It’s happened to most of us that are authors, you’ve been working on this story for what seems like forever and suddenly, you’re just sick of it, bored with the storyline, bored with the characters, just plain BORED. What do you do?
Actually, you can do a number of things. When you’re bored with your manuscript try one or more of these ideas and see if you don’t pull yourself out of your slump!
1. Take a break. If you’re staring at a blank screen and trying to force the words, you probably need a break. Go for a walk. Think about something else while you do. Sometimes just taking a break will make all the difference.
2. Step away from your computer. Computers are lovely things, I’ll agree, I love my computer, my smart phone and my tablet. I often wonder what I would do if I didn’t have them because frankly, now I can’t imagine it. But…and this is a big but, sometimes all these devices can actually make things harder. So step away from the computer and grab a spiral notebook, or a notebook with paper, or even just a piece of scrap paper. Try to outline your next few scenes, draw some diagrams, do it all long hand, heck write out your next few chapters in long hand and then type them up later. It’s easy to type fast on a computer but sometimes we go too fast when what we really need is to sloooooowwww down. Slow down write some stuff out long hand and with diagrams and see if that doesn’t bring you back to where you need to be.
3. Go visit Pinterest. Why Pinterest? Because it’s all about images. And sometimes, what we really need are images to give us some inspiration. Writing a gothic novel, go look for gothic houses, old gothic novel covers anything that you think might help you to feel inspired. And who knows. You might find some images that give you ideas for your storyline and how to get excited about it again!
4. Write in small chunks. Sometimes it’s more than being bored with your manuscript, you may be not just bored but feeling overwhelmed. This can be especially true if you haven’t published anything new in a while. So, write out of order, write simple scenes, write dialogue, write an article you think your main character would write who is a journalist so you can get inside your character’s head. When you get enough small chunks under your belt then play with them like a puzzle. You can print short scenes and pieces of dialogue, cut them out like flash cards and play with their order. Better yet, use the free online tool Trello that allows you to type stuff onto online cards and then mess with their order by dragging and dropping the cards with your mouse. You can copy and paste scenes, dialogue and then play with the order until you get them where you want them. Then just write the pieces that connect everything. And suddenly, oh my, you’ve finished your book!
5. Consider writing out of order. Many beginning authors feel as though they must start at the beginning and then slog their way through their novel, short story, or whatever, until the end, but this is not true. There is no rule saying you must write in order, so if you know the dialogue and can picture scenes from farther in your story, don’t wait to write those scenes and dialogue in. Write them now and then you can worry about writing what you need to connect everything later.
These tips and ideas have helped me for years when I was getting bored with manuscripts. A few of them may be a little old fashioned or even unconventional, but they all work. Do you have other ways to help when you’re becoming bored with your manuscript? If so, please feel free to share in the comments!

Speaking more personally, I don’t usually get bored with my manuscripts. What I do get bored with is the rewriting of something that started way back when. Like with my Virtus Saga, which I began writing in 2006, then changed it substantially when I released the first book back in 2010. And now that eXtasy Books is about to release The Sex, Book 1, in print, I went ahead and rewrote it once more. So that’s quite a lot of changes over the years. And if you read the first release, boy will you be surprised with the print version!
To make you understand, here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite and compare notes with the book you might have read LOL
And just to make you remember, this scene is where Prince Duncan Caldwell, Lord Christopher Templeton and Ylianor Meyer have a clearing up. They’ve just reached the Hall and Lord Arthur Fairchild, Leader of the High Council, has told them to resolve their issues because they have an important task that will require them to work as one. And they aren’t prepared for it. Not at all. Not after everything that happened between them during the ride from Black Rose to the Hall, which seemed to drive them apart more than together. Well, sex notwithstanding…
What’s settled?
[image:image-1]What’s settled?
One moment, Christopher Templeton was about to jump on her. The next, he was so deep in Duncan’s mouth he might as well been drowning, his fire literally smothered by Prince Caldwell’s cooler and stronger energy. And maybe that odd bluestone pyramid had something to do with it.
