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Alluring and seductive introduction to Trespassing All Hallows Even!

Title: Roman Seduction
Author: Laura Tolomei
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Released: 2009
Genre: Historical erotica / GLBT
Format: ebook
Length: 44 Pages
Reviewer Name: Sassy Brit


Feeling insecure, Attilio decides to not get emotionally attached with anyone while still satisfying his needs, which is exactly what slaves are for. With this in mind, both Aurelius and Attilio go to Vittore who is trading a young, untrained Aryan slave named Ewan. Aurelius, trying to impress Attilio, ends up buying Ewan, but Attilio is the man he really wants. Will this ever be possible? Aurelius soon discovers that Attilio is interested, but that means joining the army,  going to Carthage and most of all, learning to trust again. Is he willing to take this leap of faith into the unknown?

This is a prequel to Trespassing All Hallows Eve, and I must say that with its short length it reads like an alluring and seductive introduction to the characters; a quick peek into their lives, if you will, at what is yet to come. Indeed, Laura Tolomei, has set the scene to this erotic affair, in which I gather, but could be wrong, Aurelius, Attilio and Ewan will continue in Trespassing All Hallows Eve. The author certainly knows her Romans and how to write well. A historical erotic romance that packs a lot of m/m action into such a short space and leaves me wondering which route this roman road will take.

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