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Beautiful and emotional! story!

ISBN: Unavailable
Released: June 2009
eXtasy Books
Format: Ebook
Price: $1.59
Length: 44 Pages
Genre: Historical Romance, GBLTQA+, Erotica, Romantica
Rating: 5 Cups
Reviewer Name: Danielle
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Aurelius "Pullus" Ladeo is of a mixed race, from a Roman father and an Egyptian mother. As if that is not enough of a hindrance to some, he also happens to find himself attracted to men.

Attilio Metrono Tacitus is a soldier in the Roman army and has seen his fair share of war, famine, strife, and hate. He also knows what it is like to have a woman look you straight in the face even as she is stabbing you in the back.

Aurelius notices Attilio standing in the same spot time and again but does not have the courage to go up to him, afraid his desire will show. The legionary knows that Pullus is interested in men, and though he himself usually sticks with women, there is something about the other man that calls to him. So over the course of many nights they begin to get to know each other over drinks at the local tavern. When it is time for Attilio to head out on another mission, what will happen to Aurelius and will he be left with a broken heart?

Ms. Tolomei has written a beautiful and emotional story. In Roman Seduction, we see Aurelius fight his lust and growing love for Attilio, a man who has declared sex for him does not include any emotional attachment. The fear of rejection we see throughout this tale is realistic, sometimes heart rendering, and yet at the same time shows us the courage it must take for this man to spend time with Attilio knowing that more than likely the feelings will never be mutual. A spectacular read for any fan of GBLT as well as a fan of romance in general!
Caution: This tale contains scenes of m/m/m as well as m/f and is a red-hot romance!

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