It’s funny to me how some writers don’t see what they’re doing as being creative. They’re just “writing,” and while this is true, writing whether it is creating fiction or non-fiction is creating pictures with words. So, yes, writing is creative, even if you don’t always think of it that way. Some writers turn writing into a “grind,” especially if they’ve decided to make it into a “job” or “career,” not that there is anything wrong with doing this, but doing so can sometimes make writing seem as though it is a task rather than being creative.
Here are six ways to bring the creativity back into your wrting:
1. Learn a new creative discipline.
Take an art class. Learn to make ceramics, learn to paint or draw, or create paper mache. I think learning something where you aren’t stuck in front of a computer and where you use your hands is best. These types of activities are very right brain and can help you to see pictures, and colors and images in your mind much more clearly. They can also help you get new and wonderful story ideas!
2. Create collages.

I love making collages. There is something about going through old magazines and then just cutting things out and putting them together on a small card or huge board that is both relaxing and soothing. I’ve received some of my best ideas from collages I’ve created. This can be a good activity to try if you feel as though you don’t have the time or energy to learn a new artistic discipline.
This is something I do love a lot and I Have several adult coloring pages that I offer my readers in case they want to take a break from their routines, just like the ones above and below.
4. Take photographs.
Go for a walk for a half hour and snap photos with your iPhone or android phone or your digital camera. Don’t worry about the lighting, or the format. Photos of just snap shots are fine. Then when you’re ready to collage again, or you need photos for your blog posts, you’ll have them. And who knows? You may even find that you’ve snapped some really stunning photographs that trigger ideas for new stories. That’s happened to me more than once when I’ve done this.
Just for the record, my favorite place to take pictures is at the beach ‘cause I just love sea. So all the pictures posted in this section are mine, and they are about the place I spend most time at during the summer.
5. Sit outside, doodle in a drawing pad and listen to nature.
Even if you live in a city, you can do this early in the morning when you get up. You’ll hear the birds singing, or you might see a squirrel scampering up a tree. Don’t worry about what to doodle. Just draw hearts, circles, words or whatever comes to mind. Doodling is a creative outlet and soothing, as it’s a way just to let your spirit speak to you. Again, not really using your left-brain here and hopefully the right brain activity will give you some story ideas. But even if not, this is a great way to unwind after a long day or give yourself a few minutes before your day starts.
6. Create a mind map.
Mind maps are great and another way to sort of turn off the left-brain and allow the right brain and your spirit to speak to you. Choose a word and then put a circle around it. Draw a line, write whatever other word comes to mind and put a circle around it. Then just keep going making word associations. Ideas will come to you, characters may talk to you and you may get some great ideas. Don’t over think it, just allow everything words, and images to flow easily in your mind. Just mentally listen for what associations come up. This can also be a great way to break through a period of writer’s block.
The whole purpose of these types of activities is to sort of get away from linear thinking and allow your spirit and or the universe to speak to you. What your final creations are up to you, but I’ll bet you’re more relaxed and feeling more creative when you’re done. Oh, and hopefully writing like crazy when you’re done!
And after I applied all the above, I created a brand new scene that I’ll soon add to the second book of my Virtus Saga, The Game. This scene takes place during Cecilia Hurst’s Game of Masters and Slaves, so I had to get it right. To give the exact combination of submission and domination, with Master Duncan Caldwell playing it like his slave, Ylianor Meyer, didn’t interest him at all while in fact he wanted nothing but her. So you can understand how delicate the situation would get when two phase mates ask to use her in that shameless way that is this Game’s trademark. And as a way to bargain, they offer a real insignificant piece of nothing much!
A real insignificant piece of nothing much
Erotic Multiple Partners
“Master Duncan, can we take a moment of your time?” The two very tall and very beefy men now approaching meant business for sure.
A harsher one if compared to the two who had fucked Ylianor just minutes before.
“I’m Master Dorek and Galyor is my guest.” More like his phase mate if the air of complicity Duncan detected was any indication. “We ask permission to play with your slave.”
“Permission granted.” And you better satisfy their every need. His gaze averted on Ylianor for a quick peek. Which from the looks of them seem plentiful and very demanding.
I can take them. She just had to say it, if only in his head.
Because, and totally like his angel, she could not resist a dare.
You’ll see. To clarify her intentions, she spread her legs wide, dripping honeydew all over the table.
Which did not fail to catch both men’s attention and hold it mesmerized. No, make that with their tongues hanging out.
