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Pauvre Fous!

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Halloween demons


Adult, Erotic Lalla, Amazing AmazonDownload PDF First Chapters, Wattpad Chapter One – Leave your review on Goodreads

Can you survive trying to convince a demon he’s your soul mate?

Now he had the place. He had the lovers. He had the simultaneous come. And tonight was Halloween!

“Unique!” Mary’s Naughty Whispers rated it 5 STARS

“Dark fantasy, Hot demons, Hot sex! MUST READ!” M*M*W*

“The story-line was really good and so was the premise of the plot.   There is plenty of hot sex with a multitude of partners. So I will recommend this to those who love m/f/m, dark fantasy, paranormal, m/m, hot sex (and loads of it) and an ending that has you pulling your hair out.” MM Good Book Reviews

THE DEMON WAITER is a mixture of horror, paranormal and erotica. Author Laura Tolomei blends them perfectly into a blazing hot read that will leave you breathless. Laurent quickly caught my attention with his confidence and demands – he definitely knows what he wants and is not afraid to take it. The supporting cast of characters pale in comparison with him. The demon world is uniquely built and creates an atmosphere that will leave you gasping. Definitely pick this one up if you like some paranormal with your sizzle!” RJR rated it 4 Ribbons

“Ms. Tolomei vividly describes Laurent’s sexual adventures as he works his way to the ultimate experience: Sex with a demon waiter. Will Laurent find what he is looking for before his death?” Sensual Reads

The Demon Waiter

AUTHOR Laura Tolomei

FACEBOOK THREADS: Laura Tolomei Horror Side

GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Ménage à trois, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, Shapeshiter, Romance, Holiday, m/m, m/m/f, m/m/m/f, m/m/m/m/m

ISBN# 9781554879977


PAGES# 121

WORDS# 33.000

HEAT: 5 flames

RELEASED: 15 October 2011

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER ARTIST: Martine Jardin


He hadn’t expected it. Not at all. And yet there it was, Laurent De Berger’s heart wish was a…impossible! And to think he had done it by the book, have sex in a dusty ghost town saloon with Anthony and Renée on Halloween night, only to find out…no, he still couldn’t believe it! But since there was no going around it, what to do now?


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PG (203 let’s have a party)

When it was over, Viridial didn’t linger. With one quick kiss, he jumped out of the bed. “What do you say if we throw a party in here?” His eyes flashed mischievously.

“No, wait.” Gripping his arm, Laurent threw him back on the bed. “I’d rather be alone with you.” He grabbed the curly hair to feel its thickness. “I mean I just found you and—”

“That’s the limited human way of taking part in the sex and in the power that comes with it.” Spinning around, Viridial took Laurent’s face between his palms. “You’re in my world, for once, and demons increase their power and connection by sharing everything with everyone else.”


“Everything.” Viridial nodded in confirmation. “The sex as much as the torture, the pleasure as much as the pain.” Huge black eyes searched his face. “Didn’t you see how things are in the main hall?”

“So it wasn’t a show for my sake?” An icy shiver raced down Laurent’s back.

“Pas de tout.” He said it without the slightest trace of an accent. “It’s the way we do things, all together. Whether a kill or a fuck, everyone becomes more powerful from the energy going around.”

“Which in turn strengthens everyone’s connections, right?”

“Exactly.” Letting go of his face, Viridial’s hands fell back on the mattress. “You’ve proven how strong ours is, but dividing it with other demons will make it permanent.” He kissed Laurent. “Besides, I want to have you every which way I can.”

“Wrong.” Clutching his arm, he held it tight despite its slippery feel.

PG (395 how Laurent came to be in Dallas)

Thus had started a great working and sexual partnership he found exciting and stimulating, at least for five years, at least until Julie told him she was divorcing her husband and would love a steadier situation with him. Of course, the mere mention of the word steady was enough to cool his enthusiasm. Sure, she had a great butt, one he used often, though not exclusively, during the five years. But to turn a satisfying ass fuck into a relationship and with the boss, too, he needed much more of something he would’ve been ashamed to confess to his best friend.

Despite his rationality’s vehement scorn, he couldn’t let go of a deep yearning to find that something special, the one being connected to him in a way no other ever could be, beyond sex, stronger than love or whatever other deep emotion people could share. Most of the times, his analytical mind refused even to consider the possibility, throwing it all back at him like another of the heterosexuals’ myths or mumbo jumbo designed to produce more prolific couples. If forced to admit it, though, Laurent craved to recognize at a single glance his significant other, as literature and gossip now defined them. To have the same thoughts simultaneously was his dream, if not the similar stuff romance authors loved to describe at length in their stories. Having read more than his share of such nonsense type books, he could never bring himself to scorn them entirely, like they deserved to be. A deep-rooted and tenacious belief held him back from throwing them away contemptuously. Et s’il c’était vrai? Yes, what if it were all true? So reading of two souls linked by fate, past lives or whatever only made him wish—no, believe—someone like that existed for him, too.

