However you lived your past, today you’re the key to changing your future
“A fascinatingly, if at times disturbingly, erotic affair. Lifetimes of disappointment, desire and death has done one good thing for the prey, it has become as ruthless as its hunter. The final coupling makes the whole story come together and readies the reader for more.” Coffee Time Romance rated it 4 Cups
“RE-SCUE is a more intense and startlingly horrific than most titles I’ve read.  Now that being said I was actually fascinated by how Ms. Tolomei was able to jump genres so frequently within one book and still have it all make perfect sense.  The whole theme of the story is a simple one – falling in love can destroy you, but with time and effort love could ultimately save you.  If you’re faint of heart or strongly opposed to the more shocking fetishes then you might want to steer clear of this one but if you’re more adventurous (at least in your choice of reading material) then pick up a copy, sit back and prepare yourself for a heck of a wild ride.” RJR rated it 3.5 ribbons
SERIES: ReScue Book 1
GENRE: Erotic Fiction
CATEGORY: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Male-Male, Multiple Partners, BDSM, Contemporary, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Time Travel, Horror, Shapeshifter, Fetish, Series, m/m, f/m/f
ISBN# 9781934446898
HEAT LEVEL: 5 flames
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If you’re scared, leave! if you stay, keep your trap shut and follow instructions!
“So you want to do it?” The black eyes searched the hunter’s handsome face.
“Yes, Myla, I do.”
“Do what?” Suddenly frightened, Aural took a cau¬tious step back.
“You’ll see,” was Rhodri’s curt reply, delivered without bothering to look at her.
“Please, tell me.” In spite of better efforts, her voice trembled, and Aural cursed herself for being so weak.
“Hey, honey…” Myla turned aggressively. “If you’re scared, you can just leave ‘cause no one’s stopping you. But if you stay, keep your mouth shut and follow instructions without asking stupid questions.”
At the unexpected harshness, Aural took a step for¬ward, looking to Rhodri for protection, but none was forth¬coming.
“Come on.” Taking him by an arm, Myla led the way inside the shack. “Let’s go, lion heart.” As for Aural, she had no choice except to follow them.
On entering, a strong smell of smoke, herbs, spices and humidity all mixed in one, hit Aural’s nostrils and throat, making her cough in distaste. Flames burned in a makeshift fireplace that spread warmth in the small, messy place—filled by a shaky table, a few equally unstable-looking chairs and at the far side a disheveled cot with sheets and blankets tangled disorderly together. In addition, the space was further cluttered by pots hanging over the fire, which probably contributed to the unsavory stink that made Aural stop on the threshold and debate whether to move further inside. But nobody was paying any attention to her.
Moving to the center of the cabin, Myla made Rhodri sit near the fire, then went to check on one of the kettles, a small one by the far end, completely disinterested about her other guest, and only when Aural realized the woman would not bother with formalities, did she look for a clean and empty spot, a hard task in itself, before finding one next to the bed, behind Rhodri.
After stirring vigorously whatever was inside the kettle, the witch poured hot liquid into a cup and handed it to the hunter. “Here is a full dose of the herbs.”
“More powerful than the mix you gave me last time?” Taking the cup from her hands, Rhodri brought it to his lips, but stopped before drinking, smelling it instead.
“This is twice more effective.”
“All right, let’s see how it goes this time.” He took a sip, then looked at Myla again. “Shouldn’t there be someone else drinking this, too?”
With an annoyed expression, Myla filled another cup and almost threw it at Aural. “Drink!” Then the woman returned next to Rhodri. “But remember the potion doesn’t work miracles, not if you can’t release the mind from the body’s prison so that it can expand in other dimensions.” Edging closer to him, she began rubbing his chest, soon moving further down. “Physical reality tends to keep us trapped in the present, and we forget about past experienc¬es.”
“How do you suggest we reach these other dimen¬sions?” And in taking another sip, the hunter slid toward.
“Oh, it’s real easy.” Rising, she went to stand in front of the fire, swaying slightly. “Sex is the best way to distract the body and free the mind.”
“If you’re not too distracted by what the body’s doing.” He grinned broadly.
