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The body is a cage

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Halloween Dark Excerpt


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Love, betrayal, destiny, the ingredients connecting two men’s lust to their quest of the divine as Spirit, defeated by Flesh, falls short of creating Divinitas.

“With an open heart and mind, this story can send a message much greater than the sum of its parts. Equality and balance is imperative to a healthy life, but even more so for spiritual well being, and what you read here really brings that truth home. Yes, this is an erotic tale of men loving men, but that is what makes their story so much more intriguing. Their love and desire for each other is unconventional and all consuming, affronting societal and spiritual beliefs, but it is that struggle that allows them to transcend beyond their human boundaries.” CTR rated it 4 Cups

“Laura Tolomei easily relates the historical contexts of the periods in question, including ancient Egypt and ancient Persia, as well as Celtic England. The plotting is fairly well-paced.” Rainbow Reviews

Caption: Laura Tolomei easily relates historical contexts from ancient Egypt and Persia to Celtic England with well-paced plotting


AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

FACEBOOK: Historical

GENRE: Erotica, Gay LGBT, Menage à Trois, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical, Deities, God, Gods, m/m, m/f/f, m/m/f

ISBN# 9781554872152


HEAT LEVEL: 5 flames

PAGES: 266


RELEASEE DATE: 1 January 2009

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER ARTIST: Martine Jardin

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Through time and space, there’s a lot of love. But love gone wrong can turn to betrayal and seal one’s destiny forever. And destiny has the bad habit of repeating its pattern lifetime after lifetime as two men, caught in their passionate love, struggle eternally in quest of the divine.

From the ancient walls of Egypt, Us-Yri’s sexual obsession for Set gets in the way of his destiny to ascend from ruler to god of the underworld. His Spirit returns as Mitra, prince of the ancient Persian empire, to continue on struggling against his lust for Vayu in order to become the new shiny god of rebirth, judging the souls of the deceased. But only Shaun and Halifax in Celtic England will finally reveal the truth about Divinitas.


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Rainbow Reviews says of DIVINITAS: “Laura Tolomei easily relates the historical contexts of the periods in question, including ancient Egypt and ancient Persia, as well as Celtic England. The plotting is fairly well-paced.”


Through time and space, there’s a lot of love. But love gone wrong can turn to betrayal and seal one’s destiny forever. And destiny has the bad habit of repeating its pattern lifetime after lifetime as two men, caught in their passionate love, struggle eternally in quest of the divine.

From the ancient walls of Egypt, Us-Yri’s sexual obsession for Set gets in the way of his destiny to ascend from ruler to god of the underworld. His Spirit returns as Mitra, prince of the ancient Persian Empire, to continue on struggling against his lust for Vayu to become the new shiny god of rebirth. But only Shaun and Halifax in Celtic England will finally reveal the truth about Divinitas.

A multi-character tale that spans time and space,  connected by the quest of the divine as Spirit is defeated by Flesh’s imperious needs. The protagonists are the same soul reincarnating in different bodies to continue a spiritual journey that has no end. So Osiris and Set, rulers of Ancient Egypt, become Mitra and Vayu, rulers of the Persian Empire, and finally Shaun and Halifax in 1st Century Celtic Britain.


“You’re crazy to submit to these tortures,” Vayu scolded bitterly as he passed the healing lotion on the blistered skin. Wherever he looked, the Aryan saw tiny bubbles bursting with water. Underneath, the defenseless red and raw flesh throbbed relentlessly, sending fresh pain waves to the entire body.

For days, Mitra could neither lie down nor wear clothes. His tortured body hardly withstood the air circling on the raw skin and the mere thought of anything brushing against it, even by accident, caused him untellable pains. Now the worst seemed to be over, though it still stung whenever Vayu’s hand spread the soothing lotion.

“You don’t understand,” Mitra said, trying to ignore the pain.

“What’s there to understand, Varuna? You all seem mad to me, including your father. What have you proven with this insane act?”

Mitra sighed deeply. If he had to explain it rationally to someone who did not believe in his faith, it would probably make no sense. “It helps the mind control the body,” he said at last.

“Why do you need your mind to control what lives of material passions? The two travel separate ways and it would be foolish if one controlled the other.”

“You’re wrong, devil,” Mitra argued patiently. “We are a combination of soul, mind and body. They seem separate to a neophyte, yet they are one single entity,” he explained, revealing the mystery of the Three joined as One. “The soul’s journey is what’s really important because it is everlasting, but the mind and body both contribute to its travel.”