Of course, Laurent had more sense than to say any of it to Julie’s face, simply looked for a job elsewhere. By then biotech had become the big thing she had foretold—yeah, the smart ass had vision all right—which made it very easy for him to have his pick of companies willing to pay his outrageous salary requests.

The one bidding highest had to be in Dallas, damn it! But since location wasn’t an issue, in fact the farther from her the better, he immediately accepted and here he was.

PG (430 New Orleans, Mardi Gras, Carnival vs Halloween)

What really cemented their union, however, was the book. Not just any ordinary book, but The Book itself. Well, maybe a few explanations were in order.

In New Orléans he had discovered its existence quite by chance during one of his many business trips. Laurent loved the city with a French heart, the best one in the US for him, and couldn’t help seeking out its finer pleasures. Needless to say, they mostly concerned sex and doing it with a voodoo sort of witch was an experience all its own. With her amber-colored skin and Créole roots, Mélissane was exactly his type.

Met in a pleasure house, Laurent found her fascinating to the point of asking for individual services whenever he happened to be in town. And she agreed, going to his hotel and staying over for the duration of his trip, if necessary, or however long he required. Why shouldn’t she? I pay her more than she earns in a week in that rat hole. Since he was shelling out the hard piles of cash, he kept her to the bed, insatiable, to use her slender silhouette as he saw fit, in the dominating way he liked best.

It had become his usual routine with Mélissane, every free minute spent indoors except during Carnival, if Laurent was so lucky to catch it. Then he’d take her out and celebrate Mardi Gras as only a born and bred European could, having digested its traditions along with his mother’s milk.

No doubt about it, he could relate to it in a way he never had with Halloween. No, it wasn’t just a matter of dressing up in costumes, which people did on both occasions. It had more to do with the differences in their finalities. Unlike Halloween, the Carnival was the prelude to a very spiritual period emphasizing the connection to God, rather than that with spirits in general. Its feasts marked the beginning of Lent’s fasts, so the excesses in the celebrations were somehow justified by the rigors that would follow, to remind everyone God enforced a severe moral code on his promoters. Like Ramadan for the Muslims, so the Catholics had to observe a strict diet during Lent, the forty days preceding Easter, in order to purify their bodies and souls to make them worthy of Christ’s resurrection.

During Mardi Gras, some places tolerated promiscuity and outright sex in public, something Laurent naturally took advantage of. It was on one such occasion Mélissane told him about the book. Now how had things gone exactly? Oh, yes, now he remembered.

PG (350 deep yearning and book)

Why exactly he asked Mélissane to give him the book, he’d never know. Or perhaps he did, just didn’t have the guts to admit it to anyone, least of all himself. For sure, his wasn’t the interest of a man fascinated by demons and spirits alike. No, same as with religion, he never cared about the hocus pocus or voodoo associated with it, always very skeptical it existed, much less influenced human lives in any way. But the stuff about having his heart’s desire come true twisted his insides as though it was actually a necessity he had to satisfy.

If he had to analyze the hankering, which he didn’t, it had to do with that sense of being in search of something, like his life wasn’t complete. Nothing new for him, same as when Julie told him she was divorcing her husband. Being away from her, though, hadn’t lessened the sensation, only increased it. Funny also how no amount of sex got rid of it either, as though it were embedded in his soul. And if at first he put it down to his growing sense of feeling out of place deprived of his roots, lately he wasn’t so sure. True, nostalgia became a problem for the best of them, men and women thrown into the world and so far away from their origins to have almost forgotten them. But he never had homesickness, nor did he dream of his homeland with wishful yearning. No, not his style to live in the pastel colored lights movies reserved to the desperation at being cut off from the Mother Country. But, if he couldn’t get rid of whatever it was tormenting him at a level he had no wish to acknowledge rationally, maybe Mélissane’s book was worth a try.

Safe to say, Les secrets du Halloween turned out better than expected, with its detailed set of instructions he had to follow, to the letter, in order to call for the demon world and have it materialize on the night in question. And the first was to find a suitable gateway between the two separate dimensions.

PG (477 horror)

“One thing at a time. First let me introduce myself.” It was a reassuringly normal man, and he looked like one, too—tall, old with wise brown eyes and white hair. “I’m Sallas, your host.” He bowed deeply.

“And I am—”

“Oh, no need to introduce yourself. I know all about you, M’sieur Laurent De Berger, and I must congratulate you on having succeeded.”

“In what?”

“Why, in summoning the demon world. Wasn’t that what you were trying to do?” The piercing eyes gave him a thorough inspection. “And you’re one of the very few who actually managed it.”

“Then it’s true?” Not believing his ears, Laurent glanced around and unfortunately caught another horrifying sight that left no doubts to the authenticity of the words.

Next to the pile of skinned alive, there was a line-up of low wooden benches with a series of men in front of them. On top of the stands, horned midget-like critters no taller than Laurent’s waist were practicing expert blowjobs, judging from the results, on cocks that at first refused to react. But such must’ve been the tiny rascals power of persuasion, Laurent soon saw them grow into thick erections holding up on their own. At that point, the midgets scuttled away. In their place, huge beasts swung large fiery red bladed axes over the innocent dicks, cutting them off with single blows. Blood spurted everywhere as the men seemed to shout in pain and anger, though none of it reached Laurent, save the sight of their bodies sagging to the floor like balloons deflated too fast. Once to the ground, the men were either finished off by a series of other hits or pushed aside, still agonizing for life, depending on the executioners’ whim. Either way, a fresh batch that would suffer the same fate replaced the mutilated ones.

