If the masters are two, the slave is always one. And she remains the same throughout the Virtus Saga.
But she’s far from a regular slave, so things aren’t always as they appear to be.
Sometimes, the slave becomes the master, and there’s nothing to do except accept it.
It’s what happens to the three main characters of the Virtus Saga, which isn’t just another erotic dark fantasy series. It’s the making of a trio, of two gorgeous masters and their very unique slave coming together in a way no three other people could ever.
But how did it all start? And how did it progress to the point neither Prince Duncan Caldwell nor his phase mate, Lord Christopher Templeton, can do without their slave, Ylianor Meyer?
[image:image-0]“How did you manage it?”
“Manage what?” Now thoroughly confused, Ylianor creased her forehead, hoping she could resist one second longer before the tide drowned her.
“To get in their bed…” Extremely close by now, Cecilia’s breath played on Ylianor’s face. “And in their hearts?” She made a funny face. “I’ve seen…no, make that everybody has seen how they both look at you.” Her dark eyes bore into Ylianor. “What’s your secret? What sorcery did you work on them to bewitch them so?”
(Excerpt from The Heat, Virtus SagaBook #6)
Yeah, what’s Ylianor’s secret? How did she do it? Or rather, how did she, a mere slave, manage to pull it off? To become the master of Prince Duncan Caldwell and Lord Christopher Templeton’s feelings?
Because she isn’t just another slave! She’s the one commanding them. She’s the mistress and they the slaves. And the nice thing is that they all love to play it like she’s a worthless hide they use for their pleasure alone.
Don’t be fooled.
Ylianor certainly isn’t, to the point she becomes aware of just how much she loves it. And tells them to their face, too.
From the start to the very end, Ylianor’s enslavement is an escalation in the art of subtle domination. And if you’re still interested in stealing her secrets, just read on.
Since when are you my master?
[image:image-1]The Sex, Virtus Saga #1 – MF erotic excerpt
“Do you trust me?”
“Do I have a choice?” A bit defiant, she stared back at him with an unspoken challenge he put down to her inexperience and to the novelty of it all.
“You always have a choice, Princess.” Stroking her breasts, he toyed with the raised tips to increase her desire. “But when your master orders—”
“Since when are you my master?” Perplexed, Ylianor’s arresting green eyes flew wide-open.
“Since always,” he breathed huskily. “You belong to me, and that’s what I felt when I laid my eyes on you. I had no idea who you were, yet I knew you were mine.” His tongue played in her ear. “Which makes you my slave.” He spelled out the word, so there would be no misunderstanding.
Not because he truly believed she could be his slave. Because this game was turning out to be more arousing than he had anticipated.
“Now, are you ready to submit to your rightful master and owner?” < Read full MF erotic excerpt >
Oh, drop the act! You can’t wait to be his goddamn slave!
The Game, Virtus Saga #2 – MMF erotic excerpt
“Nothing like her mouth, right?” Ironic, Duncan’s tone was vaguely mocking, “Is that why you’re digging so hard in it our cocks will meet in the middle sooner or later?”
“Just having fun, lover.” To mark his point, Chris lifted his hips in a particularly vicious impact that had the tip of his erection slipping past her throat.
“By suffocating her?” At her coughs, Duncan yanked back her head to give her space to breathe.
And not a moment too soon!
“Yes, if that’s what it takes.” Undaunted, Chris snatched her back down. “At least it makes for a more exciting blowjob.”
“Not to mention more exclusive,” Duncan observed. “Since it would be a one-time deal.”
“Works for me.” Sure it would, considering how much the despicable fiend wanted to get rid of her!
“Not for me, since we still need her to get into Cecilia’s Game.” Screwing more of his length inside, Prince Caldwell spread her buttocks apart. “Unless you’d be willing to take her place and play slave—”  < Read full MMF erotic excerpt >
Master of pain
[image:image-3]The Festival, Virtus Saga #3 – MF erotic excerpt
“Hush, Demon.” With two strides, she reached him. “You don’t have to apologize.” One hand flew to his face, to stroke his cheek. The other raked through his thick blond hair. “I’ve been jealous, too.” And the admission sounded less painful than she had expected.
Liberating in a way, because it had been a load pressing on her chest that she had clung to for far more than necessary.
And as soon as she let it go, she felt the beginning of something new connecting them, something far deeper and more precious than anything they had shared thus far.
Not that she had any chance to realize what it was exactly.
Chris bending and kissing her senseless kind of messed with her awareness. Not just on the account of his tongue ravaging her mouth and sticking down her throat. Mostly because he circled her waist and crushed her against his crotch.
So she went for him. And his reactions be damned! It was high time Christopher Templeton acknowledged there was something at work between them that went beyond Prince Duncan Caldwell. < Read full MF erotic excerpt >
Masters, why don’t we do things my way for a change?