“You can have her,” Duncan added ln a hurry, before the two men’s swollen sticks burst out of their clothes without waiting for their masters’ consent. “And you can do whatever you like with her, as long as you stay here and as long as she doesn’t come.”
“Whatever we like, you say?” Dorek regarded him skeptically. “No limits?”
“None at all.” So Duncan set his mind at ease. “My slave can take it,” he snickered. Or so she assures me. He left it dubious on purpose, to see how far she would go for the sake of a challenge.
I said I could.Of course, she would go to the most extreme consequences, even if it killed her. And I will.
Just like his angel, nothing was too over-the-edge for her! Too similar to Chris, it was no wonder he claimed to detest her!
Dorek nodded in agreement, while Galyor licked his lips in evident anticipation. “Then we won’t bother being nice to her worthless hide!”
The angel himself could not have worded it better!
“In exchange for your generosity, we offer you our slave.” Dorek gestured behind him.
At first, Duncan could see nothing. Then Galyor moved aside, and there she was. A scrawny little thing crawling on her hands and knees, she advanced his way slowly.
“She’s a real insignificant piece of nothing much.” That she was one of Dorek’s lowliest servants seemed pretty obvious. “Which is why she’s no good, no matter how hard we trained her.”
Duncan’s gut instinct was to refuse. He had never fucked a servant in his entire life. He was not about to start now.
But then her soft brown eyes latched on to his, and something in that lost and defenseless air of hers called to him.
For she meant nothing to the two men who had brought her, just a convenient toy they needed to enter Cecilia’s Game. While the poor thing was so eager to please it was heartbreaking. So desperate, too, Duncan’s urge to protect her became overwhelming.
And he could not stand it.
No, he just did not have the heart to reject her.
“I’ll make something out of her poor skills.” Grabbing her arm, he dragged her against him, pressing her face to his crotch. “Don’t worry.”
You’ll have to do more than just something, if you want her to service you any. The caring note in Ylianor’s voice was hard to miss. The poor girl is so agitated her lights are frantic. Then she flooded him with the full load she had picked up from the slave.
Which strengthened his resolve to make it better for her.
I’m sure I’ll come up with just the right something, while they ram you to bits.
Not at all a figure of speech. Not since Galyor had wrenched her from the pits of her arms and was holding her in midair to allow Dorek to circle her legs around his waist. Huge erection already out and aimed between her buttocks all it took was one blow.
And Dorek cracked her ass.
And if the princess did not cave in on herself from the brutal pain, she could only thank the angel and his very providential training of that magnificent behind of hers.
Oh, and Galyor’s iron clutch also helped. Or maybe not that much, given how that amazing body of his princess was already turning the excruciating pain into the most blissful of pleasures.
“Goddamn it!” Slamming her hips forward, Dorek nearly impaled her throat. “This ass of hers is simply divine!”
“And from the looks of it…” Galyor raised her to facilitate his phase mate’s penetration beyond his balls. “She’s liking this so fucking much—”
“Liking?” Dorek’s pumping became fiercer, stretching her rear to fit several more cocks the size of his monstrous one. “This slut is loving it!”
Had the scene in front of him not stiffened his shaft to the spasm, this exchange gave it a definite stone consistency. Mixed with Ylianor’s sensations, it was unbearable. And his only way to release it?
The submissive and little thing at his feet, her hot breath adding its own brand of excitement to the already potent mix.
“Come on, little one.” Gently, he pushed her head back. “Open wide.” At her immediate compliance, he moved aside the folds of his robe and fed her his rigid stick. “And swallow.”
The last was an order, though he already knew she would prove ineffective. Like her master had said, she lacked in skills and training.
Which confirmed his original assumption, along with a few new ones that just occurred to him.
“Then let me have her.” Impossible to miss the sheer lust in Galyor’s hungry tone nor the twitch in his greedy shaft.
“You’ll get your chance.” Kind of obvious Dorek did not intend to let go until he had swamped her ass good and proper. “Just as soon as I’m done with her.”
Which, judging from everything Duncan saw and felt from Ylianor, would be sooner than Dorek believed.
Problem was that his princess was about to come. Her flesh quivered way too much for Duncan to be mistaken, not to mention her ass clenching the very beast ripping her apart.
“Remember,” Duncan raised his voice. “She isn’t to come under any circumstances.”
“Then stop her, Galyor,” Dorek snapped. “‘Cause I certainly can’t.”
Of course, he could not. How could he?
He was unloading all inside her butt, reclining on her to increase the brutality of his last blows.
Good thing Galyor had gotten to Ylianor on time, pinching her taut nipples and stopping the tide about to drown her.