“Yes, this is our world and you’re very welcome here, M’sieur.” With another elaborate show of it, Sallas bowed low for the second time.

“But…those people over there…” Uncertain, he gestured at the heap of corpses littering the hardboard floor and covering it with smeary bloody red streaks.

“Those are the stupid fools who think they can use Halloween to their advantage.” He chuckled sarcastic. “Their plan is usually to enslave a demon until he reveals the secret of long life or surrenders his power, not knowing there are right and wrong ways to go about it.”

“But it’s too high a price to pay even for stupidity…” Laurent’s horrified gaze didn’t know where to look now.

“Don’t feel sorry for them. You don’t know to what lengths some people will go to get what they want,” Sallas retorted philosophically. “If their ends justify their means, like they claim, then so do ours, and nothing’s too bad for them, not even what my friends over there are about to do.”

PG (74 M+F no choice between the two)

Of course, he had told her all about his fucking men, like he did with any other woman coming his way. Since he didn’t intend to make a choice between either, he always informed his partners of how things stood with him to avoid any misunderstandings. And women, at least the ones he’d been with, always understood, never made a problem about it, in fact often tried to facilitate his search of male lovers.

R Demon sex scene on main floor (970 eXtasy)

Following the old man’s gaze, Sallas steered his attention to a group of well-dressed human-like skinny young men and women. They were all dressed in black, with clothes more in fashion during the Nineteenth Century rather than modern age. Most had long hair and very pale faces with bloodshot eyes, but nothing unusual about them that would warrant Sallas’s interest. Then one of them went to the prison and picked a man and a woman after a careful selection. The guards had no objection to his taking the two away, and Laurent braced himself ‘cause they weren’t destined for a happy ending.

Once brought to the rest of the group, for a moment nothing happened. Everybody simply circled around the two, looking them up and down with a strange light flashing in their eyes. Then they jumped all together, like a pack of wolves on the two victims, mouths slightly ajar from which pointy white teeth gleamed malignantly. Assaulting the innocent victims, their razor sharp devices sank in the flesh, some on the throat, others on the chest, and sucked the life out of them. In a matter of seconds, it was gone, the dead frames falling to the ground while the group licked its lips, already scrutinizing the prison for the next energy drinks.

“But why can’t I hear their screams?” Laurent wondered out loud, noticing more than one opened his mouth wide before collapsing lifeless.

“Because the piano swallows their sounds and turns them into music.”

“So the fingers and the headless man—”

“They’re just for show.” Sallas nodded gravely, gesturing at the fingers leaving for a tour of the saloon in the direction of the bar counter. “Without terrorized screams the piano would be silent.”

“It’s revolting and horrible.”

“It’s the punishment the fools deserve for meddling where they don’t belong and never will ‘cause the dark arts are for very few enlightened spirits. But cheer up.” With a broad smile, Sallas patted his back. “Not all our tortures are so terrible.” The old man directed his attention to the opposite side of the room.

A completely different scene unfolded before Laurent. Instead of blood and death, an orgy was in progress. The men and women chosen for what looked like a completely separate event seemed pampered rather than brutalized. Interestingly enough, the protagonists on this side were the devilish Lilliputians. They were devoted entirely to blowing cocks, licking cunts and butt holes, helping any demon wanting to have fun with a human. Sometimes they serviced their masters, too, their astonishingly long tongues wrapping like an endless rope around some of the biggest erections Laurent had ever seen. Not just long, but large, way beyond anything a human male could hope to achieve, not even through surgery. And they used them surprisingly well, too.

Whether preying on a man or a woman, they’d stick their incredible pieces with an expertise that made Laurent think they did nothing else all day long. If the pigmy spread the cheeks apart, they would plunge in one single thrust all the way to the balls, so fast Laurent sometimes didn’t catch the moment of entry. Still the hole enlarged in the blink of an eye to a size it would never know in the human dimension. Others drilled slits while their acolytes held arms and legs to prevent the woman from moving. In this case, the demons had a grand time switching holes, going from one to another rapidly and with such powerful shoves Laurent wondered how they didn’t split their partners in half.

Men had better deals, everything considered. The midgets would often lap their cocks while they were either impaled or gagged by the monstrous equipment pushing down, or up depending on the direction. More devils provoked humans’ desire to a spasm. Having their tiny assistants lick a cunt or suck a dick without allowing a come, Laurent could testify to the devastating effects on the poor victims, squirming and begging for release. For all response, the monsters would stick their erections in his or her mouth, suffocating their frantic pleas.