“Your Magi is fucking with your head, sweet Prince. They taught me that mind, body and soul are each a part of us and we should explore their potentials, not limit anyone in particular. They define us as human beings,” he pressed harder on the raw skin to mark his point, “made of flesh and blood. If you try to deny that part of yourself, you’d be wasting the essence of life itself.”

“I don’t deny it,” Mitra retorted hotly, wincing from the pain. He remained silent for a while. “I just think there has to be something more than immediate material satisfactions. When I’m dead and my soul has to face the final judges, whoever they may be, what will it tell of my life?”

“That you fucked a lot and with increasingly higher satisfaction,” Vayu teased, his hand playing with Mitra’s ass.

“Fuck you, devil. Would you give such an answer?”

Vayu bent down to brush his lips against Mitra’s, his tongue gently tracing the thin edges. “I’d be proud to give such an answer, knowing who my lover was.”

You’ve already read about Mitra and Vayu, the Persian prince and his Aryan lover. In this piece, we go further back in time, to ancient Egypt where Osiris, which I call Us-Yri, is fighting his own personal battle between Spirit and Flesh. Inevitably attracted by Set, he resists, partly because he doesn’t really like men—Set, of course, is an exception—and partly because he doesn’t feel it’s right to surrender to the senses’s erotic pull. But as we all know, resistance is futile.


Outside, cool crisp air cleared his mind from the turmoil. He leaned against the Palace walls, partially hidden from view, and looked up at the starry sky. The night was clear, stars sparkling, not dimmed by the moon’s bright light. Us-Yri’s gaze swept the universe’s vastness, wondering, How powerful the gods must be to create such a never-ending marvel.

“Admiring my constellation?” a familiar voice asked, looking upward. “The Scorpion is very bright tonight.”

Startled, Us-Yri straightened his back away from the wall, seeing Set standing under a torch, his skin gleaming in the half-light. Born during the Goat constellation, the ruler liked to keep track of the bright designs ruling the sky at people’s birth. A matter of curiosity, no doubt, although according to some theories, the stars’ birth patterns influenced a person’s destiny. Dimly, he remembered something about Set’s birth occurring during the Scorpion’s constellation, though it was a vague memory. “You’re right, it looks particularly beautiful tonight,” he agreed, turning back to stare at the constellation. “But not as much as the Goat,” he challenged, indicating a group of stars low on the horizon.

Set moved closer. “The Scorpion can beat any goat any time,” he retorted huskily. “And I believe I just did,” he continued smoothly, “or you wouldn’t be hiding out here in the dark.”

“What are you talking about?” Us-Yri retorted, upset at the thought the young man could read him so easily. “I’m not hiding,” he lied, “just—”

Set pressed closer. “Then explain why you left so abruptly, Ausir,” he inquired. “You didn’t even finish dinner.”

“I wasn’t hungry,” Us-Yri lied again, “and I wanted some fresh air.”

“What a smooth liar you are,” Set muttered under his breath.

Not believing his ears, Us-Yri turned to him. “What?”

With a sudden lurch forward, Set pushed the ruler against the wall, his body pressing tightly. “You heard me right, Ausir,” he said softly, his breath tickling the ear. “You’re nothing but a liar.”

Cold rage swept over Us-Yri like an icy storm drowning his control. The comment seemed most unfair under the day’s excruciating circumstances, which had forced Us-Yri to rely heavily on his restraining power. He shoved against Set’s hold, but despite his bigger frame, he failed to break free. “I don’t lie,” he spelled in a clear, angry voice. “I never wanted to—”

“That’s all you ever wanted,” Set whispered, again, bending on Us-Yri’s ear, “to fuck me until there’s no more strength left in your body.”

Us-Yri shoved him harder, but Set did not let go. “Do you think I haven’t noticed how your eyes follow me around everywhere?” he continued under his breath. “Or felt your desire to touch me?” He raised his voice. “To possess my body completely?” His gaze bore deeply in Us-Yri’s brown depths.

The ruler sighed, the proximity unbearable as his sex hardened and pressed against Set’s stomach. But refusing to surrender, he tried one last stand. “You’re wrong,” he assured, pausing to search for a suitable appellative, “devil,” he concluded, the title coming naturally to his lips. He took a deep breath and felt anger melting away. “I don’t feel like that,” he lied, avoiding to stare at Set’s tempting mouth so close he felt his warm breath on his face.

