Are you looking for new ways to engage readers before your next book is available for sale? Believe it or not, you can create a public Book Inspiration Pinterest Board to start telling readers about your book before it becomes available for sale. Look at it this way, it’s important to market your book before it becomes available right? While many authors do this by posting excerpts to their blog, and yes, you should do this too, you have to find other ways to draw interest to your story. One of those ways is to show your readers your inspiration board for the book you’re working on. So, how do you do this? It’s easy!
1. Create a Pinterest account if you don’t already have one.
2. Sign in to your Pinterest account.
3. Click on Create a Board.
4. Name your board. Since you want readers to know this is the inspiration board for your book, you should name your board something that has your book title in it. For example: The Lord by Laura Tolomei Inspiration Board.
5. Search for photos that represent, people, clothing styles, religions, planets, cities, towns, nationalities and such from your book. You can do this using the content already available on Pinterest by using Pinterest’s search engine at the top of the page, or by using Google or some other search engine and then pinning that way. Personally, I do both!
6. Pin new photos daily, but don’t overdo it. Just between three and five new photos each day. Then let your followers know about the board so they can follow it and receive notifications when you update the board. You can do this via a mailing list, Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.
I know some authors who make these boards private, but readers find the writing process very interesting and allowing them to see your inspiration board allows them to see into your story process a bit. Based on that, I highly encourage writers to make their inspiration board public. Have fun making your Book Inspiration Board!
And just for the record, I’ve divided my boards according to series and threads, so that each book is neatly filed under its appropriate category. Got your curiosity running? Then here are some of my boards:

But there are also boards about my music, my blogs, my latest info & news, not to mention my gifts and free reads. So check them all out on my profile!