Unable to avert his eyes, Laurent watched the variety of shafts penetrating derrières, cunts, and mouths, some to the point they actually came out the opposite end. Like in his wild fantasies, the demons managed to grow such long shafts they actually emerged from a throat, even if banged up an ass. And he didn’t think it was at all pleasant for the people assembled orgy-style on the floor, their yellowish fluids somehow mixing with the reddish ones to make a ghastly sticky pool in the middle of the room.

Twisting among the demons inflicting such pains and pleasures, Laurent saw two very familiar snakes doing their best to transform sex into a weapon. “But those are—”

“In the meantime, you’re welcome to watch the show. Here…” He pulled a chair from an empty table. “Take a seat and order something to drink. Our saloon’s full of delicious drinks, the likes of which you’ve never taste in your human world.”

Unnoticed until that moment, the main floor had a life of its own. All tables except one were occupied by archfiends watching now the torture, now the sex. Each had a full glass, which at times they raised in loud cheers—and Laurent didn’t care to know what deserved their praise. Oddly, though, he couldn’t determine who served them the drinks. If there were two bartenders at the counter, whom he had noticed when the fingers reached their station, they hadn’t moved since Laurent’s arrival, so someone had to—

Then on turning around, he saw him, leaning to whisper in one of the bartender’s ears. “Who’s he?”

“Who?” Sallas glanced behind him. “That’s Viridial, our demon waiter.”


MM (405 Anthony)

On meeting at the pub where Anthony was waiting outside, Laurent’s first comment had been simply, “Do we really have to waste our time on a drink or can we skip to the fuck?” Having read the signs clearly, he knew Anthony would have no hesitation, none whatsoever in following him home, which he did readily.

Anthony was a passionate one, a real cock lover who couldn’t wait to get him indoors to take it out and suck it in the living room. That was before he saw the swimming pool and decided Laurent would be more comfortable laying in one of the sun-beds. His mouth was so good Laurent would’ve allowed him to do it wherever he wanted, also upside down if necessary. The way Anthony took his dick in one gulp and brought it down the throat, literally swallowing it to the point Laurent felt the plunge, was simply incredible. He couldn’t get enough of his tongue either, wrapped around the firm stem to lap on all sides or curled in a tight squeeze that drove Laurent crazy.

On the pool’s edges, he let Anthony have it all, each intake bringing him closer to the cum that was pushing from his balls up until it burst into the pliant cavity. It didn’t stop Anthony from sucking, though, quite the contrary. He continued pampering the limp piece to make it grow again, which it did in a matter of minutes. His fastest recovery to date, Laurent wondered how the man managed it without the slightest effort, but it was hardly the only surprise of the night.

If Laurent didn’t know better, he’d have sworn Anthony had some sort of magical power. That trick of swallowing was unlike anything he had ever experienced with either men or women. The impression was really of plunging in a bottomless pit, like the shaft went beyond the normal throat constriction, the obvious limit to most other blowjobs. Anthony’s, instead, was a smooth drop into an abyss, and without even coughing once.

It was more than enough to turn his dick into another throbbing erection, pushing into Anthony’s mouth to demand more space despite the excess it was already getting. That was also when Laurent’s gaze fell on the derrière moving to the same rhythm of the head bobs. Definitely a male’s ass in shape, Laurent wanted it from the start, to ram until Anthony begged him to stop—

MM (390 demon ass)

“Let me go.” A low growl was enough to tell Laurent this might turn out even better than he anticipated.

“Why?” So he simply tightened his hold.

“No way you’re going to take me!” For all response, the demon thrashed to throw him off. “I’m the one doing the fucking.” Thus it turned into a fight for domination.

“Sorry, pal, not this time.” Laurent wasn’t particularly stronger than Viridial, but years of kung fu had taught him to keep down men much bigger than himself. And if the blue devil proved to be a challenge, he still managed it. “You lose.”

“Fuck!” The tone sounded angry, furious actually. “Let me go!” Not accepting a clear defeat, Viridial rolled away so fast he unsaddled Laurent.

If the blue fool thought he was quick, he’d have to think again. Laurent was on his back before the waiter even realized it, legs clamping his waist to immobilize him. “I said…” Going behind him, he stuck three fingers in the ass all at once. “You fucking lose.”

“You bastard!” Viridial raised his hips to break free again.

It was his last mistake. Adjusting his aim, he shoved into the narrow hole before Viridial had the chance to move. Incredibly, though, there was no resistance, except maybe for a verbal, “Damn!” For its part, the entrance opened up immediately as if it were dying to have him inside.

“No, damn you for making it so difficult,” Laurent retorted, already knowing he wouldn’t last long in the exquisite derrière. Like in the mouth, it felt more like a watery enclosure than mere flesh, so pliant it was to the thickness and length of his pumping it created a vacuum effect that first sucked, then rebounded and intensified the thrusts. This brought Laurent far deeper than he remembered going in anyone’s ass, men’s or women’s alike. The pressure was also different, hot and cool at the same time, squeezing with the intensity of ice, then changing to a fiery melt that swallowed his balls, too. Small wonder he would’ve have rammed it until hell froze over. Too bad Viridial didn’t suddenly come in a pool of sticky fluid.