“That depends…” Turning, she picked up some herbs, then flung them into the fire, creating a mist. “On how much you value your body, as opposed to your mind.”
With an elegant move, she took off her top and straightened her shoulders to reveal her exquisite breasts. Small and pointy tips already swollen with desire, the fire brightened their naked skin, making it glow. Her slim hips swayed sensually in concentric circles that called to Rhodri the closer she danced to him, unlatching at the same time her pants, which fell to her ankles. Underneath, she was com¬pletely naked, no underwear to hide the view of her cunt swirling in front of Rhodri’s hungry gaze and commanding his entire attention.
Damn! She’s really beautiful. Staring at Myla’s gleaming lean yet curvy body, Aural’s mind went blank, maybe a collateral effect from the panther’s intoxicating sexual turn-on, if not the result of the drug she had swal-lowed in one gulp, or of the foggy, pungent air suffocating her with every breath. Whatever the cause, she was falling deeper into Myla’s seductive game, which naturally had nothing to do with her. She’s in love with him! The aware¬ness hit her apparently from nowhere. But she doesn’t have the guts…or the stupidity to tell him. And she could not help feeling sorry for her.
Playing by themselves, Myla kneeled to wrap her hands around Rhodri’s firm cock and harden it, increasing its size with each expert slide of the soft skin, before bending and swallowing it whole, her capacious mouth surprisingly big enough to cover it whole. At one point it reappeared again, and Aural seemed hypnotized by the tongue curling around the thick, long stem rising proudly on its own, lapping and licking furiously the rounded edges, then curving to envelop the entire bulging head and drawing it inside for a loud suck. Right after, she slipped down to the balls and began anew with another swallow.
Myla’s head bobbed on top of the erection, tongue flicking briefly, focused mainly on gulping the huge organ down her throat and almost gagging on it a few times. The harder she pushed, the more she tried to get it all in, or at least as much as the considerable length allowed. Following the rhyth¬mical slide Rhodri was bound to find irresistible, he held her head and increased the tempo, forcing her to take more in than she probably expected, judging from the choking gurgles that escaped her lips. But he obviously wanted more, for taking her by the shoulders, he pushed her down on the worn carpet and sat on her.
Aural was unsure whether to stay or leave. One thing seemed very clear—the two had played before, evidently had been for a long time considering the ease with which their bodies moved, attracting one another at an animal level. It was the most exciting thing she had ever seen, a part of her envious knowing she could never compete with the black panther, not in beauty, certainly not in skill. But if last night’s sex seemed mere child’s play, something that could not have possibly satisfied, anoth¬er part of her held stubbornly to the idea he was putting up the show for her benefit alone. And this conviction kept her rooted to the ground, afraid to move or even breathe lest he did not slam his incredibly big erection into Myla, her mouth-watering tight ass preferably, hurting her, just to increase Aural’s pleasure, the same she was already seeking as her hand slipped between her legs to rub the drenched cloth covering the throbbing swell begging for release.
In that same moment, raising his head, he seemed to remember she existed. Their eyes locked and Aural froze on the spot. With a malicious gleam in the blue eyes, he flipped Myla on her stomach and ran his hand on her back, lingering on the ass, slipping first one finger, then two, three into the narrow hole pushing up to receive whatever share he saw fit. And he took advantage of the offer, licking his fingers and dipping three at a time in the narrow opening while holding Aural’s gaze trapped as if he knew he was enflaming her craving, too. But the ass fuck was not in his plans, not the immediate ones anyway, because after sending a malicious flash in Aural’s direction, he spread Myla’s legs apart and shoved his stone-like cock into the silky trap. And as the witch raised her hips to accommodate him better, Aural also noticed her hands slip¬ping under her stomach to stroke what would have been scorching for the panther, too, and would very probably burst at any moment from the hunter’s upbeat pumping, ramming with increasingly powerful thrusts that must have penetrated to her throat since he literally disappeared inside, all the way to the hilt.
