The thing about book promotion is you have to stay on top of trends. As I’ve mentioned in other articles, it’s important to have a marketing plan in place even before publishing your book(s). The sooner you start marketing and promoting the better. Once you have a cover and a blurb, and even an unedited excerpt you’re ready to go!
Here are a few book promotion trends to take advantage of in 2016:

1. Use images to promote your books. It’s amazing how many authors don’t take advantage of this. Images are the book promotion tool of the future. They engage readers and they get shared over and over. This is one way to really take advantage of viral marketing. You want your book to be a bestseller, create images for it and then share them everywhere online!

Personally, I’ve taken full advantage of this. Not just because I’ve got great covers posted wherever allowed (like the one here). Mostly because I’ve had wallpapers and badges done for my series, like the ones you can see below.
  2. Take advantage of social media but don’t overdo it. What I mean is that you don’t have to be a part of every social media platform that’s out there. Choose four at maximum and be visible daily on those. You can use Hootesuite or Buffer to schedule posts for most social media platforms. Personally, I like Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.
My personal choices of social media channels are:
And for the heavy book readers, I’m also on and
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[image:image-3]3. Take advantage of guest blogging. This has been around for a while, but it’s important. The more legitimate back links you have the more traffic you’re going to get to your website and the more books you’re going to sell. What I mean by legitimate back links is links from websites that are similar to yours, such as other authors, or book bloggers for example.
Here are some of my latest guest blogs:

4. Write sponsored content for not just your blog but also other blogs. Sponsored content is content that is one topics that are covered by your books but… and this is huge, do not openly market your books. So, let’s say you have fiction book that deals with the topic of childhood abuse, you could write an article about childhood abuse and its effects and then in your bio it could say your name and author of said book title with it linked to your sales page. Again, with sponsored content you are not openly marketing or promoting your book.

In case you need further information, I wrote a whole blog about it. Click HERE to check it out!
5. Check your website format and see if it needs an update. I’ve seen a ton of author websites lately that are missing things like social media buttons, a blog, or even a clean easy to read format. Remember website formats change and grow all the time and it’s important to make sure you keep up with the times and have a website format that is inviting.
My website, instead, is of the latest generation. Responsive to all sorts of devices, you can visit it from your desktop, iPhone, smart phone, iPad and tablet. So check me out wherever you are!
Most if not all of these are easy to implement and bring yourself up to date. Hope these help you stay on top of the top book marketing trends. Do you know about a trend I haven’t mentioned? Please tell my readers and me about it by posting it in the comments section!
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