MMF (380 pool)

The first time they had all come together had been in his pool during a very hot night. Laurent couldn’t be thankful enough for having had the foresight to buy a house with its own pool. Hell, yes, it made for great sex! Holding Renée’s hips, he simply swished her back and forth in the water while drilling either her derrière or her pussy, at the same time Anthony, sitting on a low edge, pressed her head on his huge piece. That had been Laurent’s insight—to have the pool fitted with a comfortable seat-like border running around the entire perimeter and half underwater certainly came in handy for heated plays. No effort was needed to share her this way, the water facilitating both penetration and movement.

He’d have continued if Anthony hadn’t snatched her from around his dick to raise her up in the air. “I want her ass, too.” He growled, flipping her so that she faced Laurent and had her back to him.

The nice thing about Renée, she was so petite and skinny, both men could easily maneuver her around like they’d have with a doll. And she was equally compliant.

“Then I’ll fuck yours,” was Laurent’s philosophical retort. Anthony’s cock tightened visibly at the prospect.

Laurent waited for him to adjust Renée on top of him, then watched him screw his hard equipment into her not-so-narrow hole. The gods knew Laurent had done his best to enlarge it for one night, and he had judging from the ease Anthony slammed in her back entrance. With a few thrusts, his stone-like shaft disappeared into her derrière. The balls unfortunately couldn’t make it, but Laurent guessed it would be as good as it got.

Right after, Anthony slid down the edged seat, spreading his legs and planting his feet firmly on the floor. Already he was pulling Renée up and down his erection, holding her by the narrow hips in a sensual grip Laurent found exciting beyond words. In no time at all, he aimed for Anthony’s tiny hole, covered by the transparent water, and shoved his way through. The entrance gave in immediately. Opening up entirely to his dick’s demands, soon Laurent was crammed to the hilt with the confined space squeezing him on every side.

MMF (372 car scene driving)

“How do you want me to go about it, Laurie? A nice slow screw or—”

“Slam it to her throat in one piece.” Fucking them, he was learning the pleasures of the fast and furious, knowing well they were both experts and lovers of rough sex.

“Just how I like it.” If Anthony’s cock twitched in agreement, Laurent couldn’t see it, but he imagined it did. Safe to say Anthony brought her hips down on it.

From his privileged position, Laurent didn’t miss a single moment of it—the bulging head throwing the back hole wide open with a merciless shove that made it enlarge all at once to fit his cock’s outrageous size. Not content, Anthony went for total possession in a series of rhythmical thrusts that left the poor ass no choice but to accommodate the demanding organ wanting to reach her guts. No doubt it got its wish, disappearing all inside and beginning a frantic ramming.

“Man!” Anthony’s dick was having the time of its life judging by the forward lurches. “You should be in my place.”

“Fuck off!”

“Sorry, forgot you were driving.” The condescending tone couldn’t hide how much Anthony was enjoying himself. “But if you’re jerking that thing of yours, you better make it fast ‘cause her ass is so deliciously tight, I don’t think the show will last much further.”

“I’m ready when you are.” The longer Laurent watched the sensual dance, the harder he flicked his dick.

“Too bad yours is out in the cold,” Anthony cooed as a shameless taunt, holding the two round cheeks open for him to get the best view possible. “While mine’s all hot and snug inside this cramped space that makes me want to slam it until I break it in half.”

“It’s exactly what I do to it each day at the office.” And it was no lie.

“So you won’t mind if I do it for a change.”

Of course, Laurent minded. His cock was begging to be in Anthony’s place instead of driving with one hand and without the security of the rearview mirror either. But he couldn’t care less, feeling close to a spill, much like his two lovers in the back seat.

MMF (825 car scene Xanga)

“Ready to go?” Outside of Jasper’s fancy restaurant, where they stopped for dinner, Laurent looked at them.

“Yeah, we are.” Pulling Renée to him, Anthony’s hand slid down to her cunt. She dug her ass to his crotch and began a slow rhythm that was sure to raise his interest. “But for this last part of the journey, I’ll stay in the back seat with her.”

“You want me to be your chauffeur?” Laurent grinned. No doubt about it, simply being with them took away any sense of fatigue he might’ve felt after driving almost five hours, in order to reach Aldridge before midnight. And the stop in Jasper, only a half hour away, had been more than welcome.

“Just repaying a friend of an old favor.” Anthony grinned back, and Laurent had no trouble understanding he referred to their first time with Renée.

“Hey, no coming! The rules are rules, and you know—”

“Relax, Laurie baby.” Anthony bent and kissed him full on the lips. It didn’t happen a lot, kissing between them not such a big deal, but when it did—and nine times out of ten it was Anthony’s doing—Laurent liked it a lot. The fact he did it in the middle of the street, didn’t bother Laurent at all, quite the contrary. “We know all about your…game.”

So Laurent hadn’t been straightforward with them. Certainly, he couldn’t tell them about the possibility to have their heart’s desire come true. Only one of the three could actually utter it. Instead, he had told them it was a European sort of tradition used in France, but never found anyone to play with in America. And they had believed it, even found the idea of having sex in an abandoned ghost town saloon intriguing, not to mention the provision about having to come together.