Fascinated and surprised at her reaction, Aural stared, unable to take her gaze off, never having seen two people screwing before, wanting to participate, were she not afraid they would push her away if she dared to move a muscle. So she did not, Rhodri probably better off with Myla anyway since she did not seem to spark his bloody instinct, rather roused him to pleasure, blending appar¬ently without efforts in his erotic magic. Evidently, there was something wrong with her—Aural—that made the hunter go crazy for her blood. With Myla, instead, he could be his normal self and enjoy straight sex—no pain, no cuts, nothing harmful to stand in the way of his satisfaction, obviously not a problem when it came to other woman.
Myla’s body tensed all together, then relaxed. If she had climaxed, Aural had no means of knowing, but Rhodri evidently thought so, for he pulled out of the sticky pussy he had been pounding and flipped her around. “What do you say we let her play, too?” Then he winked at the witch.
Myla’s entire being revolted at the sheer idea. She wanted Rhodri to herself, had since setting eyes on the handsome hunter…ha, all wishful thinking. However much she loved him—yes, she did and probably had in the past, too—the superior witch’s knowledge made it clear he belonged to someone else entirely, a special being unlike any other. He was promised to a true kindred spirit by a common destiny contained within his ageless game of blood and sex that tied him to one, and only one, in the entire world. And it had to be her, a silly woman from the village no less!
Grabbing her hips, Rhodri slid her cunt in front of his greedy cock, then plunged to the hilt in her drenched slit as though her answer did not matter anyway. But she knew better. Upon seeing her, Myla had been appalled by the bitch he dared bring along for the revelation. Hoping against all hopes he was mistaken, she studied the blondish woman while pretending to ignore her until she could no longer deceive herself. With a sinking heart, she realized the con¬nection was there and strong, too—How can anyone miss it?—too damn strong for anyone, least of all Myla, to sever it. Aural was his chosen, and the sanguinary ritual enabled him to bind and bring her along from one life to the next, controlling and trapping her at every level—physical, men-tal, not to mention spiritual—in a never ending cycle of life, death and rebirth. Defined by apparently fixed roles as hunter and prey, the game served to establish the rules of conduct and help them recognize one another each time they met anew, which of course only reinforced the connection to the point no amount of love, not just Myla’s but anyone else’s, too, would ever change this pattern. In the past, Myla had fought against the unfairness of it all, getting nowhere nearer his heart than she was today, fortified by the experience of countless lives that had taught her to accept the gods’ bid¬ding however painful it could be. Maybe it was simply a matter of time—evidently, hers was yet to come—the same he spent searching for the damn creature he could not live without, always managing to find her somehow.
“So what do you say?” His brilliant blue eyes flashed while waiting for her answer, his long hair tickling her shoulders as his rhythmical dance was bringing her on the verge of another climax.
If Myla refused, she would be repeating past mis¬takes like causing the death of her loved one or driving him away because of her fierce competition with the rival, so it was time to change strategy. “Sure, after all she’s yours to take and use as you please.”
“Damn right she is!” Pulling out of the invitingly warm pussy, with two rapid strides he reached Aural, stop-ping briefly on his way to hide the proper equipment in the palm of his hand. Then he was on her, so close he took her clothes off with a single sweep, admiring the naked flesh trembling helplessly at his mercy. Too late, at least judging from expressive purple gaze, she must have realized the blade had ripped more than mere cloth, grazing bits of skin, too. Well, what could he say? She was simply too tempting, too fucking irresistible to abstain from slashing the white skin, however blotchy and raw some spots still were. To be honest, it was not the smell of blood that drove him crazy with desire—the gods knew he had enough of it in his line of work. Rather the way it mixed with her unique scent went straight to his head and cock, turning him, instead of her, into the vulnerable victim of his own senses.
Ducking on the torn tissue, he ran his tongue tip on its uneven edges before sucking the tiny red droplets avidly, rolling them to enrich the flavor, then carved another deli¬cious piece, tracing its sticky trail with delicate, almost loving fingertips. The blade continued its sanguinary trail, dipping down, curving around her buns, which no power on earth would induce him to touch—so perfect, round and firm, he dared not spoil their magnificence. But the stroll, not to mention the last consider¬ation, made him hungrier than he thought possible, enough to whisper in her ear. “Ready, sweetie?”
“For what?” Dismayed, she stared at him wide-eyed as if afraid of the answer.
