mail. Just focus on your marketing, or your research or outlining your book or whatever the task.
When you focus on one task at a time and set up your schedule to focus on one task at a time, you will actually find that you complete more projects and tasks in a more timely fashion and you will sell more books. Look at it this way, let’s say that you haven’t been focusing on doing anything to market your books or your author brand, but you decide that every Saturday you’re going to take two hours to do just that. After a few weeks, you will see an upswing in the sales of your books. This is just one example of how batching your work and stopping the multi-tasking can help you sell more books. You’ll also find that your writing is more productive and you’ll be able to do more of it! The more books you have available the better your chances are of reaching new readers and selling more books as well.
Batching is what I used to re-edit The Sex, Book 1 of the Virtus Saga, and it helped me enormously to get it ready for the print version. It wasn’t easy ‘cause The Sex is a long book with more than 100K words, but I was able to take one step at a time and focus on each chapter without any rush. That’s why I practically rewrote the whole book LOL
And here is a great scene y’all might already know, but which has gone extensive edits. And this is the most important scene of all ‘cause it’s the beginning of the unquenchable attraction between the three main characters—Prince Duncan Caldwell, Lord Christopher Templeton and Ylianor Meyer. This is also where their ménage begins. Because the Virtus Saga isn’t just another dark fantasy series. It’s the making of a trio, and nothing like this scene tantalizes the senses to the point sex becomes the overpowering force behind their deep connection.
Am I interrupting something?
(Three is more fun than two)
[image:image-0]“Am I interrupting something?”
“Not at all, Angel.” After shutting the door, Prince Caldwell dragged Chris to the couch. “We were just about to get started, but three’s more fun than two.”
According to who?
If Ylianor burned to ask the question, she dared not speak. She dared not move, either. Her body immobilized in the effort of surviving what could turn out to be the worst confrontation of her life. For Christopher Templeton was as charged as when he had come down to the stables, if not more. Furious to the point he need just look at her to incinerate her on the spot. And the prince was no match, his power too new and too raw to be of any use, should the situation precipitate.
Then again, Duncan Caldwell had other weapons at his disposal, and his strategy of attacking the demon’s thin lips was probably the best way to defuse his threat. Hard and fierce, she was right there with him when he stuck his tongue inside to overcome Chris’s surprise, while demanding his complete surrender.
And the taste of the mouthwatering man exploded inside her, doubling the craving that had been steadily growing since she had become aware of Duncan’s extreme arousal. Then his fondling of Chris’s groin made her realize he was turning everything into an exciting new game, one that even an enraged demon found impossible to resist. If his lights shifting from anger to lust were not indication enough, she could tell from his cock stirring into a firm erection under Duncan’s skillful pampering.
“You weren’t kidding, lover.” Chris grinned, drawing back. “You really want to do it now.” The blue-gray eyes flashed in feverish anticipation. “But what about her?”
Of course, the bastard did not even look at her.
“She’s my slave.” Nor did Duncan, who had eyes only for Chris alone. “So she’s at our complete service.” Thick and raspy, his voice carried over to her, even though he had lowered it to a husky whisper in the demon’s ear. “Come on, Angel. We’ve shared women before, so it’ll be no different this time.” Then he opened Chris’s fly, gripped the stiff erection and slid it seductively.
Chris gasped, and Ylianor knew his cock’s needs now outweighed any objection he might have. The kissing was also keeping him under Duncan’s erotic spell, which to her was only good news.
If he was too busy kissing and making out, he would have no time to kill her, right?
After jerking the swollen piece of meat, Prince Caldwell bent and swallowed it whole, pulling her into his awareness with a sharp tug she could not oppose.
Entangled in Duncan’s steamy web, Chris’s pungent taste filled her senses, her tongue, or rather Duncan’s, lapping the huge shaft from the tender foreskin to the balls. Then the sharp intake nearly gagged her as though her mouth were actually full, when in fact it was all part of the prince’s perception.
Your turn now, Princess. Picking her up, he carried her in front of his lover and forced her down on her knees. Let me see how good you are at sucking. To emphasize his order, he pressed her face over the gigantic monster. Now swallow.
Since he clamped her neck, she had no way out of it. Opening wide, she did her best to gobble the proud stick to the root, failing miserably. She barely managed to accommodate the fat crown, and already the rest of him pushed to get to her throat, choking her in the process.
Immediately, the pressure on her neck eased, and she gasped for air. Then on focusing back, not one but two veritable beasts waved in front of her nose, demanding her oral attention.
By the gods, what was she to do?
It certainly was not like she had swallowed cocks all her life. And the prince knew it!
That’s what makes it more exciting, Princess! Again, he pushed her head on Chris’s bulging tip and held it down.
With the prince taking charge, Ylianor had no choice except to suffocate on the thick length repeatedly slamming to her throat.
“Not so hard, Angel.” Pulling her back, Duncan allowed her to gulp down some much needed air. “Not if we want to keep playing with her.”