Not that Ylianor could be sure. All she knew was that it had popped up in her mind probably at the same time it had in Chris’s and Duncan’s. Strange how its apparent solid surface was in reality a clever disguise to hide the million lights flashing inside. Stranger still that Chris had caught it, as though plucking it right out of her mind.
Now this passionate kiss that was sinking the beastly creature into Duncan’s essence seemed to seal his particular deal, not to mention fueling an insane desire that both found hard to restrain. Not just them.
To her, watching the play of lights and bodies from the outside, it was sheer agony. To the point she would have dropped on the floor and begged them to allow her to be the slave Duncan had just mentioned. And that had been when the pounding in her cunt had started and turned her antagonism for the odious demon into hungry craving. The same gnawing at the pit of her stomach and ordering her to let everything else slide for the sake of having one more taste of them.
If she had to stop and analyze this, the switch in her feelings would have struck her as plain absurd. One moment all she wanted to do was to run away from the both of them. The next, all she could dream about was to have their powerful bodies crushing her on every side. Which was not really the smartest way to go about this, since Prince Caldwell had not asked for her submission. He wanted her to make a choice.
Sure, a choice! As if she ever had one in her life!
She was not like Chris and Duncan who had chosen to be together the second they had met in Black Rose. She had no such privilege. She had grown up with the very same prince who had stolen her heart even before she had been old enough to realize it. And maybe, just maybe, he would have loved her, too, had not his forgetting all about her caused ten years of separation. So how could she possibly choose something after he had just told her he could not guarantee her anything?
Then again, no better time than the present to set her records straight, particularly now that he had managed to draw away from Chris and was looking at her with a questioning gaze.
“All right, since this is sharing time, I’ve got a few things of my own to take off my chest.” She tried to keep still and stop rubbing her cunt on the mattress. “Like the fact you’ve been treating me like a worthless slave in and out of bed, like I didn’t deserve any respect at all.” She flared up. “Well, I got news for both of you.” Her gaze swung from one to the other. “Nothing gives you the right to treat me like an inconsequential object, no matter how much I like playing slave in your bed.” To the point I lost myself in that cruelly twisted game of this lover of yours.
Too disturbing a thought to share, she shook it out of her head. “And you took shameless advantage of it.” Her gaze locked on the black one. “Not just because I agreed to become your slave way beyond the sex.”
“Just for the record, Princess, it was exactly what I wanted,” Duncan admitted candidly.
“I know you did.” It was enough to recall how he had detained her near escape from the shelter. “But you didn’t stop there. You used whatever means you could to keep me dangling on a leash, like my love for you, my fear of losing you again and my hope you’d come to love me.” If part of it had been her own doing, she did not pause to reassign blames. “Which is why I complied with your every whim however outrageous, also going as far as accepting your lover’s bad manners—”
“Hey, I can be a gentleman when I want to,” the demon scoffed annoyed.
“Not with me evidently, or I’d have never ended at the tip of your knife,” Ylianor quipped. “Which is simply unforgivable. Not just because of your bloody show, which didn’t impress me ‘cause I expected that and worse from a black-hearted demon like you.” If not exactly the truth, she made it sound as one. “Mostly because of that haughty contempt of yours, which is totally wasted ‘cause I never, ever wanted to come between you and your lover.” Her voice rose a notch, “In case you’ve forgotten like the prince did, I was there when your love first bloomed, so I’d be either dumb, blind or crazy to get in the way of something so unique and exclusive.” The second her anger fueled up, her arousal worsened and for a moment, her mind went completely blank while lust clogged it.
Again, the connection between rage and sex seemed ludicrous and totally unnatural, if she was any judge of it.
“And since I’m neither, all I’m asking is a bit more consideration for who I am and for what we could accomplish together.” Which was probably something exceptional, if Arthur’s insistence they stick together was any indication. “That’s my condition, if you want me to stay and still be your slave in bed alone.” Searching both their faces, she noticed how intently they were following her. “Otherwise, I can simply pack up and leave like was my intention before the prince stopped me yet again—”
“No, no leaving.” Clasping her hand, Duncan squeezed it possessively. “On my part, I promise I won’t let things slide to the point they had last night, nor will I deceive you or play it like you’re nothing but a slave.” He kissed her hand. “‘Cause you mean so much more to me, Princess.” Pulling her into his powerful embrace, Duncan cooed softly in her ear, “Just gotta have more time to figure out what it is exactly.”