Not fair, Master! Dissatisfaction slurring her words, the princess tried catching his gaze. Why should they have all the fun?
‘Cause they’re masters, while you’re a worthless slave. He tried sounding as bastardly as Chris did.
But failed miserably.
Something about her would not allow him to be either cruel or insensitive. Something about her had seeped way beyond the surface in spite of his reservations.
Whose only duty is to obey her master’s orders without complaining. Steeling his heart against her, he averted his gaze lest he spoiled both his and her craving. “So shut up and be ready to service their next request.” Whom was he kidding?
She looked so desirable he wished he could sink in her yielding flesh and fade out the rest of the world. Particularly the sweet slave that had been attempting to. Suck him for the past five minutes or so.
Without any success as far as he was concerned.
No, definitely blowjobs were not her specialty.
“Now it’s my turn.” Unscrewing Ylianor from Dorek’s not-so-limp piece, Galyor fell on the couch, carrying her with him.
“Let me help you.” Picking her up in the air, Dorek targeted his phase mate’s thick equipment.
“By all means.” Holding the purple fathead with a palm, Galyor straightened it to center the cleft between Ylianor’s ass cheeks.
Dorek was ready for him. Spreading her legs wide, he dropped her right on top of the bulging head, making it disappear all at once inside her back ring. All together, too, considering the violence of the impact.
And Duncan felt it all. With her dumping everything on him, he did not have any choice in the matter, could just feel sympathetic to her unsuccessful attempts to get free.
“Goddamn it!” Raising his hips, Galyor tried impaling the balls, too. “You were totally right!” Since that did not work, he adjusted his fit best he could. “She’s got a fabulous ass.”
“Don’t remind me.” Climbing on the couch, Dorek yanked back Ylianor’s head. “Or I’ll take it back right now.” Then his focus was all on her. “And you better swallow me or else.”
Or else what? Defiant if only in Duncan’s head, she seemed to get ready for a fight. You’re going to kill me?
If he doesn’t, his cock surely will. Prince Caldwell had to work out hard to suppress a laugh.
No way could she dodge the swollen shaft going for her guts as though nothing blocked its descent. Not her throat. Not her stomach, either. Nor did her gurgles and sputters move it to pity.
Merciless, Dorek hammered his piece, as though he were deep in her cunt. Only, cunts had no need to breathe.
While I do. On the verge of suffocation, Ylianor gagged on Dorek’s latest lurch to her throat.
Shut up! And swallow, he ordered in a stern tone. To keep from cracking up.
If she was in any serious danger, it had nothing to do with the risk of gagging. All to do with her extreme wetness at having two giant beasts stuffing her mouth and ass.
Before I add my cock to his. This last was pure provocation, just to see how far he could push her.
He had made it clear from the start, after all. The purpose of his game within the Game was to test her limits. And so far, she had proved to be the best player he could have ever chosen.
Better than him, too.
For he could not resist much longer, not with her clit pounding furiously from the craving to burst.
When Dorek changed aim and went for Ylianor’s pussy, her space cramping all together drove his juice to the exit.
To think no one had ever given him such a terrible blowjob in his life, not even the princess at her first go at it. Still, here he was, spraying the little thing’s mouth like he was rewarding her for an excellent service.
Removing his cock from her cavity, he tapped it on her nose to streak her face with the last of his drops. Then he tugged back her blondish hair.
“You don’t like blowjobs much.” Locking his gaze on her, he noticed how huge her eyes had become. “Do you?”
She squirmed uncomfortably, trying to glance behind her shoulder where Dorek and Galyor were making mincemeat of Ylianor’s slit and ass.
“You can tell me,” he added lowering his own voice. “I promise I won’t tell your masters.”
She made a face, evidently wanting to believe him, yet afraid to trust him.
“Come on,” To win her over, he gave her his most enchanting smile. “It’ll be our little secret.”
At this, her expression brightened.
“So tell me honestly.” To help her relax, he eased the pressure on her hair. “Do you like blowjobs?”
Hesitant, she shook her head.
Since it was the answer he had expected, he moved on to his next question. “How many have you done so far, including mine?”
First, she wrung her hands in obvious anxiety. Then she held up two trembling fingers.
All right, no surprise there either.
“Have you ever had sex with a man?” And he prayed she had.
She nodded with a bit of an emphasis, probably to show him she was not as worthless as he was making her out to be.
He was relieved. The thought of fucking a virgin during this particular game would have been a real turn-off.
“And did you ever come with a man?” Feeling positive she had not, he was not surprised at her renewed head shaking.
If he continued with his probing, it was not for her sake.