“I’m not sure I do.” Merciless, the demon continued to swing his hips forward and centering her throat every time. “She isn’t particularly good—”
“She will be.” Slowing down Chris’s beat, Duncan steadied his frenzied shoves. “Trust me.” And you’ve got to do better than that. This was for her. “‘Cause I want you to come all over her face, Angel.”
Unconvinced, Chris spun to Duncan. “I don’t know—”
“Shut up and kiss me.” Plunging into a passionate exchange, Duncan blocked all of the demon’s protests.
He doesn’t think I’m good enough, eh?
Ha, she would show him, if it was the last thing she did in her life.
And since he liked it rough, she would blow him even if she had no breath left, preventing the spurting and coughing to get in the way of her intakes. If she was supposed to choke on him, she would just have to prove her worth. And having him come all over her face seemed good enough for her to double her efforts in sliding her lips to his thick root. What she lacked in skills, she tried compensating with a voraciousness that she hoped would satisfy Lord Templeton’s very sophisticated taste.
Use your tongue to avoid choking. Duncan’s twinge of sympathy spurred her to do more.
Dipping on the tip of Chris’s erection, she submitted to its insistent plunges, relishing the feel of his soft skin, of the engorged blood vessels that broke the surface into bumps and crevices. His hitting her palate and her attempts to trap it between her cheeks were also incredibly exciting, drenching her cunt and accelerating the pounding in her clit. And when Prince Caldwell stepped up the tempo, her total loss of control spun her senses wild.
Not that Christopher Templeton cared a fig for her sensations. He kept pushing, so deep down it seemed like he had decided to reach her stomach, rather than stop at her throat. Which turned his rigid equipment into a smoldering mass of flaming meat that was about to explode.
And all thanks to her!
Well, almost.
Duncan and his fiery kiss were probably the best turn on of all, only he had now freed the demon’s mouth and bobbed her head frantically over the entire length of Chris.
Too taken by the frenzied rhythm, she barely heard Duncan’s hoarse order, “Go ahead and choke her, Angel,” before the first jets reached her throat. Then yanking her hair, Prince Caldwell tossed back her head, and all the rest of Chris’s seemingly inexhaustible juice sprayed her face and neck.
“Great come, Angel.” Letting her head go, Prince Caldwell grinned in satisfaction. “And now for some serious fun.”
“But first, you deserve some sucking of your own, lover.” Grabbing her head, Chris pressed it on Duncan’s untouched cock. “If she’s your slave, she’s sorely neglected her master.” Forcing her down, he went for total suffocation. “And we can’t have that, can we?”
No, not him for sure, but would she live to tell?
Far harsher than Duncan, Chris wanted to see her squirm and gag from her inability to get the prince’s impossibly large and long length all the way down. If it was inconceivable, she would be damned if she gave the conceited demon any satisfaction, not even if it would make him more beautiful than ever.
Point of fact—she could not decide which of the two men was more gorgeous, however different their looks. The striking contrast between the dark prince and the shiny demon made it all more impressive and titillating. Or maybe their diverse styles of doing things made it so irresistible, particularly now that she had Duncan’s cock stuck to her throat.
The amazing thing was his continuous sharing of his sensations, like the jolts of pleasure she caused him every time she managed to wrap the whole of him inside her wet cavity, or the twitches whenever her tongue succeeded to curl around him and draw him further inside. And she would have continued to lavish attention on him, in spite of the odious demon’s interference, had Prince Caldwell not pulled back at one point.
“I said I want serious fun.” Lifting her up, Duncan carried her to the bed. Shedding her dress along the way, his tongue ravaged her mouth. And you’ll have to work your ass off for that to happen. Squeezing her buttocks possessively was just another way of demanding her complete submission.
I will, Master. She had vowed to be his slave anyway, and she realized there could be no turning back. Besides, for a kiss as hungry and as passionate as his, she would have agreed to just about anything.
Reaching the bed, he placed her on all fours. Now throw out your ass.
Immediately, Master. Too hot to be thinking straight, her body was a tight ball of fire wanting only to burst.
“It’s all yours, Angel.” Wet fingers enlarged her narrow ring all of a sudden, shocking her with the intensity of her craving.
She wanted something bigger there, much bigger and fiercer, too, than mere fingers, something to stuff her good and proper.
“And hurry.” Having evidently picked up her desire, Duncan increased the backpressure to four fingers, twisting them inside the cramped space to get it ready. “It’s hungry for you.”
That was no lie for sure!
“By the gods!” Chris pushed out a heavy breath of air. “She’s got a magnificent ass,” he blurted with a reluctant admiration that propelled her lust to the very stars. “It’s too bad it probably isn’t virgin anymore.”
Something about his disappointed note told her they had talked about her ass, which she was not sure was such a good thing.
“Not anymore, I’m afraid.” Sliding in and out, Duncan’s fingers were pure torture. “But I only did it once, so it’s still worth the ride.”