“We’re hot to sustain a whole night of sex and orgasms, right, honey?” Merciless, Anthony deepened the ass dance on his crotch.

« Mais oui. » And she increased the hip swing.

« Renée, tu ne dois pas— »

« Tranquille, M’sieur, vous ne devez pas préoccuper. »

Sure, he didn’t have to worry, just felt more aroused like he always did when she used the formal vous instead of the familiar tu. And her throaty M’sieur only made him want to slam her to a wall and drill her derrière until his cock literally fell out of her mouth.

“Don’t worry.” With an ironic wink, Anthony moved his hand to her cunt. “I’ll take care of that.”

“Fuck off!” With roles reversed, Laurent found Anthony’s old strategy the only possible one when his dick wanted to jump out of his pants, rather than keep quiet for the sake of driving another half hour.

“That answer sounds familiar.” Unmoved, Anthony began sliding up her skirt. “But as I recall, it didn’t stop the bastard who was driving me crazy while he was fucking like a rabbit on the back seat of my car.”

“Fuck off!”

“Yeah, right. I know the drill.” And ending the discussion, Anthony opened the car door and threw Renée inside, quickly climbing in after her.

Laurent had no choice except get in the driver’s seat and turn on the engine.

“But unlike that bastard, I’ll tell you everything I’ll do to her.” Anthony’s voice kept the game going once Laurent pulled away from the curb. “Like right now…” The gurgling sound didn’t need too many explanations. “My cock’s trying to reach her ass from her throat, sort of taking the front entrance for a change, instead of always the back way.”

“They’re called detours.” From the rearview mirror of his luxurious and very expensive Mercedes, Laurent leveled his gaze with Anthony, staring at him firmly in the eyes. “And they usually don’t work,” he added.

“Oh, shit, back to the drawing board.” This time he really came close to gagging her for good. “Too bad ‘cause I’m getting closer all the time.” A slight hesitation and Laurent imagined Anthony flinging her head over what must’ve become a huge erection. “I can tell. Her ass is right down there…” Another push on the head probably made Renée gulp frantically. “But I’ve gotta admit you chose a real good cock-sucker.” His eyes blazed in the semi-darkness. “And I know it for a fact since I’m an expert myself. You know it’s what I love to do best.” A loud gasp and a coughing burst told Laurent Anthony was about to get his wish.

“Oh, I know, but if you choke her there won’t be much playing once we get to the saloon.”

“Not to worry. She’s fine, right, honey?”

« Oui, M’sieur, je suis bien. » It was all she could say since Anthony had evidently yanked her hair to raise her head just enough to reply before returning her to her task.

“And for now it’s all I can do since we’re still in town.”

MMF (467)

“That’s how I like women.” Making her go down on all fours, he propped up her ass. “Nice and wet.” Then slid the moisture from the slit to the narrow hole to drench it thoroughly.

They made for a pretty picture already, though Laurent couldn’t wait for the possession. And having her mouth free, he took advantage of it, pushing her head on the now huge dick demanding more action. His eyes glued on Anthony’s fingers’ play from cunt to butt, he saw how much the derrière swelled his lover’s cock to a point Laurent thought it would explode before it even touched the hole. But Anthony managed to resist, straightening up at one point and thrusting his way without hesitation. He liked rough sex, too, and Laurent thought how odd two with similar tastes would meet so casually. Yet there they were—Renée shaking her butt to facilitate Anthony’s penetration while gagging over his shaft, Anthony shoving his way into her tight entrance like it wasn’t as difficult as Laurent knew it was. Still her dripping pussy told him they were both having a great time.

Gone the ridiculous musings, Laurent followed Anthony pumping with decisive hip swings that surprisingly didn’t result in the cock tipping out of her throat, rather than down her ass. At the same time, his own hard piece was receiving the best treatment and as an added pleasure, he watched Renée’s fingers flicking on her trap. It was all too good to last much longer, so he moved before it was too late.

Shifting position, Laurent slid under her, cock raised to drown in her slit obviously begging for more attention. Anthony made room, pulling back slightly to accommodate him in the wet place between her legs, then set the rhythm again. And it was better than Laurent had imagined the pussy’s unusually extra strong scrunch due to her derrière’s crammed conditions. And space was so limited he could feel Anthony’s cock on the other side of the thin membrane separating them, the bulging head crashing in the second Laurent pulled out and vice versa. To be so close like touching but not quite made his head spin and his dick palpitate for a fast come. Still he didn’t lose it, at least not until she came.

With a loud gasp, she arched her back and remained perfectly still. Oddly her new position allowed for both erections to pump her almost simultaneously and get deeper than they had managed so far, also thanks to an increased sucking effect. In addition, her contractions squeezed Laurent’s cock so hard he feared she’d break it off if she continued, which she did, making Anthony lose it for good a few second before he did, too.

That was how they came together the first time.

MMFM (540 Mardi Gra)

“Come on.” Gesturing behind his shoulders at the reddish-haired man who hadn’t moved, he urged him. “Let’s share this delight.”

