Most people believe they have a pretty good handle on their Greek history, but I bet you didn’t know these five facts! And I also bet you can’t figure out how they are connected with my Soulmate Series, with Drake and Martin’s tale of erotic seduction and deep affinity.
But I’ll start with the five things I for one didn’t know about the Greeks and that still baffle me.
1. There were eighteen Greek City-States, and they had democratic governments before Athens, which many people believe, was one of the first democratic governments.
2. The Greeks did not tax their own citizens. I thought this was really interesting––the Greeks were willing to tax non-citizens. But apparently, those taxes weren’t enough to support their community and pay for things like new buildings, armies and such. Instead, they relied on the wealthy in their communities to build buildings, ships and such to provide for the things their communities needed. Also, apparently if you were wealthy and did not provide for your community, society considered it very shameful, so most of the wealthy did donate.
3. The Greeks were some of the very first people to work on perfecting underwater diving. They had something called the diving bell that they used to create an air pocket inside of that divers could go back to get air without having to go all the way to the surface.
4. The Greeks didn’t like to discuss what happens after death. Apparently, unlike many of the more modern cultures including our own, the Greeks didn’t like to think about the afterlife. However, they did have a belief system about it that was much different than most people believe today. They believed in an afterlife and that people had spirits, but they didn’t believe in a heaven or hell. Instead, they believed that when you die, people had to perform certain ceremonies in order to keep the spirit from hanging around. Part of this included burying the body in the ground. Once done, people believed that the spirit went to the land of the dead, which was underground and ruled by Hades. Apparently, they believed it was boring, dank and cold. Most would rather be alive than go to the land of the dead.
5. Women in ancient Greece were not educated that well with one exception. There was a group of prostitutes, called Heraera, whom people expected to hold long conversations with men during Greek festivals. Because of this, they were much better educated than most other women in ancient Greece were.
Best of all, the Greek philosopher Plato was the first to explain the existence of soul mates. He put it in such a way that I based my bestselling series of all times, the Soulmate Series, on it. If the name says it all, the two books in this series, To Seduce A Soul Mate and The Pirate’s Surrender are a true testimony of what Plato affirmed. Or rather, Drake and Martin are, Martin with his conviction that he’s found his soul mate in Drake, Drake with his steadfast refusal of what his senses are screaming at him.
But maybe I’m running a bit. Do you all know what my Soulmate Series is all about?
Set during the sweetest of holidays, this very special MM contemporary romance series, the Soulmate Series, keeps intriguing and entertaining all those who believe destiny is the key to a successful romance.
If finding a soul mate was a tasking effort, it was nothing to the seduction Martin had to work on Drake simply to convince him they were indeed soul mates. But then came the hard part, when got real complicated for the both of them and feelings spun out of control. But with one hard pirate to deal with, surrender will never come too easy.

And just to satisfy more of your curiosity, here is the excerpt from To Seduce A Soul Mate that refers directly to Plato’s theory on soul mates.

“How many sleepless nights have you spent so far?”
“Too many to count.” Running a nervous hand through his glossy hair, Drake looked desolately at his glass. “But he’s a man and I’m not gay, never have been in my life.”
“Would you call me gay? Just because you like a man, a single one so far, doesn’t automatically qualify you in that category.”
“What are you talking about?” The dark eyes flashed in confusion
Peter sighed. “You shouldn’t let conventions limit your sexual choices. Just because society is afraid of gays—“
“Well, it should be.”
“You’re wrong, Drake, and so is a society that scorns gays because they don’t want to pay their dues by reproducing like bunnies. Luckily, labels aren’t going to stop people’s inclinations or their pursuit of happiness regardless of gender.”
“But it’s still considered wrong. I mean, why should one feel attracted to his own sex?”
Peter shrugged. “No one knows for sure, though you’ll find a variety of explanations if you’re looking for one. Personally, I just think it’s a matter of taste, which someone develops for one gender alone, others for both. Plato had an interesting theory of his own on the subject. He said that at the beginning of time, human beings were strange creatures with two heads, four arms, four legs, two hearts and so on. In short, they were two beings in one.”
“Odd creatures…” The voice trailed off in a faraway look as Drake tried to picture one.
“Anyway, since they wanted to imitate the gods, they became more perfect with each passing day until the gods feared they would eventually have more power than they did. So they decided to eliminate the unwanted competition by cutting the creatures in half and scattering the different parts on Earth. This condemned each part to look for its missing half, its soul mate so to speak. But not all creatures were hermaphrodites, that is male and female halves attached together. Some were two males or two females in the same body who kept the same sex also after splitting. Of course, since the missing halves inevitably looked for each other, Plato found homosexual relationships perfectly natural and acceptable.”
“So, buddy, you shouldn’t be afraid of your feelings, even if they’re for the same gender. Your soul probably comes from the creature the gods split into two men. Now that you’ve found your missing half, you shouldn’t let conventions or moral qualms stand in your way.” Peter edged closer. “And always remember that sex, just like love, is a great game as long as you both give and receive.”
Drake clutched his glass, looking perplexed.
“Still not convinced, huh?” Peter insisted, sipping the last of his drink.
Drake frowned. “Remember I told you about my pirate fantasies and my childhood games?”
Peter nodded, bits of history and descriptions filling his head. “Sure, I do. But what does that have to do with anything?”
“Plato’s theory is fascinating, of course, and what I’m about to say may sound stupid, but I can’t get over the image I made for myself. I mean, somehow I don’t see pirates as having sex with men.”
“So that’s what’s bothering you!” Peter closed his eyes briefly, then opened them to gaze at Drake intently. “Maybe you’ve never thought of this…Pirate, but how do you think they satisfied their sexual impulses when spending months if not years alone on the sea, a hundred men forced to live together on a tiny ship with no woman in sight?”
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