Not everyone likes the idea of religion. If several religions support it or the concept that we have lived before in another body, many mainstream skeptics dismiss it outright. But what if science could support the idea of reincarnation? What would you think then?
Believe it or not, some leading scientists are saying that quantum theory, a scientific discipline, does support the idea of both life after death and reincarnation. Dr. Robert Lanza posits the idea of biocentrism or the idea consciousness is what created the universe and everything in it. That consciousness came first, not the universe, and that space and time are just ideas, just tools for us to understand the universe around us. So when space and time cease to exist for us, our consciousness still exists outside these ideastools. The theory posits that our consciousness can in fact never die, but will always exist. It also posits that consciousness can be anywhere because it continues on separate from time and space.
Quantum theory also supports the concept of a multi-verse, meaning a universe with multiple other universes contained within it. This is where the idea of parallel worlds came from. So, if we accept the idea of biocentrism, then it is not a stretch to accept the idea that consciousness could go anywhere when the body dies. And it’s not that much of a stretch to believe it could go to another “universe” or “parallel world is it?” It’s really not, and if you accept this idea then it explains the concept of reincarnation in a very easy to understand and scientific way. If time and space were simply constructs of the mind, then why wouldn’t the idea of reincarnation be possible? If we have multi-verses with different outcomes, different selves and different times as we understand time, then why not believe in reincarnation?
If you throw out the idea of time and space and believe that we can be reborn in other bodies that exist in other time frames as we understand them, and other worlds, and or universes then reincarnation becomes very easy to understand, and has no religious overtones.
Perhaps it just took science a few centuries to understand what a few of the major religions have been saying for centuries. What I like about quantum theory is that it frames everything inside a scientific context. So my spirit, the essence of who and what I am has always existed and will always exist whether I go to some nirvana such as heaven or the Summerland after physical death (just different universes?) or I choose to be reborn in another body and continue to learn as much as I can about the universes.
[image:image-3]And nowhere have I expressed my beliefs so clearly as in Divinitas and in the books of the ReScue Series. Reincarnation isn’t just the main theme in both sets. It’s the reason the characters change. Because my main belief is that reincarnation happens for a reason, and that reason is to learn a lesson that will help you move on. And eventually, when you’ve learned all you have to learn, there’ll be no more reincarnation. That’s why the motto of the ReScue Series is: “However you lived your past, today you’re the key to changing your future”. That’s why my characters never cease to struggle. Even if they don’t get the first times around, like in Re-Scue Book 1 of the ReScue Series, they keep trying until they get it right. But it’s never enough. There’s always one more boundary to cross, one more lesson to learn. So, even if Sean and Leon in Tasting Leon’s Mark, Book 2 of the Re-Scue Series, seem to have reached a balance of sorts after lifetimes of disastrous relationships, there’s one more debt to pay. And that’s the focus of Aware-Ness, Book 3 in the Re-Scue Series.
Here’s a PG excerpt to help you understand and get exactly my meaning.
Is he as obsessed as if he were part of your past lives?
Awere-Ness – PG EXCERPT
“Then he must be obsessed with you, Sean.”
At her matter-of–fact observation, Leon could not help being impressed by her quick insight. Barely six months since their first time together, neither he nor Sean had talked in any great length about their business, their time and conversations together mostly confined to the bed, the sex and practically nothing else out of it.
“That’s an understatement.” Sean fixed Janet intently, clearly as impressed with her intuition as Leon was.
Tony leaned inside the car. “Mister Spencer has provided a bottle of champagne, which you’ll find in the fridge.” He indicated a small black box at Janet’s side. “I hope you enjoy the ride.” Then he closed the door.
From the slam at the back, Leon supposed Tony had placed Janet’s trolley in the trunk and closed it. Now ready to go, the man got round to the front of the long limo and climbed into the driver seat.
Instinctively, Leon raised his gaze. Grown up in limos, he checked the separation between the front and back. And it was sealed.
“As obsessed as if he were somehow related to you.” She peered outside the tanned glasses, the kind that did not allow anyone to see the inside.
“What do you mean?” Leon’s blood went cold all together.
She made it a point to swing her gaze back on him. “That maybe he was part of your past lives.” She stared him squarely in the face. “Maybe he traveled with you through all those other lives you’ve lived, a soul trapped between the two of you that can never be free of either.”
This time, Leon’s heart stopped dead. This was exactly what he thought of her. Now hearing it spelled out in no uncertain terms struck him too close to home.
Surreptitiously, he glanced at Sean from under his eyelashes and damn if his blond beauty did not seem as startled as he was!
“Come on!” Evidently perplexed by their reaction, she flashed an encouraging smile. “Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of it.”
“Should we have?” Sean was the first to recover the use of his voice.
“Of course, you should have.” In mock exasperation, she threw back her shoulders, as though getting ready for a fight. “You guys already defy all clichés about reincarnation.” She sounded vaguely envious. “No, make that your experience is extraordinary by any standard.”
The car pulled away from the curb.
“You don’t just remember vague images about what could’ve been a past life.” Curious, she squinted at the busy highway ahead. “You guys remember your names in all those other lives. You remember the history, the exact sequence of events, of what happened from start to finish.” She spun back to confront both of them. “Right?”
To the dot.
