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Why do I keep bothering?

I don't know why I still waste my time on books like Untouchable by Elizabeth SaFleur, the kind where the male character is a powerful, dominant figure while the female one is supposedly strong and independent yet in fact submissive and easily played.

I cannot believe I had to read through how Carson Drake falls in love after just a weekend with a woman he has met in a BDSM club, a place of which he's a patron and has frequented for years. Likewise, London Chantelle fares no better, her falling in love with her new master of barely 24 hours is just as perplexing and improbable.

It's clear the author has no real experience about love or if she does, prefers the fairytale approach to a realistic one. And maybe this latest disappointment with this genre will convince me to stop picking up these kinds of books.

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