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Laura Tolomei keeps readers on the edge of their seats with VISIONQUEST!

Title: Visionquest
Author: Laura Tolomei
Publisher: eXtasy Books
ISBN: 9781554877249
Released: November 2010
Format: Ebook
Price: $5.00
Length: 118 Pages
Genre: Horror Romane, Erotica, Gay LGBTQA+, Ménage à Trois/Quatre, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Shape-shifter
Rating: 4 Blue Ribbons
Reviewer Name: Chrissy Dionne
Reviewer: Romance Junkies Review


Illenio has been besieged with horrifying images of the slayings of local boys found throughout the area.  Their bodies are mutilated, some beyond recognition, with no clues as to who or what is committing such heinous crimes.  Like his friend Athrias, Illenio is careful not to be caught out alone at night in the hopes of lessening any chance of him becoming the next victim but he can’t help noticing the correlation between his coming of age, the nightmares and the rash of killings. 

As if Illenio doesn’t have enough to be concerned about; Elianij, his baby sister, is extremely sick and the local doctor can’t do anything more for her.  Their only hope for her is a better doctor in a nearby village but he’s very expensive and Illenio’s family simply doesn’t have the money to pay for his services.  The only thing they can do for her is to make sure she stays warm and that requires lots of firewood.  It’s during one of his ventures into the woods to collect kindling that Illenio encounters the Seigneuros who’s recently returned to the castle and Illenio’s life changes in a way he never would have expected.
The Seigneuros, Lord Brahany, is a powerful man used to having his orders obeyed without question.  When he spots Illenio in the forest he realizes that there’s much more to this boy than his good looks and noble hair.  Long hair is a trademark of nobility yet Illenio defies convention by allowing his locks to reach his buttocks, of course, he does keep them pinned up but Seigneuros notices it anyway and requests that Illenio show it to him.  When Illenio’s back is turned Seigneuros disappears and it’s not until later that he learns that the other man went to Illenio’s father and offered him payment for Illenio to serve him at the castle. 
Illenio can’t help but feel like he’s been sold to the devil; but a deal’s a deal and he soon finds himself encased in the castle.  He’s uncertain of what the Seigneuros wants or expects of him but he certainly didn’t anticipate a forced seduction or the unusual connection that forms between them.
Laura Tolomei keeps readers on the edge of their seats with VISIONQUEST.  The horror of the killings, erotic ‘romance,’ and the paranormal element all blend together into a plot that titillates your senses.  I admit I don’t normally read horror romance but once I started reading VISIONQUEST I couldn’t put it down until I knew what would happen to Illenio.  He’s a nice young man whose life seems to be spiraling out of control while Seigneuros’ intentions seem to be more sinister in nature.  My feelings about Seigneuros and Illenio’s relationship were conflicting for much of the story because I couldn’t figure out what part Seigneuros played in the murders.  Is he somehow responsible for the deaths or can he be trusted? 
If you’re looking for a straight up happily-ever-after romance then VISIONQUEST might not be your cup of tea; but if you want a little something different, edgier, shocking even, then I can certainly recommend Ms. Tolomei’s VISIONQUEST.
By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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