Horus is the Egyptian god depicted as either as a falcon or as a falcon headed man.
He has a very ancient and long history in Egypt and is one of Egypt’s oldest deities. Egyptian royalty revered him so much that people believed pharaohs were Horus’s incarnations, and rulers often took some form of the name Horus for their own.
In Egypt’s antiquity, Horus was a sky god, believed to be from the sky and to have the moon for one eye and the sun for the other. Because of this association, Egyptians also considered him a solar deity.

Horus actually came to Egypt prior to any of the Egyptian dynasties in Egypt’s pre-history. In fact, the original followers of Horus were invaders of Egypt, but in spite of this, Egyptians were very quick to adopt the god into their pantheon. It was not long before he was also said to be the dutiful son of Isis and Osiris, although some sources claim he is the brother of Osiris and Seth.
Horus was so important in fact that the Romans adopted him into their pantheon just as they did Isis, and there are still those today who call on the god Horus today.

Horus goes by many names, a few being Horus Behudety (meaning Horus of Edfu) and Haroeris (meaning Horus the Elder).

The first name represents a later incarnation of Horus and has him representing the middle of the day sun. In this incarnation, he is shown in Egyptian art in the form of a lion with a hawk’s head. This incarnation has him fighting a battle with the god Seth.

Haroeris, instead, or Horus the Elder, represents his earliest incarnation and has him as the brother of Osiris and Seth, associated with both the sun and the moon. This is the reason I love this particular god to the point of using him in my book Divinitas, same way I used Osiris and Seth as lead characters. But if you read Divinitas, you might not have been aware of it because I changed their names slightly. So Osiris became Us-Yri or Ausir (more familiar), and Seth is Set or Sethi, while Horus is Heru-Ur. And here’s a PGexcerpt to help you understand how these characters work in Divinitas.
Women aren’t such a turn-on
“Women?” Set’s face did not express a particular interest. “I have a confession to make, Ausir. Ever since my initiation, I haven’t had many dealings with the female gender.”
“You don’t like them.” Us-Yri turned to look inside the green eyes. “Or—”
“To be honest, women are not such a turn-on for me. They fret too much, displaying their bodies, encumbered by annoying and redundant curves.” He turned, put his arms behind his head and stared at the sky. “No, I can’t say I like them much.”
“Oh, I know that customs dictate otherwise.” Set came up. “And you’ll want me to mate Nebet-het, though I can’t understand why father did not insist that Heru-Ur take her.”
“Our brother wants to be a priest, Sethi, you know that. He believes his duty will be best fulfilled alone. So his spirit will win the battle against carnal desires.”
“What a fool!” Set shook his head. “If you take those away, what’s left?”
“Well, there’s a lot to be said for his philosophy,” Us-Yri objected, wishing he could have Heru-Ur’s resolve.
“What have you got to complain about?” Set asked bitterly. “You have Aset at your side.”
Us-Yri closed his eyes, his mid flooded with memories of his beloved Asethi, his mate, his lover. Like Set, she felt like a sister, having grown inside the palace, though lineage was hesitant at best. As children, he had not felt a particular liking for the scrawny girl, which sometimes he allowed to be his playmate. Yet, after her sexual initiation, his feelings had changed and he had eventually chosen her as Kemet’s Queen.
Perhaps, the name says it all, the ruler mused, his mind flashing images of both Set and Aset. Even more, he could not ignore the uncanny physical resemblance between the two, both golden skinned, with reddish hair on a triangular face like that of a cat. Only their eyes differed, Aset’s possessing an intense hazel hue, a combination between green and brown.
Oddly, though, her body had not attracted his attention like Set’s had, but when his duty to her became clear, he gladly accepted it.
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