“All right.” If time was the only obstacle in the way to her prince’s heart, she would give him as much as he needed. “I can accept that.” Then her attention shifted on the demon, and the urge to provoke him was irresistible. “What about you, Lord Templeton?”
“I can’t promise I’ll stop treating you like a worthless slave out of bed.” Chris did not just call her bluff.
He raised the stakes, goddamn him!
“But for sure, I’ll have no pity for you in bed.” This was more like him, particularly when his hot breath tickled her ear, his whisper low enough only she could hear it. “‘Cause you’re a slut worse than I’ll ever be, and there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to get more cock and more pain.”
A jolt of excitement coursed through her every fiber. Yes, it was exactly what she wanted, now more than ever, and how that intriguing demon had managed to sniff it out was beyond her.
“Is that acceptable?” Drawing back, he fixed her with open dare sparking his fiery blue-gray eyes.
What could she say?
“It has to be evidently.” Playing it like his brashness neither intimidated nor fooled her, she threw back her shoulders. “Since all you think about is sex—”
“‘Cause it’s the only thing that has worked between us so far,” Chris retorted.
“That’s for sure.” Amused, a twinkle brightened the striking black eyes, as Duncan’s palm curled on the demon’s engrossed crotch. “So I say we never lose sight of it.” Stroking the shape stirring under Chris’s pants, he made it grow to an impressive size. “And explore our pleasure in all its finer details as free and equal partners.”
“Just pleasure, not pain?” Chris challenged.
“Well…” Duncan fixed Ylianor. What do you think, Princess?
And damn it if a part of her did not burn with the same craving she had read in the blue-gray eyes! Which maybe was not such a great idea—
“We’ll decide when and if the time comes.” Interpreting her hesitation, Prince Caldwell settled the matter for all of them. “In any case, Angel, you have to promise you won’t try it again, unless she agrees to it. Is that clear?” His gaze never wavered from the demon’s beautiful face.
“Crystal.” Chris nodded, a gleam sparking his eyes at the door Duncan was leaving open on purpose.
Satisfied, Prince Caldwell shifted fiery black eyes on Ylianor. “And no more funny stuff from you either, about accepting things because you want to please me. From now on, being my slave begins and ends in bed.” He peered at her closely. “Is that also clear?”
“Yes, Master.” She giggled happily, throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him tight.
“I’ll ensure you both keep your words, at least in bed.” Still in her arms, he swung his head to confront Chris. “Agreed?”
“Yes.” The demon clasped his hand and squeezed it.
“By agreeing to this…” Disentangling from him, she provoked on purpose, “Do I get Prince Charles’s inheritance?”
However teasing she made it sound, this was important to her. If the news had stunned her, it had also confirmed that Prince Charles had truly loved her and wanted to do right by her. So not a figment of her imagination, his will would be the tangible proof of how much she meant to him. Which was something she had lost sight of, ever since he had died and her life had precipitated in the abyss of her exile from Black Rose.
“What does that have to do with anything?” He looked vaguely hurt. “At the moment, it’s not something I’m willing to negotiate. Just something I need to work out for myself.”
“I believe this calls for a lesson,” Chris snarled, exchanging a mischievous glance with Duncan. “She obviously needs a reminder on who’s in charge here.”
“Does that mean I’ll always regret getting in a bed with you two friends?” Ylianor joked.
“Probably.” Flinging Ylianor’s back on the bed, Prince Caldwell pinned her down. “But I may just decide to give you what you want.” He began stripping her. “If you’re particularly good to both of us—”
“Oh I will,” she groaned, her mind already floating away under Duncan’s sensual touch that sent sparks of pleasure on her sensitive skin. “I’ll do anything, if it makes you honor the will as Prince Charles intended.”
