Everywhere you go on the web these days, you will see beautiful images and graphics. Particularly on social media. Graphics are great because they catch the attention of anyone looking at your FB, Twitter, Google+ and other social media pages. I particularly love this trend because it makes sharing my book that much easier. The old saying, “a picture speaks a thousand words” is very true and you as an author can use this to your advantage.

Many authors think that you have to be a Photoshop guru to make beautiful images and graphics but it’s just not true! Photoshop is expensive and has a huge learning curve making many authors give up before they’ve started. However, there are several free online resources. And even someone who has never created a graphic before can use to create graphics and images just like the pros!

Here are five free online resources that you can use to create beautiful images and graphics to be used on social media, your blog or anywhere else on the web you can think of! Want to get your reader’s and follower’s attention, used images and graphics!

1. Canva. Canva is a really useful tool for beginners wanting to create beautiful images and graphics, and they have really good video tutorials, so even if you’ve never created a graphic in your life. Or opened a photo editing software. You can create a beautiful graphic in no time. Another nice thing about Canva is if you don’t have your own photo to start with, you can buy photos from them for $1 which is far cheaper than most stock photo places!

2. Picmonkey. Picmonkey is another great free photo and graphics editing and creating tool. And like Canva, they have a few tutorials as well to help you get started.

3. Quozio. If you love quotes and like to use them on your social media pages then this is the beautiful graphics tool for you! You get the functionality of finding beautiful images which they provide, along with sharing your own quotes, or someone else’s that you find meaningful. Since you’re an author, consider using this tool to pull quotes from your characters and sharing them with your followers!

4. Fotor. This is a truly great little online tool that allows you to do even collage which I found very cool! Not quite as tool heavy as Canva or Picmonkey but still very useful nonetheless.

5. Photovisi. This is solely for photo collages but it had such pretty layouts for them that I couldn’t resist adding this fantastic tool also. Even though it’s just for collages, authors should be able to come up with some pretty cool graphics for their social media using this.

So, there you have it five fantastic free online resources to create your beautiful images and graphics. Now go off and be creative, and don’t forget to share your