Convinced, Ronnie reached him and they took turns in her mouth since she couldn’t move her head too much, if at all. Johnny was digging his way into her, pumping frenziedly as young men usually do during their first experiences. Luckily, Ronnie seemed different, so it was just a matter of time until Laurent could make his move. Better let Mélissane work on the young man’s stiff cock some more, the way she was working on him, too, swallowing his demanding piece down her throat and drenching it with the applied cheek and tongue pressure on every side.

Pulling out of the wet slit, Johnny raised her legs further up and aimed for the derrière. Now that was an exciting change of direction, and Ronnie’s dick twitch didn’t escape his notice. “So you like ass fucks, too?” He made the question sound more like matter of fact.

Blushing, Ronnie nodded slightly.

“I see, but do you prefer fucking one or getting screwed in yours?”

Now he had him. As Ronnie became purple, he neither moved nor talked. Laurent didn’t need much else. Rapidly pushing on the back, he made the young man lean against the couch, right above Mélissane’s head. Butt up in the air, cock disappearing inside her warm cavity, Laurent stuck just two fingers in Ronnie’s tight entry to be sure he hadn’t made a mistake about the young man. And he hadn’t. His hole gave way immediately, opening wide to suck him inside. No time to lose, he rolled the rubber on his dick and shoved into the tight entrance without hesitation.

Ronnie groaned, and Laurent knew he was going to paradise already. The trip wouldn’t be long for him either, not with watching Johnny ram frantically into Mélissane’s sweet derrière that now had enlarged to ten times its original size. Only natural when the dick drilling it was the same thickness from top to bottom. Then again, and Johnny kept her legs spread in the air so everyone could see how big his cock was and how easily it was penetrating the once tiny ass hole.

In Ronnie’s butt, things were delicious, too. He was constricted and snug, clear sign the young man hadn’t done it too often already. His narrow walls pressed on all sides for a tight squeeze that clamped the cock, holding it captive in the cramped space, so every thrust brought Laurent closer to the dangerous edge of no return. And he reached it sooner rather than later at seeing Mélissane’s fingers rub her clit, then come with a wave of pleasure that wracked her body, at least judging by the uncontrolled shaking. Then Johnny exploded, taking his cock out and removing the condom to spray her stomach.

At the same time, Laurent heard her gurgling sounds and realized Ronnie was coming, too, all over her mouth and face. Well, it was too much and he also lost it inside the crammed ass.

But the real achievement of the night was to get the book, which Mélissane surrendered immediately afterward and he began reading the moment he had it in his hands.

Now he had the place. He had the lovers. He had the simultaneous come. And tonight was Halloween.”

MF (927 Mardi Gras Website)

“Fuck!” A man sitting at a table next to theirs raised his voice after glancing Laurent’s way. “There’s nothing like our Mardi Gras anywhere else in the world.”

“They tell me Rio’s Carnival isn’t bad either,” his friend, another man, objected.

“Yeah, perhaps.” It was a reluctant admission the first man had to concede since Laurent, too, knew few things on Earth beat it. Still the man was determined to prove his point. After draining his glass, he retorted. “But it’s ten times better than that insipid Halloween stuff Americans love so much.”

“Ha! That’s for sure.” This time the second man agreed readily. “Nowadays it’s only a commercial excuse to sell more useless stuff.”

The two men chuckled, both shifting positions evidently to take a better look at Laurent’s continuing cunt torture. Needless to say, he relished the attention and treated them to an exaggerated finger ramming into yielding flesh.

“Pauvre fous! Ils ne savent pas ce qu’ils disent.”

“What do you mean they don’t know what they’re talking about?” Laurent looked at her surprised. Usually, she refrained from speaking French, but obviously the need to communicate had made her switch language. And consequently, he lowered his voice while bending over her, so close he smelled her excitement.

“Parce que je connais le secret de Halloween comme écrit professeur Poitiers dans son livre.”

“Who’s Professor Poitiers? Very curious, Laurent raised his gaze to get more out of her. “And what’s this thing about a Halloween secret?”

“It’s a book he wrote a few years ago.” Pressuring his hand, the one distracted by the turn in the conversation to the point of ignoring her hunger, she urged him to resume the erotic seduction. “And it says that Halloween is the only time a human can summon the demon world in his dimension.”

“What do you mean?” He didn’t know much about spirits or demons, for that matter. Still something told him he better insist and listen carefully to Mélissane. She was an expert after all, wasn’t she?

“That we live side-by-side with demons and spirits, both good and evil, only we can’t see them for three-hundred-sixty-four days of the year ’cause they disguise as human to pass unnoticed.” Sliding forward on her seat, she deepened his touch by pressing her hand over his and rubbing the skin harder, uncaring of the greedy eyes eating her up from the table next to theirs. “Halloween is the only time they can cross over from their dimension to ours without disguises, which is why people see them at that time. Humans, however, are locked in their material boundaries. With few exceptions, they have neither the skill nor the power to raise the demon’s parallel world or go into it at any time. The few who can accomplish it, can only do it at Halloween, not one day before, not one day after.”

“What’s so special about Halloween?” Skeptically, Laurent eyed her while his fingers hit her clit.