Are you sure? Mocking softly, his fingers brushed her erect nipples, pinching and teasing to make them stand up and beg for more. I might ask too much of you.
Try me, Master. If nothing else worked, maybe flattery would. I may surprise you. Her breath short, it caught in her throat the moment he bent to flick his tongue on one throbbing tip.
Oh, this was divine if only she did not want so much more—
“She talks way too much.” Steadying her head, Chris’s engorged rod went for her throat. “Don’t you think?”
“I highly doubt that will keep her silent.” Smiling broadly, the prince pushed her legs wide apart and sank into her drenched pussy. “At least in my head.”
“Can’t do much about that.” Did she catch a trace of envy in the demon’s tone?
She ardently hoped so, for he had to eat his heart out!
“But you can always punish her for the breach in etiquette.” Slamming without the slightest mercy for the limited space in her mouth, he dug his cock as far as it could get. “Or didn’t anybody tell her that it’s bad taste to talk with her mouth full?”
I bet also when someone’s strangling you, she quipped in Duncan’s mind just to defy him.
If you don’t shut up, I swear I’ll help him. “Do we really need an excuse to punish her?” Penetrating to the hilt, he began a slow pump that was driving her crazy. “She’s nothing but a slave after all.”
Not just any slave.
She was Prince Duncan Caldwell’s slave, at his complete service and that of his phase mate, Lord Christopher Templeton. And now she understood why Arthur had been so envious of it, why he had commented on her privileged position between them.
Hammered cunt and mouth, she was a helpless pawn of their exciting games and greedy cocks, both wanting to split her open. Chris, with his lurches to her stomach, suffocated her every time he shoved down. Duncan, with his fierce slams in her yielding slit, demanded more space every time his balls slapped her ass. Neither apparently giving a damn about her, they only used what most suited them, treating her like a mere object of their heated interplay.
And she loved it! Wanted more of it, like losing herself part in Duncan, part in Chris, leaving her body behind and melting their separate essences into one.
“I think she’s having way too much fun.” Stopping all of a sudden, the demon pulled out his giant beast. “Wasn’t this supposed to be a punishment?”
“It was.” Sliding out of her snug confinement, Duncan fixed Chris.
“Then we shouldn’t touch her.” Sniggering in his usual malevolent way, he wrenched her shoulders and rolled her over until her nose was in front of his erection. “Just have her service us while we have fun.”
Great! That was all she needed! With her cunt on fire, Chris could not have thought of a worst form of punishment. But then, the dastardly demon knew it, at least judging from his extremely satisfied snarl as Duncan pulled him closer to the edge of the mattress.
“You won’t last very long like this, Angel.” Chuckling, the prince aimed for the narrow ring between his buttocks. “Not if I take your ass, and she sucks your cock.”
“I’ll take my chances.” Splaying his legs far apart, Chris made her kneel by his side, gripping her neck to prevent her from going anywhere that was not on his stick. “Besides, this slave of yours isn’t all that good anyway.”
Sure, he was baiting her on purpose. Still, it grated on her nerves and prompted her to double her efforts to please him. Then Duncan stuffed his rear with his very slick monster, and both her ass and cunt pounded with the frantic need to have something filling them, too.
“Doesn’t seem so.” Up Chris’s guts, Duncan’s enormous equipment found no obstacles on its way. “From the way you’re holding her neck, it seems you don’t want to miss a second of her mouth.”
“Not really.” Gagging her good and proper, Chris forced her to swallow his entire thick length. “Just putting up a good show for your sake alone.”
And killing your slave in the process, she taunted, trying to fight off the giant tip wanting to choke her.
As I recall, he already tried that. Duncan seemed to have fun mocking her. But he didn’t quite succeed.
Then a sense of deep caring flooded her, which told her he was just kidding.
“Don’t waste your time on her, lover.” At his next hip swing, she was ready for him and blocked his cock between her cheeks, rewarding it with a hard suck that had Chris groaning. “I’m sure she’s complaining about how cruel I am to her.”