The Leader, Virtus Saga #4 – MMF erotic excerpt
“If you’ve got a problem with it, let’s skip the woman and deal with it between us men.” Evidently pissed off as though he had read his thought, Chris could barely control his voice.
But before Prince Caldwell could reply, Ylianor was between them.
“Why don’t we concentrate on celebrating the event, instead?” Her ass grinding seductively on his crotch, her hands played with the angel’s cock, while her husky voice tried to cool things down. “And do things my way, for a change?”
“What are you suggesting?” Excited, Duncan dipped to bite her tempting neck, holding her hips against him.
“That you, my love, lie down on the bed.”
“What about me?” Also Chris wanted to play along.
“Demon, you’re always too impatient.” Reaching the bed, Ylianor straddled the prince, her cunt rubbing the aroused cock without allowing it to penetrate. Then she challenged Chris. “I believe there’s something here that requires your immediate attention.” < Read full MF erotic excerpt >
Master BS
[image:image-5]The Pledge, Virtus Saga #5 – MMF erotic excerpt
“The training is finally working.” Duncan stuck a finger in her ass that opened to receive more. “We might just get the slave we always wanted.”
“You mean the one who doesn’t turn things against her master and services his needs exactly the way he wants them?” Drawing back from the thick piece he was clasping, Chris sniggered.
“Ah-ha, so she tricked you, too?” The fingers increased to two, then three.
“There’s no end to her damn tricks, lover.” Yanking her hair, Chris threw back Ylianor’s head to stare in her eyes. “But I never thought you had the nerve to do it to your primary master.”
“Oh, she did and shamelessly, too.” He increased the pressure on her rear. “Playing me like I was a first-timer discovering his Virt of sharing feelings.”
“Didn’t go any better with me.” Chris pressed her neck back to her task. “Mocking me with her master bullshit until she got exactly her way.”
“I say she deserves punishment.” In spite of his words, his hand slipped under her belly as she continued to suck the demon’s now huge shaft. “A rich one…” The sensual glide from her cunt to her clit was about to make her come. If only the prince insisted a little more on the swollen knot above her trap, she would have no problems in—
“Without her coming.” < Read full MF erotic excerpt >
Training my ass!

The Heat, Virtus Saga #6 – BDSM erotic excerpt
By the gods, what have they done to you? The words stuck in his throat at the sight of her, while his shaft had a reaction all its own.
Totally wrapped in ropes, she was the most cock wrenching sight he had ever seen.
Around her neck a collar held several cords running down her body and covering it completely except for the strategic parts, like snakes enveloping her in their spires. Four thick twines wrapped around her arms, crisscrossing them from shoulder to wrist, leaving the elbows free to bend. Thinner strands curved downward—two circling her breasts and hips before winding around her thighs, two at her back overlapping the front ones, coiling around her waist then pairing up with the legs’ bondages, which did not hamper the knees’ movements. Needless to say, her ass and cunt were absolutely available to any and all solicitations, while her mouth was gagged shut.
“Like her?” Craigan’s contemptuous smugness was almost intolerable. “It’s the way I like to treat my most disobedient servants.” With a visible effort, he rose from the couch. “Now let me get a look at her.” Then went over toward Brady dragging Ylianor to the middle of the chamber. “Like I said, I heard so much about her, but during the Fitting I only had eyes for the leader, much like everybody else.” As he confronted her, Chris noticed there was no trace of fear in her determined posture, standing tall and proud, head up, green eyes flashing in defiance.
“Lower your head when a master looks at you.” < Read full MF erotic excerpt >
Meet Mistress Ylianor!

The Princess, Virtus Saga #5 – erotic excerpt
“More than a drink, the leader would like a little fun and game.”
Ylianor’s soft voice took on a commanding note that surprised him and the prince, not to mention the rest of the women.
“Really?” Lucy, the first to recover from the shock, came forward to stare at Duncan with big brown eyes filled with the sickening puppy-love stuff.
“Whatever our leader requires, we’ll be glad to oblige him.” Shrewder and more accustomed to the Hall’s ways of doing things, Lilith and Doria spoke together, bowing to Duncan first, then to him. “And Lord Templeton, of course.”
Was it his imagination or did they charge his name with a trace of conceited satisfaction?
No, Angel, not your impression. Duncan’s lips twisted. They think they have you—
But we’ll change their perception. “We’ll see about what you’ll be able to do for either of them.” Don’t worry, Demon. “Right now, they require you to strip. And be quick about it.” < Read full MF erotic excerpt >
I’m proud to be your slave in bed, and I want everyone to know it

The Lord, Virtus Saga #8 – BDSM erotic excerpt
, not so fast.” Ylianor still at his side, the leader detained him. “First, we have to be clear on how we want to enter the Game. Who plays what—”
“I thought it was already settled.” A malicious flash lit the blue-gray eyes. “What else could sleeping beauty play if not our slave?” That it was a tease was clear from his joking tone as well as from the tender expression brightening his beautiful face as he gazed at her.
“Actually, she hasn’t said she would.” Duncan stared at her, too. “Princess, you don’t have to be the slave. If you can’t play the master because your age doesn’t allow it, you can still be the guest.”
Cecilia had crafted a sexual game out of strict rules and regulations that limited what people could and could not do.
“I’ll be happy to play slave if—”
“Nonsense, lover!” Now his eyes locked on Duncan’s. “You are the leader, a master by definition, and we’re here for a definite purpose, which is to talk to that Malcolm freak,” he snapped, “So you need to be in the strongest position possible, as the master of masters.” His tone softened, “If sleeping beauty doesn’t want to be the slave, I’ll take the part.”
“You would?” < Read full PG excerpt >