“Tell that to your cock…brother,” the young man mocked maliciously, his hand grabbing the hardening shape under the cloth.

Us-Yri almost gasped from the shock. Enflaming the rest of his already excited senses, Set’s hand lingered just enough to make him feel its unbearable heat, but not a second more. As suddenly as he had struck, Set pulled back and left the ruler alone in the dark night, cock hard with unfulfilled desire and mind in utter turmoil.


Men’s straight bodies were his heart’s desire. He could never keep his hands off a lean, elegant body, muscles rippling beneath…but especially above the surface. Mitra loved to clutch the firm buttocks and push them against his stirring cock, soon hardening at his mind’s anticipation of the next erotic moves.

When his mouth closed on the new conquest, Mitra felt the happiest man in the world. Who needs a soul when you have so much pleasure from a simple muscle? his mind would wonder briefly before plunging into the ocean of velvety sensations that waited arousal.

Never interested in the man, only in his sex, Mitra loved to play erotic games to satisfy his deep lust for cocks. Lips sliding on the long stem, the prince sucked avidly as his tongue wrapped the bulging head tightly, teasing the soft skin, tracing every curve and pattern. Mitra’s head moved at the same rhythm, his mouth greedily taking the delicious cock as deep as his throat, sucking hard when he reached the top, then plunging back down, swallowing it whole until he almost choked on it. Sometimes, the man did not have the strength to resist Mitra’s skills and flooded his mouth with hot dense fluid. Most times though, they both wanted more.


His lips bruised her soft flesh, his tongue filled her mouth completely and Maeve’s senses began spinning again. “I’m ready, Master Shaun,” she breathed when he pulled away. “Tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

He grinned, turning to look at Halifax. “Our friend, here, needs some…coaxing.”

“I’m sure he does, Master, but I’m not sure he wants it from a woman.”

This time, Halifax blushed. “I—”

“Don’t worry, my lord,” Maeve assured, “I know you don’t like women much.”

“Is it that obvious?” he asked, blushing again.

She nodded as her hand reached for his crotch, massaging it lightly over the clothes. She felt it stir, though not as much as would have been expected under the circumstances.

“Maybe, little one, you should be more persuasive,” Shaun suggested, pushing her head in its direction.

Her nimble fingers soon removed the annoying clothing and her mouth closed on the prize underneath. As she had perceived, the cock was only stirring into life, so she easily swallowed it whole. Her tongue caressed the soft flesh. She played with its not quite hard state, edging underneath it, then wrapping it firmly inside the curled tongue. He groaned and she felt it harden. Shaun pushed her head closer and she sucked more passionately, her mouth beginning to be full. To speed up the process, the dark Druid attacked Halifax’s lips and everything sped much faster.

Surprisingly long and thick, the blond man’s cock suddenly became vibrantly alive, demanding more attention. Maeve promptly obeyed, lapping vigorously the rigid stem from the balls to the bulging head. She opened wider to let more in, but it did not fit entirely. Only the thick head conquered its space, straining at her throat, pushing against her cheeks, slipping on the wet tongue that tried to curl around it.

At the same time, Shaun had left Halifax’s side and was busy teasing her ass with slow circles around the exposed narrow opening. He purposefully kept on the outer rim, tracing the edges with wet fingers, but not daring to dip inside. Desire enflamed her and she pushed back to ask for something more. He grinned, then bent and his tongue continued the finger’s sweet torture.

Maeve would have moaned, had her mouth been free. Instead, her guest became even more demanding, pushing inside, then out in a steady motion, which did not allow for distractions. She grabbed it steadily, her hands adapting to Halifax’s rhythm, sliding the soft skin up and down as her tongue wrapped furiously around the bulging head before receiving it further down her throat. But what Shaun was doing was just too pleasurable to ignore.

This particular excerpt is from the first story about Ancient Egypt. The ruler Us-Yri is about to embark in one of the most sensual experiences of his life as he has agreed to initiate a woman to her first sexual pleasures.


Like men, women had their own sexual initiation with an experienced man, but not only. Since Aset had caught Geb’s attention in view of a possible match with his son, Us-Yri seemed the logical choice for the delicate task. By then, he had acquired knowledge with women, so he gladly accepted the challenge, especially since he would not be the only one involved. Customs dictated that the initiate be provided with an experienced guide to help the journey to true physical pleasure and the prince was never one to defy any accepted convention.