“You don’t know?” Spreading her legs wider, Mélissane rotated her hips to drill both their fingertips on the sensitive spot. “Halloween is not a commercial escamotage, quite the contrary. It’s a magical time when the two dimensions meet—the demon and the human, so anything’s possible.”

“And the book? The one Professor Poitiers wrote? What does it say?”

“Oh, it gives step-by-step instructions on how a human can summon the demon world on Halloween night.”

“A whole world?” More skeptical than ever, Laurent snickered, and a snarl curved his lips. “Wouldn’t it be simpler to call just on one demon? Why the entire world?”

« Pas de tout. » She grinned. “Professor Poitiers says that to raise one demon you must first sell your soul to it, while unveiling their dimension during Halloween requires only a few simple steps.” Sliding her fingers all the way down, she dipped into her ass hole, and Laurent thought he might just take her right there and then, instead of keeping up the conversation. “Et il a trouvé les mots enchantés aussi.”

“He found the magic words, you say?” All right, maybe he’d wait a few more minutes despite his fingers drowning in the silky wetness of her pussy. “And what do you do with a demon world? I mean what’s the advantage of having it in the human’s same dimension?”

“Because you can have your heart’s wish fulfilled, just one, of course, but you can ask whatever you want.”

“Anything at all?” The two pair of eyes from the nearby table burned with envy when he bent over and his tongue hit her clit on its first lick. Reclining back her head, Mélissane held his head in place to make him lap her deeper. He had no objections. Another vigorous tongue brush, this time to the slit, then he returned to the swollen knot, the real seat of her pleasure. Her bittersweet taste filling his mouth, he breathed deeply of her heavy scent, spiced with odors he recognized from the Créole cuisine. And while she thrust a few fingers inside the trap, the other one still digging her butt, he continued the merciless tease on what swelled to a point Laurent thought it would burst. And eventually it did in a spasm of convulsive waves. “Do you happen to have this book?”

“Hem…we couldn’t help noticing…” The two men were now standing in front of them. “And wondering if we can join in.” Cocks hanging out of their flies, they both looked more than ready to jump into action.


That was the first time he lost it during the orgy. But not to worry, he recharged immediately. Like the blue waiter claimed, everyone playing around him added to it. No question about it, Laurent felt the extra power and energy going round the room, particularly if he was hammering Viridial’s ass or cunt. Derrière propped up, Laurent switched from one to the other, insatiable in his need to slam his cock into the hottest spots he knew, relishing the show of Anthony lying beneath them to wolf down the huge blue dick growing way beyond any reasonable size. Not a problem for Anthony, though, obviously used to swallowing such large equipment without as much as coughing. Or maybe he didn’t have time for it.

Want to see it come out of his ass, too? It sounded more like a tease, until Laurent saw the blue tip popping out from Anthony butt hole before it disappeared inside again.

That was when Viridial lost it the first time during the orgy. His place, in Anthony’s derrière, was soon filled by another long piece after the demon had raised and spread the legs wide for both Viridial and Laurent to admire the narrow entrance enlarged to ten times its size.


Why exactly he asked Mélissane to give him the book, he’d never know. Or perhaps he did, just didn’t have the guts to admit it to anyone, least of all himself. For sure, his wasn’t the interest of a man fascinated by demons and spirits alike. No, same as with religion, he never cared about the hocus pocus or voodoo associated with it, always very skeptical it existed, much less influenced human lives in any way. But the stuff about having his heart’s desire come true twisted his insides as though it was actually a necessity he had to satisfy.

If he had to analyze the situation, which he didn’t, it had to do with that sense of being in search of something, like his life wasn’t complete. Nothing new for him, same as when Julie told him she was divorcing her husband. Being away from her, though, hadn’t lessened the sensation, only increased it. And if at first he put it down to his growing sense of feeling out of place deprived of his roots, lately he wasn’t so sure. True, nostalgia became a problem for the best of them, men and women thrown into the world and so far away from their origins to have almost forgotten them. But he never had homesickness, nor did he dream of his homeland with wishful yearning or pastel colored lights directors reserved to paint their actors’ desperation at being cut off from their country. Still, if he couldn’t get rid of whatever it was tormenting him at a level he had no wish to acknowledge rationally, maybe Mélissane’s book was worth a try.


Laurent De Berger is a thirty-five-years-old French who has fled his country before he was imprisoned for tax evasion. He first lands in Canada, then after five years, finds a job with a bio-engineering company in Dallas. During one of his business trips to New Orleans, he receives a book from a voodoo witch, Le secret du Halloween. According to the author, it’s enough to have a simultaneous orgasm with two lovers, one male the other female, in a specific place marked by a pentagon and a pentacle, at precisely midnight on Halloween night in order to have one’s heart desire fulfilled. After years of scouting for the right place, Laurent finds it in a dusty ghost town saloon, an unused place people only visit as tourists. Everything works out fine with his two lovers, Anthony and Renée, so Laurent utters his wish. From there on, it’s hell all the way, with the most stunningly attractive blue-skinned demon waiter Laurent ever set eyes on.

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