Deadly Karma

A Club Sortilege Tale

By Laura Tolomei


BDSM, Multiple Partners, Paranormal, Contemporary, Time-Travel, Gay Male-Male

WORDS# 49,982

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“With erotically raw language and content, this paranormal, erotic, dark fantasy holds all the drama and sexual tension that readers expect from Author Laura Tolomei.” BM Global Network rated it 5-Stars



He wasn’t looking for love or soul mates. He was looking for that Halloween high. Such was his justification. What comes around goes around was more like it.




When Eunice Saint Jacques meets Adrien Ascott at the Halloween party of one of New Orleans’s prestigious hotels, she thinks he’s cute.

Nah, she thinks he’s the most gorgeous creature ever. Little does she know he isn’t all that he seems to be, and that this Halloween will seal her destiny forever!

While it’s Presentation Night at Club Sortilege, the renowned New Orleans BDSM club, Yvette Carlisle, the Grand Master’s slave, is worried. What happened to her friend Eunice should never have happened.

Not now.

Hell, not for a long time.

Yet, here she is, talking to Adrien and uncovering an age-old curse that makes his karma as deadly as that of Count Dracula himself. Is it true, or is he spinning just another tale of bondage and sadism in the plush lounge of Club Sortilege?

PG Excerpt The Unwanted

How it could be possible, Yvette had no idea. 

She only knew that the more she looked at him, the more convinced she became, the more she wanted to grab his arm, drag him away, and demand an explanation. 

Which, of course, was out of the question. 

He was a master. She was a lowly slave. Still, she’d watch him like a hawk until she got him alone. For now, she was happy to follow the action in front of her. 

Two beefy men, Club Sortilege’s bodyguards, pulled the redhead out of the enclosure and flung him at Tony’s feet. 

“Is this the worthless piece of hide you wanted to inspect?” Tony sneered. 

He was so good at demeaning people that Yvette wondered why he hadn’t turned it into a profession. 

“Nah.” The could-be Count Dracula dismissed the claim with a wave of the hand. “He’s dreadful,” he snapped airily. “I wanted the other one.” He pointed at the brunette still inside the pen. “The fat one.” 

There was nothing unusual about this whole procedure. Humiliation was a big part of Presentation Night, something the would-be slaves better get used to if they were bent on following this lifestyle. 

“All right.” Unruffled, Tony signaled the bodyguards. “Shall we throw him in the unwanted corner?”