“Her thought exactly.” From Duncan’s tone, Ylianor supposed he was wondering whether Chris had read her mind, or if it was just a lucky guess. “But the real waste is to leave that magnificent ass of hers unattended.” His beefy shaft was so deep inside Chris that she could not see where one ended and the other began.
“Don’t remind me.” A definite twitch in Chris’s erection signaled how interested he was about it.
Something Duncan had no trouble noticing, even if he played it like he had not.
So she continued to choke on the monster sliding down her throat, while the prince beat Chris’s behind until it had stretched enough to accommodate ten more cocks the size of Duncan’s. Eyes glued to the erection screwing in and out of the constricted opening, she became wetter and wetter just seeing what it was doing to Chris’s rear. Amazing to say the least, the fierceness with which Prince Caldwell rammed was turning what once was a narrow channel into a bottomless pit. And it was exquisite. She just wished someone, anyone, would take pity on her and impale anyone of her holes with the same ruthlessness—
“Oh, fuck!” Sounding irritated with himself, Chris let go of her neck and grabbed her from the waist. “Why did you have to remind me?”
Ylianor caught Duncan suppressing a grin as the demon had her squatting on his flat belly.
“Need some help?” Without any effort, the prince raised her up in the air, holding onto her hips.
“Sure.” He shifted his position, wrapping a palm around his piece to keep it straight. “Don’t want her ass to get anywhere—”
“Except on your cock.” Pressing her to his chest, Duncan clasped her waist and dropped her down over the tip of Chris’s erection.
“Right.” Then her ass nearly burst from the violence of Chris’s impaling it all the way to her guts.
To no avail, she tried breaking away. Prince Caldwell’s iron hold did not allow her to budge. She could just sit tight while the odious demon cracked her open in his penetration to her throat. Or so it seemed, since he did not halt once, not even to give her time to adjust to the giant beast enlarging her all together, all at once.
“Better?” His hand slipping down between her legs, Duncan stroked her clit.
And everything became pure bliss, the pain in her backside replaced by the prince’s velvety touch on the dripping knot that was closer to exploding than she had realized.
“For her certainly,” Chris growled not too happy with the prince’s initiative. “You’re always too good to her, lover,” he snorted.
“Actually, I’m just thinking of you.” With an unexpected move, he pushed her forward and drove her head on Chris’s.
With no choice in the matter, she had no way to avoid her lips from touching the demon’s.
And things simply spun out of any control.
Not because he did not want her kiss. Because the harder he battled against her tongue, the deeper she sank into him, into his core it seemed. And his taste was so intoxicating she was getting lost in it, wondering how his mere kiss could make her tremble worse than his cock splitting her ass.
Too mind boggling to dwell on it, she continued darting her tongue simply to defy him, which made him all the more furious that he was actually kissing a woman and all the more inebriating. It was her small revenge for the bastardly way he pounded her behind like he wanted to destroy it and captured her tongue like it was the spoils of an undeclared war.
And she just could not stand the pressure. Thrown overboard by the jumble of sensations, she lost all perceptions of herself. Not at a physical level, for her body had never been closer to an orgasm. At a mental level mostly, since her mind was reaching out for both Duncan and Chris, coiling around them as though she wanted to connect them more than they already were.
The first contraction of her most shattering climax to date did just that. It opened a new channel between the prince and the demon. Using the cooler strength to shield herself from the blinding fire, she fused their raw energy together and made them touch for the very first time.
Completely stunned, both Chris and Duncan stopped moving, but it was already too late.
The tide swept them away just as Ylianor came for the second time, her scream trapped inside Chris’s mouth exactly like the first one. This created a vortex that whirled everything together, especially the two male essences now flowing into one another as though all barriers between them had suddenly dissolved.
On the physical side of it all, her flesh clenching convulsively around Chris’s equipment had squeezed it dry, much like the demon had done to the prince, both unable to contain the loads spurting in powerful jets from their stiff pieces. And only once it was over, did she released them.
Her energy depleted, body spent yet mind alert, she collapsed on Chris’s chest. Duncan fell next to them, as breathless and as exhausted as she was.
Not enough, though, for his deep voice rang out loud and clear, “Is this just sex?”
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