TITLE: The Heat
SERIES: Virtus Saga #6

Lord Christopher Templeton: Angel or Demon?

“You still have a few more things to learn, Princess, but you’re definitely on the right track.” Satisfied, he beamed at her. “Now get naked. I can’t wait to have more of you.”
“And what is my master’s first interest?” Of course, she complied immediately, taking off her shirt and skirt with a few gestures. Underneath, as per the angel’s order, she was completely bare.
“I think you can guess.” Flipping her on the belly, he grabbed her firm buttocks. “The heat has kept me from appreciating this magnificent ass of yours as it deserves.” With wet fingers he rimmed the edges, and Ylianor raised it. “And from the looks of it, you’ve missed it, too.” Dipping, he was not surprised the narrow hole sucked both fingers to the hilt. “Or has that cute assistant you keep in the stables been using it?”
“Thierry?” He did not need further confirmation. Her deep blush said it all. “He’s just a…pastime whenever you’re…unavailable.”
“I bet he is.” Sarcastic, he increased the butt penetration to three fingers. “Funny thing, he’s exactly the type the angel would love to cut up—”
“Don’t you dare tell him.” Part amused, part annoyed, Ylianor twisted on herself to confront him.
“Why not?” So he pushed her down again, sticking more fingers in her rear. “Afraid he’ll steal him from you?”
“Oh, please, give me a break!” Defiant, she shook her head, and the splendid mass of hair covered her entire back. “But the demon is so conceited, he’d go after Thierry only to spite me.”
“So what?” Her ass was turning his cock into a stone again. “You can steal his men. You two seem to have the same tastes anyway.”
“Ha, as if I cared about any of them, particularly the old, distinguished types.”
No question about it. He felt torn between the urge to possess her butt and continue their intriguing conversation.
“I wouldn’t want Lord Ellis on a silver plate.” As though understanding his dilemma, she wriggled her butt. “He’s good only for the demon’s need for submission—”
“What do you mean?” Suddenly very interested, Duncan eased the pressure in her rear.
“Come on. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed it.” Coy and seductive, she swayed, as if to convince him to continue his sensual tease.
“Notice what?” Instead, he turned her to lie on her back.
“How his two sides require different sexual handlings.” Resigned to talking, Ylianor settled more comfortably, sitting cross-legged in front of him. “His fiendish side needs to dominate people. Hence the cruel knife game and the hunt for young men to transform into prey. His good side, instead, needs someone commanding, as if the angel wanted punishment for all the bad things the demon does.”
“And where do I stand in this game with himself?”
“You, my love, are something so far apart, you’re in a class all your own.” Her eyes blazed. “Everyone else, me included, has to fit in one of the other two categories. What’s most interesting is that his demon side resents the domination his angel side wants to force on him—”
“Which explains why there are few masters in his life and many prey.”
“Right, just one Arthur and a whole bunch of young, juicy victims.” Ylianor nodded. “And since Arthur’s place is empty, he must fill it—”
“And Richard Ellis is his choice.” Analyzed this way, it made perfect sense.
“I suppose so.” Ylianor shrugged indifferent, as though it did not matter to her. “He’s old enough to fit the part the demon wants to assign him. Too bad poor Richard already seems to require more than your angel is willing to grant him.”
“You mean in the feelings’ department?”
“Exactly. The demon keeps such a tight lid over his emotions he’s devised some kind of layering system to keep people out.”
“A layering system?” That was news to him. Settling on his knees, he urged her to continue.
“It’s like a defense mechanism, which gets people stuck on the surface. And prevents them from reaching what belongs to you exclusively, his core.” She suppressed a smile.
“He is mine, but I hope I’m not such a tyrant that there’s no space for anyone else.”
“The problem is not you, my love.” Stretching out, she caressed his face. “It’s him. He doesn’t want anyone there besides you, and he’s going to keep it that way no matter what.”
“What about you, Princess?” Catching her hand, he kissed it. “What layer are you in?”
“Oh, I’m close enough to the core, closer than anyone else ever got to.”
“And Arthur?” Grabbing her other hand, he placed them both on his straining shaft.
“He got deep, no question about it, which is something I don’t think the demon will allow Lord Ellis to do.” Obediently, she stroked him. “Arthur’s death devastated him, however much he claimed the contrary.”
“He still hasn’t recovered, for that matter.” And you carrying Lord Fairchild’s ghost isn’t helping any.
Not worth sharing, he dismissed the thought.
“Which is why he’ll keep Lord Ellis at bay, at least as far as feelings go. As for the sex, he absolutely needs it, so it’s just a question of time before he gives in.”
“Resistance has never been my angel’s strong suit.” Duncan chuckled. “But I’m surprised he let you see all that of him.”
“He didn’t!” Ylianor spat, “But if he thought I’d be only sucking cocks during our stay at Fair Haven, he was gravely mistaken.”
“Didn’t like his training?” Her touch was so arousing, his desire heated up again.
“I liked the prizes he gave me every time I was good.” She intensified the rhythm. “And the way he let himself go whenever he was satisfied with me, which made me work twice as hard to please him.”
“Same way you should be working now.” Pushing her down, he made her lie on her belly again. “We talked too much for my taste.” Bending, his tongue rimmed her lavishly, before he straightened to aim for what his cock demanded impatiently. A couple of shoves and he penetrated, sliding to the guts with a few more thrusts.
Facilitating his plunge, her ass opened up completely. Still tight, he had missed it in the frenzy of the heat. Amazing how much he liked it, yet had gone without it. And to think his angel had not had it either, increased the pleasure of her cramped space squeezing him once more. The harder he pumped, the deeper he went as the narrow confinement enlarged to take him all. He wished the ramming would never end, despite his intense craving to burst, but it was not a realistic prospect.
Ylianor was about to come, and her tide was always irresistible. To heighten both their sensations, he slipped a hand under her hips to fondle the throbbing clit, drowning in its own honeydew. Then he linked their minds. That was the end of it.
The knot between her legs was so swollen Duncan feared it would explode, literally. At his repeated strokes, Ylianor swayed, pushing down to rub faster, then rising up to swallow his erection to the balls, in a continuous rhythm that was bound to push them both over the edge. Eventually it did, sooner rather than later, with her loud scream preceding the shattering of her very essence, her flesh convulsing around his hand, around his cock mostly, until the first wave retreated. Just pause, then a fresh one started with a new slam, the sense of being stuffed enough to make her come again and again. At one point, he lost count, probably the fact each ran into the other having something to do with it.
He only knew he could not take it anymore. Her vibrant body arching at his every bang, not to mention the moistness clinging to his fingers probing her tender folds apart, was too much. With a muffled groan, he lost all the fluid he had managed to repress in her guts.
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