Only recently, I came across Wattpad, an online writers and readers community where you can both post your own works and read the works of others. I see a huge potential for book promotion using Wattpad! That’s why I’m using it to post chapters of my books, but best of all to give my readers FREE reads such as The Enslavement of Janet! But this is just one of the best ways to use Wattpad. Want to know all the others and learn how to increase your readership?
1. Post one or two chapters of one of your books on Wattpad, then be sure and have a buy link at the end for readers to purchase the whole story or book. And my books are all there. ust click HERE for the full list!

2. Make sure you also post your cover and link it if possible to where readers can buy your book. And yep, mine are all there!
3. Consider posting a complete free story or novella to Wattpad, then be sure and have links to your website to encourage purchasing of your other books. That’s exactly what I did with The Enslavement of Janet, which is a free read based on characters from the ReScue Series. So you can have it all. Just click HERE or head on to instaFreebie for your immediate download of the entire story.
4. Comment on other peoples works within your genre, then be sure and include a link to what you’ve posted so others can find you. Just the link by the way, not a huge promo thing of like, “Yeah, so come and visit my page.” Just your name and your link that’s all.
5. Add links from your Wattpad posts to your website, then be sure and add a link to your website on Wattpad as well.
If most of this may seem like common sense, it’s still important to put it all into action. Which is exactly what I did, not just with all my books, with my latest release The Enslavement of Janet, ReScue Series free read. So check out my profile by clicking HERE and start reading on all my books, but especially on The Enslavement of Janet!