Nefaris was the chosen guide to help Aset find pleasure in what many women considered an ordeal. Knowing the hardships of the first time, Kemet had devised a ritual by which an experienced woman would teach the initiate how to take her pleasure from men, imparting a knowledge that would help the woman enjoy sex from the start. The guide became an integral part of the game, directing both partners. She ordered the man’s movements and actions in an erotic orchestration designed to drive the initiate crazy with desire. Thus Us-Yri waited Nefaris’s command.

Nefaris reached her and gently stroked her long reddish hair. “Don’t be afraid, Aset,” she whispered in the young woman’s ear. “Tonight you’ll feel a new pleasure, the likes of which you’ve never known before in your life.” Her hand caressed Aset’s back. “I’ll teach you about men.” The hand curved on her ass. “How to give and receive pleasure.” She nodded in Us-Yri’s direction.

He reached the women. Standing behind Aset, his hands replaced Nefaris’s and continued the gentle stroking she had started. He felt her curves, pressing on each delicious slope, before untying every bit of clothing and letting it fall to her feet.

Naked, Aset had trembled even more, her flesh racing with heavy goose bumps that creased the delicate skin. Us-Yri increased the pressure, cupping the small breasts while his thumb and forefinger brushed the nipple, teasing until it hardened. She arched her back, throwing her head against his chest. Us-Yri pulled her closer, fitting her curves to his body, his already rigid cock pressing on her soft, rounded ass. When the pressure increased, Aset shifted uncomfortably, moving imperceptibly forward to detach their bodies.

Us-Yri now stood in front of the trembling girl.

“Look at him,” Nefaris ordered Aset.

The young woman raised her head.

Nefaris took her hands and put them on the prince’s bare chest. “Here, feel him.” She guided her hand across the broad chest, making her linger on the muscles rippling beneath the skin. Then she pulled them further down, edging dangerously on the erection, barely covered by a tight fitting cloth.

Nefaris’s hand traced his cock’s shape from the clothes, sometimes curling the fingers around the bulging head straining at the annoying barrier. The teasing only made him harder and having Aset’s gaze fixed on it, enflamed his raging desire. Wondering how long he could stand Nefaris’s torture, he moved against her hand, trying to brush the throbbing head, but she moved away.

“Take it out,” she finally instructed. “It’s time for our young lady to know what will give her pleasure.”

Glad to comply, Us-Yri quickly discarded the cloth, grinning satisfied at Aset’s wide-eyed look.

“Here,” Nefaris took her hands and placed them on the throbbing shaft demanding attention. With a slow movement, she showed Aset how to slide the silky flesh up and down, running from the base to the head, closing it in both palms before retracing the initial steps.

The inexperienced touch felt blissful, the tiny hands having trouble holding the large thickness. The cock throbbed harder as she circled it, drowning Us-Yri with intense waves. With an effort, he resisted the urge to plunge immediately into any available hole.

As if understanding his need, Nefaris immediately provided for a change. “Now taste him,” she ordered Aset, pushing down on her shoulders.

Obedient, the young woman bent her knees until her nose rested on the tip of his erection.

“Use your tongue to feel his hardness,” Nefaris instructed.

As if hypnotized by the voice and the slow progression of events, Aset obeyed again, her tongue darting unsure on the long length.

“Lick him,” Nefaris urged, “as if you were cleaning him. You have to purify him for your body.”

Us-Yri had trouble holding his scorching desire in check as Aset’s tongue, grown more confident, slid form the top to the bottom, circling the thickness in order to wet him adequately. In a wide sweep, she covered every side or almost. Grabbing her head, he guided her tongue down to his balls, an area she still had not covered. When she did, he felt the urge to come right then in her sweet mouth as the tip of her tongue licked furiously one of his most sensitive spots. But he had to resist, so he pulled her away, leading her back to the bulging head throbbing for more particular attentions.

“Now open wide, dear,” Nefaris continued when she saw the direction of Aset’s mouth, “and swallow him.” She pushed her head down on it. “And pay attention that your teeth don’t hurt him.”

The sudden warmth made his cock become hard as stone.