“For what you wanted me to do to Myla.” Leaning closer, his tongue tip tickled her ear briefly. “Which is the right idea, only for the wrong person.” He saw the shiver running frantically on Aural’s back as he pushed her down on her knees. “But first, I need cleaning.” With a decisive hip swing, he stuck his thick erection in her half open mouth, filling it completely. “Now suck and make it good.”
Obediently, Aural’s tongue set immediately to work, wrapping around his rigid stem to brush off the witch’s traces, then drawing the bulging tip all the way in an unsuc¬cessful attempt to swallow it whole that resulted in a chok¬ing spasm.
Needless to say, it only added to his excitement, so he thrust forward to stick it down her throat, wanting to fill her cramped space until her only perception became the cock itself and nothing else. And just to add more spice to an already arousing situation, he grabbed Myla and kissed her fiercely, taking complete possession of her mouth, ravaging it with his demanding tongue that swept its depths, finding little opposition also in crushing her body against his. Not nearly enough, he nudged her legs apart, making sure Aural did not miss his play in the other woman’s cunt—not the stroking of the tender moist flesh, nor the shoving fingers into the velvety trap, or the torture to the sensitive knot either, whatever came his way as long as his prey’s bewil¬dered gaze caught it.
“Make me come now.” The witch breathed in his ear, loud enough for Aural to hear, too, obviously wanting to cut her off from him.
Deepening his touch between Myla’s legs, he grinned, amused at the rivalry he detected not just in her, but in Aural as well. Evidently neither women too keen on having to share him, he enflamed the feeling by rubbing the flesh that gleamed in the firelight as Myla rocked harder over his palm, practically begging for his penetration.
“Oh, I will.” Since he had other plans for his shaft, he gave her the next best thing. “Don’t worry.” Smirking in satisfaction, he pushed the witch to lie on the cot. “I’ll get you what you need.”
And before Aural could as much as protest, Rhodri grabbed her hair and turned her face in front of Myla’s sprawled frame, pressing it to the cunt prior to propping up her ass to his convenience. No question about it, Aural’s ass happened to be one of the most exciting turn-on he had the pleasure to experience, and he had experienced quite a lot in his days, though few if none at all, compared to the sensa¬tions that still lingered on his cock since the other night. The narrow hole with its delightful reactions was priceless, the way it sucked his fingers to the hilt after a small pressure convinced it to open up entirely, despite the discomfort she must feel given its recent handling. Yet the deeper he slid or rimmed, the less he thought about Aural’s sensations, focusing instead on his immediate need to have her. No matter what the cost or the pain, he slammed first one, then two and three fingers to enlarge the tight entrance.
Moaning, Aural raised her head from her assigned task, but he was quick to thrust it back. “I don’t recall giving you permission to stop pampering my girlfriend.”
The head bouncing back between the witch’s wide¬spread legs, for a moment he followed Aural’s erotic tongue flicks on Myla’s silky flesh. Breaking through the drenched cleft, she licked each tender fold swimming in sticky fluid that dripped to her chin, then went up to the throbbing swell to tease by rolling it under her lavish laps before returning to the pussy that tried to swallow the inquisitive tip. His gaze glued on the sensual travel, the hunter could almost taste Myla’s salty flavor and pungent odor, while the dense molasses stuck to Aural’s nose as she bobbed rhythmically, followed by the witch’s own cock-tightening slides.
The combination of the two women was the last straw. With Aural doing her best to provoke him by flaunting her ass, throwing it back and making it dance in front of his now starving shaft, he shoved into what she offered so daringly, which was more of a show for she could not help tensing, probably from the force of the initial impact.
“I know it still aches from last night.” He stopped, and she breathed easier. “Right, sweetie?”
Aural nodded slowly, not daring to take her mouth off Myla’s quivering center after the scolding.
“Yeah, I know it’s going to be a while before you get used to my way of enjoying sex.” Bending over, he whis-pered in her ear. “Which is going to hurt you no matter how gentle I’ll try to be.” He moved carefully to adjust his position in view of his coming blows. “But I also know you’re a fast learner, and right now all you want is to have my cock ram your ass so hard it’ll overcome your pain like I told you in the forest.” Pausing, he bit her neck, sinking his teeth to the bloody layer underneath the soft skin. “Now tell me you want it, too.”