Then she felt the demon behind her, his body giving off such intense sparks of heat it was impossible for anyone to miss them. As he adjusted his position, the prince slipped beneath her and went for the tense swell between her legs. One lick and Ylianor jumped. And she would have hit the ceiling, had Chris not held her down.
“Oh, it’s just too good to be true.” His cock slid down her cleft. “And you say she’s ready for me, lover?”
She wondered why the sarcastic note. Then a ferocious blow flung her asshole wide open all together, all at once. And she knew she had to avoid stupid questions.
Ouch! Curling on herself, she tried to escape the enormous monster wanting to impale her guts.
Breathe, Princess, Duncan was quick to come to her aid. Relax and concentrate on what I’m doing.
Yeah, easy for him to say! Regardless of her sharing, he did not have the searing pain in his butt, worsened now by Chris’s smug presumption he could get to her throat from the back way. And in one single shove no less!
Still, she clenched her teeth, lest the fiendish creature got more pleasure out of hurting her, which for the record he already was. Because he was punishing her, she knew it now. Not just because she had dared return. Not even because she had sex with his prince. What really burned him was the fact she had awakened his prince’s power. That was unforgivable! It pissed him off, to the point he would have blown her ass to bits, had Duncan not intervened.
“Remember she’s practically a virgin.” Pushing on Chris’s hips, the game master blocked his furious swings. “If you take it more gently, it’ll still be fun, only it’ll last longer, too.”
“I think it’s a waste of our time to let her worthless performance last any longer than it should.” Still, the pressure on her backside eased.
Not that he stopped. He merely took it more slowly. Then again, what was the use?
Already embedded to the hilt, he had no more space to stuff, unless he tried getting his balls through. Which knowing him, he would have no qualms in attempting.
She did not dwell on it. Like Duncan had suggested, she focused on his sensual play in her cunt. His stroking of her velvety flesh was simply divine. His zeroing on her throbbing clit was pure ecstasy. His penetration of her dripping slit was sheer bliss. Slipping away from Chris’s merciless impacts, she melted in Duncan’s erotic enchantment, particularly when he had her live his side of the game. So her mouth filled with her taste, and her fingers became sticky from tracing her slippery slit, the honeydew trickling also in his wet cavity and down her thighs.
Kind of obvious he loved it, this seductive exploration of her moist folds, with the extra bit about sucking her swollen knot that was driving her beyond the initial pain, almost to a point of no return.
“Someone’s having too much fun now.” As though he had guessed how close she was to a climax, Chris shoved her head on Duncan’s upright cock. “And this mouth is way too idle for my taste.”
How he could possibly know her timing was a matter of speculation. Safe to say, with the stone-like piece stuck up her mouth, things definitely turned scorching.
For one thing, Duncan’s shock of pleasure reverberated through her, and she was about to come. For seconds, everything was on fire—from her full mouth fighting against the prince’s greedy beast, to her wide-open rear smoking from friction as it rubbed faster against the demon’s erection, to her cunt ravaged by the prince’s steady brushing. It was all too maddening to last. Feverish, she pressed her aching clit to get a measure of relief, before thrusting back her butt to meet Chris’s shoves. Then the demon accelerated. Her ass and mouth squeezed the giant shafts possessing her all, and heat grew to a point she could not contain it any longer.
Letting go of Duncan’s equipment, her head fell on the mattress in the throes of the violent and repeated contractions. Ripped apart, literally, she swelled under the waves that coiled from her toes to her hair without respite, relieved only partly by the scream that inevitably followed.
“What…” Sounding surprised, Chris stopped all together. “What’s that?”
“Don’t worry.” Coming up from beneath her, Duncan shifted, his cock now at the entrance of her enflamed pussy. “Just keep pumping.” Then he slammed inside.
With the second stick sinking into her, Ylianor raised her back and clenched around the two erections filling both holes at the same time. Incredible to say—they moved as one, hammering her front and back in a hurried rhythm that might have lasted longer had Prince Caldwell’s tongue not claimed her mouth. So she climaxed again, screaming her pleasure in his head alone. And evidently, it was too much for them.
With a loud gasp, Chris and Duncan burst simultaneously, screwing both their pieces to the roots. As she milked them dry, she knew she had to act fast. It was her chance after all, for their barriers were down on account of their orgasms, while their powers were at their strongest.
Tugging both men into her mind, she drowned them in her essence, flooding them with her blinding lights and the hazy perception of her auras. Then she took things one-step further, blending them into herself until they were as one. Not three separate beings anymore, she wrapped them all into a single unity that did not feel strange at all. No, this tight-knit form belonged to them, and it had for the longest time.
Well, not if the demon had his say about it. With a sharp pull, Chris’s fierce resistance and sheer hatred dissolved the mass of energy she had neatly curled in a ball after mere seconds. Still enough for Ylianor to catch, not without some satisfaction, his shivers of disconcert and unease, before she collapsed on Duncan exhausted.
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