It was solely for his, since the action in front of him had escalated to incendiary. And he could not sustain it if his shaft, the size of a monster once more, was not deep inside a drenched cunt or a tight ass. And hers were the only ones available, since Ylianor’s were about to explode from the vicious impacts and the effort of containing two such beasts, if the pleasure of it all did not get to her first.
He had no trouble picking up the wave uncoiling from the pit of her stomach, so rushed to dampen her scorching senses—
“Hey, not fair!” Galyor sounded startled. “The damn slut is coming!” The words hardly out of his mouth, he convulsed.
“Yeah, and she wasn’t supposed to.” End of the line also for Dorek, he pulled out of her slit and shot large whitish jets all over her neck, breasts and belly.
While his princess had managed to hold it together, and it had been mostly her doing since he had been kind of tardy in his intervention.
“Master Duncan, your slave just came.” Spinning his head to confront him, Dorek played it like she had cheated him.
Which of course infuriated his princess. I most certainly did not, she spat angrily. And you know it for a fact.
Do I? “Then you have my permission to punish her.”
No, Master, wait. Her voice pleading now, Ylianor raised herself up to look him in the eyes. This isn’t fair. You know that I followed your orders. You know that I didn’t come—
No one said this game was fair. “And hurt her real bad, ‘cause that’s all she deserves for disobeying her master.”
“Don’t worry.” Wrenching her by an arm, Dorek tugged her away from Galyor’s crotch. “We know exactly how to handle disobedient sluts who are too greedy for their own good.”
Then he threw her on the ground.
The arresting green eyes glazed from the shock of his betrayal. But, Master—
Shut up and take their punishment like a compliant slave. He watched as Galyor pushed her legs so far apart she risked toppling over with every single movement. While I’ll make this pretty little thing experience her first orgasm with a man. To emphasize the enormity of his generosity, he picked up the blonde slave and stroked her velvety pussy the way that would make Ylianor lose control.
More than the two men snapping her head back and forth on their erections, he knew his callous injustice hurt her most of all. And the bit about pleasuring the scrawny little thing only worsened everything.
For him, too, since the young woman seemed more scared than aroused, though stroking her silky slit was having a definite effect.
As Dorek and Galyor arranged Ylianor around a low table, he sprawled her on the table opposite them. Then straddling it, he slid her forward until his stiff gland centered her pussy.
Not too drenched, there was still enough moisture for him to glide to the root without particular efforts. Also nice and tight, which ensured his erection, had Ylianor’s latest enslavement not kept him hard.
Forced down on the floor, Dorek had gone for her behind once more, hammering it as though he wanted to reach his phase mate’s equipment stuffing her from her mouth down. One hand pressed on her head to stick the giant piece to her stomach. The other brutally twisted her nipples, and sometimes also her clit, to prevent her slightest attempt at a climax.
Worthy of his angel, if only she did not look so constricted that his heart went out to her.
But since this was not the purpose of his game, he retrieved it and concentrated on the narrow cunt he was screwing.
Already, his sensual rubs had won her over. Now a thick layer of honeydew coated it inside and out. So heavily, he was now swimming in it, which reduced her tightness and his thickness. At least until he slipped a hand behind her back to test her ass.
And boy, talk about tense!
Not to mention cramped.
And given how she went extremely rigid, he also guessed she had not had too many cocks visit it. Maybe not even one.
“Is your ass still virgin, little one?” Duncan whispered, bending to reach her ear.
Something very similar to panic flashed in her eyes as she nodded slowly, very slowly.
While his erection jerked so hard, he feared it would impale it without any adequate preparation, angel-style.
Which was not his style at all, however arousing the prospect.
“All right, then I’ll try to be gentle.” Easier said than done.
Nothing like a virgin ass spurred a cock’s baser instincts. It had probably to do with the unparalleled tightness of the squeeze, which was a one-time deal. Once broken into, the butt was never the same.
With a few exceptions, the most notable being that of his princess, which explained Derek’s inability to tear his stick out of it.
Kind of similar to Chris’s reactions, Master Dorek was ramming it as though his life depended on it. More like he wanted to crack her open. And his phase mate getting only her mouth was an arrangement that was bound to fail.
“Not fair! I’m getting just a blowjob while you get to split her ass.” Sure enough. Galyor had grown impatient. “We’ve got to divide her better, so that I get something more than just her mouth.”
“Kind of impossible, if we don’t want her to come.” So taken by the rapture of Ylianor’s rear clench, Dorek did not even bother slowing down his beat.
“Not if we place her in a certain position,” Galyor pointed out.