“I…” Hesitating, Aural tried to raise her head, but he kept it close to Myla’s cunt.
“No moving, just say the words.”
“I…I want…” Her voice trailed off as if she was embarrassed.
“You want what?”
Aural swallowed hard. “I want your cock.”
“To do what?”
“To…take me.”
“Take you where?”
This time the answer was not as forthcoming.
“Then?” With a forward thrust, he shoved through the narrow opening, which was starting to relax and give in to his demanding pressure.
“In my ass.” She was quick to respond now, shifting like she wanted to get away—impossible since he held on to her hips to penetrate deeper.
“And fuck it until you have no strength left, right?” The words were a mere description of what he was already doing, his cock slamming inside and out in increasingly frantic shoves.
Again, she had her doubts, which however did not seem as important because her body was beginning to re-spond to his continued pounding, already switching from the initial pain to an intense craving for more.
“Now I want you to come.” In the heat of the dance, the words slipped out unintentionally, even if they sounded right somehow. Not that it would spoil his pleasure if she did not, only maybe if she did, it would add to it like it had the night before. So he stepped up the tempo, his breath falling short, snuffed by the intensity of having her ass squeezing his shaft with every plunge that swallowed it to the balls. “Just make it fast ‘cause I don’t think I’ll last long.”
And since he noticed her hand slipping under her belly, he beat her to the swollen clit, fingers clasping and sliding on the slippery wetness she hid between closed legs. Clutching her fingers, he guided them on a steamy tour of what she seemed to know still little about, tracing the raw flesh. Mapping her most sensitive spot with the precision of a man who knew women’s secret desires intimately, he rubbed exactly where she most needed in order to move faster, which allowed him to dig deeper with every bang, until the friction grew too unbearable to stand.
Though she did not scream, Rhodri felt the waves of pleasure shooting from her ass up to her head and down to her toes, shivers creasing her skin at every violent muscle spasm. Still he stopped neither his movement nor the frenzied rub between her legs, so Aural climaxed again and again and again, each swell seemingly more intense than the one before in bringing him to relinquish his residual control.
With a groan, he lost it in a sudden burst that expelled his semen just as Aural came again, and whether it was the drug, the witch or the sex, his mind touched hers. Before he could recover from the shock of feeling her so close she seemed a part of him, he was swept away from the shack, propelled to another time and space in the blink of an eye.

Dazed, not recognizing where he was, Rhodri tried to regain some semblance of bearings despite the random images fast-forwarding before his astonished gaze making it hard to focus until he realized the apparently unrelated scenes were flashing in logical sequences as though they wanted to tell a story. His stomach caved in the second he picked up the com¬mon thread running through them, suddenly turning what he had seen only in dreams or vague visions into hard reality. As soon as he became aware each sequence featured him and his prey, everything stopped and he stood in a spotlessly white room cramped by strange, enormous contraptions re¬lentlessly vomiting all sorts of brilliantly colored, round shaped little things. Bending over one, a woman, dressed like a man, was about to swallow them, but there was no time to determine who she was. The scenery changed, and he was thrown in another place, not as immaculate, still filled with unknown devices except for one that hung from the ceiling—a reassur¬ing meat hook. Bound to it, there was his woman—yes, it was Aural, or whatever her name was in that partic¬ular life—her wrists tied above her head, her naked frame trembling in anxious anticipation of his knife to start its bloody dance on her pale skin. On a side, he caught his reflection in the mirror of a tall, dark-haired man with bright-gray eyes who took his sweet time in circling around her—his prey. And he, a hunter like Rhodri, was getting ready to start his ritual. As a result, the scene had the flavor of a déjà-vu, of something Rhodri had already lived in some sort of distant past.
And raising his gaze, he met Aural’s incredibly beau¬tiful purple eyes staring at him from the other side of the scene in wonder and disbelief. Like him, she was both a participant and a spectator on the stage destiny had set for them, her look more than eloquent in spite of time running short and fading away in a blur, dimming the light until only darkness remained…but not for long.