The cave was dark, musty and cold. At first, Mitra could not see anything, his senses blinded by the stinging physical reactions as he stood naked in the middle of a natural chamber while the Magi held his robe on one arm.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” the Magi asked one last time.

“Yes,” Mitra assured.

“All right, but I’ll wait outside.” Traditions required that the initiate remain alone inside the cave. Usually a stone sealed the entrance until the third day, when the ordeal was officially over. In this case though, the Magi felt he had to make an exception if not only because he was initiating the king’s son. “If you feel you can’t go through with it, just call me and I’ll come get you.” His tone betrayed his worry.

Mitra knew he had strong doubts about his capacity to complete the ordeal, so he simply nodded. After all, who could blame him? the prince mused, tired of the Magi’s concern over his safety. Just leave me alone, he wished ardently. Yet, these words returned to haunt him during the long stay in the dark cold cave. A hundred times he opened his mouth to call back the Magi just as a hundred and one times he swallowed the words before they reached his lips.

When his vision adjusted to the poor lighting, Mitra explored the cave, though there was not much to see. The small place resembled a chamber with the cramped tunnel leading in and out of it. High humid stone walls vaulted the space above his head. This cave is enough to drive a person mad, Mitra thought, sitting against a wall, hugging his knees to keep warm. Or perhaps cure him forever, he mused as Vayu’s image flashed in front of his eyes. For the remainder of the day, he battled against cold and hunger as his visions left his mind to fill the stone walls with the fair Aryan’s profile.

In a drunken stupor, he dozed off between visions, fighting the urge to shout for help whenever he regained consciousness. At one point, he lost contact with his body and he floated on the cave’s ceiling, finally free from the cage that had trapped it for so long. Looking down, he laughed at his pitiful figure huddled against the wall, feeling sorry for its very physical pains. Of course, he realized they were just hallucinations that disappeared quickly if he opened his eyes.

But it was getting increasingly harder to open his eyes. His body had turned to an icy pillar, unable to move from its position. He could feel neither his feet nor his hands anymore. His head resting on his knees felt heavier with each passing moment. Very soon, he would not be able to lift it anymore. Breathing became difficult, so he slowed it down. And he floated into a fantasy world that filled his empty stomach.

Exactly what he dreamed about, he could not remember afterward, although the reveries seemed so clear while he lived them. In a way, his cave experience became a trance as no other reality existed beyond his imaginary one. And if at first he woke up between dreams, soon every vision blurred into another without beginning or ending. He would have dreamed forever, life turning into eternal sleep,

An unusual promo

In looking over my other promos for Divinitas by Laura Tolomei, I realize I’ve just been following the usual trend. Sure, I told you about blurb, characters and excerpts, the sexiest ones of course, carefully chosen to attract your attention.

But never once does the power of Divinitas get through to a potential reader, especially the one looking for something completely different. If I had to give a definition, it would be of an erotic book with an intellectual content that addresses central themes in our beliefs about life, after-life and our connection to the divine.

In my writing, I try to communicate, not just entertain with a story, however sensual, dramatic, fantastic or emotional. I’d like to make people think, not just escape reality because can be ugly. True, society as a whole is making life difficult, but society is the sum of its individuals so maybe if we change, it changes, too.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers or magically solve problems. Rather, I offer alternative points of view to interpret life differently and…who knows? indicate new paths for individual growths.  That’s why, just like in all my other books the characters in Divinitas learn to grow along the way thanks to important lessons that will help them lead better lives in the end. And even if I tackle ancient myths or legends as in Divinitas, I still talk about real life people struggling through the same battles we all face everyday. Us-Yri has to learn to master his uncontrollable passion for his friend Set in order to understand his spiritual side. Mitra, too, tries to fight against his lust for Vayu only to find that total acceptance of his love is the only thing that will make him free of earthly ties.

But Divinitas goes even further. Its greatest message is perhaps that everyone has a divine connection within as long as they don’t lose touch with their spiritual side. And analyzing the succession of religious myths, it becomes crystal-clear that spirituality is a force man’s been reckoning with ever since he walked the Earth. True, times, spaces and even names change, but the tale they tell is always the same, a love so great that even if betrayed, it will find the strength to save himself and mankind.

It’s not an easy concept to grasp. That’s why it’s finely embedded in what apparently seems like just another erotic book about ancient myths. I made it more interesting by using a sensual format, but my promotion so far failed to get the message across. I hope now I set things right.



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