Published By: eXtasy Books

Author: Laura Tolomei
ISBN: 978-1-4874-2482-4
Page: 459
Word Count: 139610
Estimated Publish Date: April 26, 2019
Series: Virtus #1
Heat Level: 4 Flames
Categories: Fantasy, GLBT, Menage, Multiple Partners, Paranormal, Erotica , PREORDER

“Would you like to stay the night?” Slightly embarrassed, her cheeks colored of an adorable red shade. “I mean, with the rain and all, maybe it would be better.” She seemed to pull herself together. “There’s a free bed upstairs, and I could fix you something to eat.”

Judging from the little furniture he had seen, he guessed the small shack would be unable to provide for too many sleeping arrangements. “Where will you sleep?”

“Oh, I won’t be doing much sleeping tonight.” Retrieving his towel, she folded it on the back of a chair. “My father is dying, so I’ll keep to his bedside.”

“I’m sorry.” He really was, even if nothing she had said so far had shed any light on who she really was, or on what her connection to him might be. “Can I be of assistance?”

“No, thank you.” She did not sound sad, just exhausted. “He’s been ill for a long time, but tonight I feel it’s his last one in this dimension.”

“I see.” Not sure he did, he tried to be convincing.

Averting her gaze, she glanced out the window. “If you’d like, I’ll take care of Fuzeon.” For a moment, she seemed lost as though fascinated by what she was fixing so intently. “I’m sure this thunderstorm has frightened him enough already. My father always keeps a few bales of hay stashed away for just such occasions.”

“You seem to know an awful lot about me.” Surprised, he cocked his head. “And about my horse.”

“Not to worry, Prince.” She patted his shoulder gently, as though he were a child in need of reassurance. “I’m the stable keeper’s daughter, so not only do I know your family quite well, but also your horses.”