“What did you have in mind?” Even if not fully convinced, Dorek wrenched his giant beast out of the snug confinement.
“Something like this.” Pulling her up, Galyor flipped Ylianor around and crushed her belly down on the low table, in such a way that her clit pressed against the ragged edge of the table. “I can take your ass. You can have her cunt. And best of all…” He slid her over the uneven edge.
And the sheer pain exploding in Duncan’s awareness left no doubt his princess was in for a rough ride.
“She can’t come.”
Had Duncan been in the mood for it, he might have explained to the two men that Ylianor had a surprising way to go beyond the most excruciating pain. And his angel could testify to it.
I wouldn’t waste my breath on it, Master. No surprise Ylianor fought back like she did with Chris.
Shut up, Princess. He tried to keep his tone detached. I can’t wait to see how you’ll get out of this one. And baiting her like this was the best and fastest way to express his confidence in her capabilities.
You’ll see. So she picked up his dare.
By now, Galyor had slammed in her behind after straddling the table and aiming right at her butt hole. The other one had knelt behind her and penetrated to the root in her slit. A very easy take from where he was, considering also how spread-out her legs were.
Enough worrying about her, the prince focused back on his slave whose head had twisted upward, staring wide-eyed at his princess.
“Relax.” With a firm tug, he snapped her attention back on him. “I’m not going to treat you like that.” Getting out of her cunt, his cock fell on the wooden surface with a thud.
That was how thick and heavy it had become from the mere notion of crashing in virgin territory.
“‘Cause I don’t just want to use this scrumptious little body of yours.” If he kept talking, it was because he perceived his deep voice had a soothing effect on her. “I want you to like it.” Slipping both arms under her legs, he raised them, clutched her hips and targeted her narrow hole.
Then he shoved at the same time he slid her toward his crotch.
So she bolted, frantic to get away.
Which was impossible given his iron grip.
“Breathe,” he ordered curtly. “And relax.”
It was all he could manage to say, too strained from the effort of holding his unruly piece in check and preventing it to advance to her guts, carried by the force of his first impact. And being slick enough from her juice, he would have no trouble reaching them!
Or splitting her open, whichever came first.
Then again, she was just too good to slow down any. As he had imagined, her inexperienced back ring squeezed like crazy, trying to push him out of the snug confinement. And since he did not intend to have it succeed, his fingers ran to her clit.
A couple of strokes and she began to unclench. Not enough to give him the leeway to pump her like his cock demanded. Still enough to slide to the hilt after several thrusts.
Now fully embedded, her back channel enveloped him as tight as a sheath. And her soft moans were a further turn-on, mixed as they were with her first throwbacks. Her body’s very first attempts to reach pleasure, to take an initiative of sorts and go beyond its assigned role. More than a mere object, she was really trying to enjoy what he was doing to her, however hurtful it was proving to be.
And he knew he would not be able to end this if not by unloading all the juice he felt pressing at the tip of his erection.
On the table in front of him, the action had escalated with his princess dangling on the edge. Not of the table. Of her own extreme sensations that were about to burst without any control.
For she had switched the extreme hurt and discomfort into a scorching ball of fire that nothing and no one would be able to stop.
Not Galyor who was drilling her ass like there would be no tomorrow. Not Dorek who was perforating her cunt with his vicious blows. Both too deep in her and in their own pleasure to keep tabs on her.
Nor could Duncan do much about it. If he forbade her outright, she would come. If he ignored her, she would come. So there was no way around it.
But just for the fun of it, he went for the kill.
You are not to come, he made his voice more throaty than it ordinarily was. Remember?
Just to make it more explosive, he flooded her with the sensation of the virgin butt. Not so tight now that he had conquered a position, the slave opened up the harder he brushed her pounding clit. That she now liked it was kind of obvious from her hips rotation that impaled his beast further up her guts.
That gave him enough room to step up the beat and ravage the narrow behind of hers like had been his first instinct. And sinking into her essence and seeing how large she had become, he started losing it.
At that precise moment, Ylianor swelled uncontrollably. Prey to the most shattering orgasm ever, her body shook under the assault of her fierce contractions. Or maybe the two splashing her back with repeated jets were doing the trick.
Which was nothing if compared to the slave’s climax. As if caught by surprise, her body tensed all together then her every muscle released in rapid succession that sucked his cock way beyond the balls.
Well, nearly, though it really did not matter because he was coming all inside her sweet behind, spraying it so deep he expected the sperm to choke her.
And when her contractions abated, he was glad he had made her taste her very first orgasm.