When light returned, Rhodri was speeding through a green canyon on four legs in a wild chase that ended the moment he jumped and landed on his prey, crushing it to the ground, his long, elegant, black panther-body having no trouble to hold down a sinewy gazelle. He should have killed it right there and then, his stomach growling for food, yet something held him back, something stronger than any phys¬ical urge he was accustomed to satisfy immediately. Or perhaps what stopped him was the odd behavior of the gazelle herself, who seemed uncaring her life was about to end. Unmoving, she looked at him defenseless and meek evidently accepting her fate, much like present day Aural. Again, they were one and the same—he and the panther, she and the gazelle—with the possible exception of the love shining in the liquid brown eyes surrendering their life to his brutal instinct. And in a way, it felt so appropriate to sink his pointy canines in her tempting neck and crunch hard until it snapped since that expression enraged him with the memory of something he rather forget.
He raised his gaze, and once more Aural was on the opposite side looking at her former self and at him, the awareness the game was about them, and them alone in every other feasible past the drug or their minds could con¬jure up, glazing her purple eyes. And it confirmed she was the one, like he had thought the moment he first saw her, only now, they both knew it.
“She’s fallen asleep.” Myla’s voice brought him back.
“Yeah…” Caught unaware, the hunter jerked as if he was coming out of a trance. “She probably didn’t sleep a wink last night.” Going over the cot where Aural lay uncon¬scious, he traced one of the many scars littering her back. “And these mustn’t have helped either.” He looked at them closely. “If I keep this up like I intend to, in a few days I won’t be able to touch her anymore.”
“Not to worry, lion heart.” Myla reached a faraway corner and dug through a pile of containers, flagons and small vases. “I have just the remedy.” After another minute of searching, she picked up a little, fat terra cotta jar. “Here you go.” And she handed it to him.
“What is it?” Opening the lid, he saw a greenish muck that smelled of freshly cut grass.
“It’s a potion I make to help the skin heal faster if cut, burnt, punctured by an insect or anything similar. It closes wounds immediately, stops the bleeding, and makes the skin stronger, more resilient. People also tell me it takes away the pain, though I wouldn’t be too sure about it.” And her expression indicated it was not one of the side effects she wanted to work on Aural.
Taking a step forward, Rhodri was on her. “You don’t like her, do you?”
“No…it’s just…” Myla shook her head while taking a precautionary step back. “I don’t think she’s right for you.”
“But you saw it, too, right?”
Reluctantly, she nodded.
“She’s the one, no question about it. After what I saw, I have no doubts.” Slowly, he turned back to gaze at the naked body lying on the bed. “I mean I had the feeling we were connected…” He shrugged away the visions that had plagued him during his long search of what at times seemed only a figment of his imagination. “But I had no idea it went so deep.”
“If you want to break the chain, you only need to change the pattern.”
“How do I do that?”
“The best way would be to stop this blood obsession you have for her.” And the flash in her eyes told him she did not approve of it.
Can I really? Rhodri looked at the pale flesh rising slightly with every soft breath. No, the question is more…do I want it really? And if he had to tell the honest truth, he did not. “I’m not sure I can…”
“Then you’ll never be free.” Myla sighed heavily, moving away to stir the fire. “She’ll never learn and will repeat the same mistakes over and over.”
“What mistakes?” But he knew exactly which one.
“Having feelings that you neither want nor return.”
“This time, it could be different.”
“Perhaps…” No, her eyes did not agree.
“Maybe it’s what I deserve.” Straightening his shoul¬ders getting ready for the inevitable blow, he bent to pick up his clothes and get dressed. “In any case, it’s too early to tell for sure.”
“Have it your way, Tylean.” She shrugged as if indifferent to his fate. “But I’d be very careful if I were you.”
“Why, Markay?” The name from one of his many past lifetimes slipped without any efforts, his memory obvi-ously having stored some of the information it glimpsed earlier.

“She’s not the only one with emotional issues.” Re¬turning to his side, she took his face between her palms. “You’re not immune to feelings yourself, and you’re getting close to developing them for her.”