Leon had no problem seeing himself as Tylean, a panther or Rhodri, animal and men who had lived in other times and dimensions. Still always him, chasing the one and only prey he had marked for his exclusive use. Didri, gazelle, Aural or Sean—whatever name this particular soul had taken, it had always belonged to Leon in all of its previous female reincarnations. And in spite of the gender, it had always been as gorgeous as the latest version, however male this one turned out to be.
The sex, the blood, the knife—these elements had pulled them together again and again, despite the innumerable tragic consequences and deadly epilogues. The prey’s fault for loving a hunter that believed feelings would only spoil their arousing game.
But he had been a fool.
Not just in this life.
In the many, too many that had preceded this one, until an Indian guru and the prey’s cunning had made him see reason.
“However you lived your life, you are the key to changing your future.” Such had been the words of the guru.
“However little you lived your feelings, you are as enslaved as I am to them.” Such had been his prey’s attitude.
And damn him! He had been right all along about the annoying feelings, which had tied him to his prey lifetime after lifetime, not the blood and sex he loved so much.
“Yeah, sure.” Sean caught Leon’s gaze and held it. “We remember it all, but as far as other people go—”
“I’m sure they must’ve existed and interacted with you.” There was no trace of doubt in Janet’s firm pitch. “Except when you were in your animal form, it always looked to me like you lived in a community of sorts, surrounded by many other people.”
The limo seemed to pick up velocity. To no avail. The long line of traffic Leon saw in front of it promised nothing good.
“So some of these must’ve entered in collision with you,” Janet continued smoothly. “Maybe even influenced the way things went between you.”
Influenced? Ha! That was the real understatement, for she was right. He and Sean had never been alone in any of their lives, not even in their animal ones. Someone had always been alongside them in such a way that it had inevitably shaped their destiny. It had been the same person over and over, a soul reincarnating right alongside them, with the evident sole purpose of being both a key and a witness of every one of their transformations.
“Sort of like a…” Janet frowned in obvious search of the right word. “Significant other.” Proud of her choice, she beamed an enchanting smile.
More than merely significant, it had been at very important third link between him and Sean. As Markay, a man in love with Didri, his actions had determined Tylean’s execution and Didri’s suicide. As a black panther cub, he had helped finish off the gazelle. As Myla, a witch in love with Rhodri, her skills had saved Aural’s hide when the hunter had almost killed her in a fit of rage. Then going beyond herself, she had taught Aural a trick or two about reincarnation, including that bit about how to change sex.
Hell! No one could have been better qualified, since she had done it herself before Rhodri ever thought of asking her to teach his prey.
Which was why Sean had come back as a man in this life.
“Now that the two of you have reached a new level of awareness and of relationship, this person will probably claim his or her share of it.” It seemed reasonable enough to Janet. “For having put up with you two for so long, getting nothing in return,” she joked.
Amazed, Leon had to work hard not to gape at her.
No question about it, Janet was as much a witch as Myla had been.
She had to be!
How else to explain this new intuition of hers about Rhodri’s promise to Myla?
The way she talked, it sounded like she knew all about his vow that things between them would change in the next life, balancing the score to give Myla the chance to get him good and proper. A downright deal for saving Aural’s life and teaching her about reincarnation. A promise Leon remembered all too well and had every intention of keeping—especially because she had kept her side of the bargain—if only he could be sure Janet and Myla were one and the same, which maybe they were not. For if she had no problem getting the whole story, every small detail of it, she had no awareness of this very crucial one.
“How would you know he or she got nothing in return?” Leon challenged.
“‘Cause there’s never been any room for anyone else between the two of you.” Regretful, she shifted her gaze on the increasing line of cars blocking their way into the city.
This reminded Leon of the second reason he had insisted on bringing her along—to cure her of the dangerous feelings brewing under her cool surface, particularly of the ridiculous notion of being in love with Sean, and to dissuade her from trying any funny business with him, too. For Leon had the sneaky suspicion Janet was headed down the same road when it came to him, too, while the last thing he needed was to complicate his life with more dangerous feelings.
“So it stands to reason that whatever man or woman did manage to get close enough to either or both of you to make a difference would’ve gotten the short end of the stick.” Having taken a hold of herself, her voice steadied, “You are just too exclusive to let anybody spoil what you’ve got together.”
“That’s as true today as it was in all the previous lives.” Leon said it harshly on purpose, to destroy her romantic illusions. “So what makes you think this person, if he or she really exists…”
No, he did not want to give her the satisfaction of knowing she was on the right track, not yet, anyway. And one look in Sean’s direction confirmed his prey was thinking along the same lines.
“That this person would have a better chance in this life?” Leon concluded.

“Things change, Mister Sterling.” Again, her assurance took Leon aback. “The more lives together, the stronger the bonds and the responsibilities.”
[image:image-5]That did it! “So there you have your answer, sweetie.” He better change the subject before it got closer to home than it already was. “John Spencer must be someone of our past who wants to claim his dues,” Leon snapped, ironic to the point of being insolent. “That’s why he’s obsessed with you.”
“Analyzed like this, it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?” However convincing Sean sounded, Leon knew he did not buy it either.
Not in regards to John anyway.
“I wish you could see him, Lynx.” Sean grinned at Janet. “So maybe you’d catch his story, too.”
“Along with his previous name,” Leon taunted cruelly.
“You know it doesn’t work like that.” Janet flinched as though he had slapped her.